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100+ Finnish Knife Items Coming Soon!

September 28, 2015

I should get a shipment from Finland in a couple weeks of 100+ knives and blades and sheaths and kits. These will be unique, gorgeous, ever-so-handy knife things like are hard to find in the USA. Only a few places stock or promote them.

The Scandi blade shape and grind and especially the HANDLE shape are just so good for actual bladework, cutting, whittling.

Basically if you see an actual woodworker knife they look a lot like a Scandi knife: a bit of a barrel handle shape, a simple regular blade shape.

These are the knives preferred by Bushcrafters around the world -- and this preference is spreading into other fields like camping and hiking. Bushcraft is more of a UK thing, plus its old colonies like Oz. Our camping scene has influenced it and it has influenced us but they are somewhat different worlds. It's fun noticing the differences and crossover.

So I'll be stocking knives in various pricepoints. And blades. And kits, sheaths, and knifemaking parts.

I'll start by offering them all on my eBay Store but I hope to figure out how to easily list them here, too.

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