Vegetarianism changed my life - a redneck's testamonial, and reply, an Internet chat excerpt....


Spam Sucks wrote:



Woody Williams wrote:

Mr. Spam Sucks,


It's a shame that you aren't going to post on here again, I would like

to know which one of my post(s) got you in such a tirade. I'd like to

file it away for posterity. Or maybe it's just my sig.


>let me tell you as a person that grew up on a ranch in the wilderness of

> Idaho, that becoming a vegetarian is one of the most courageous

> actions a person can perform.


Sorry to disagree, but choosing one's diet is not all that courageous.

Crawling through a booby-trapped rice patty in Nam with bullets flying

over your head is courageous. A diet choice, no, that's NOT courageous.


>You have to contend with hateful people

> that feel threatened by your dietary choice, you have to make some

> tough decisions and self-examination, and you have to go against what

> the mega-multimillion dollar advertising chains tells you is "cool".


This kind of sounds like you're on a "pity party". ALL you have to do is



> I'm an Idaho "red-neck", born and raised in some of the most

> undeveloped, natural areas of our country. I whitewater raft, hike,

> and drink beer - (Pabst Blue Ribbon to stay close to my red-neck

> heritage).


Sounds like a nice life.I've been there and done that except the "Blue."

I spent several weeks in Idaho bowhunting for bear up off of Kelly

Creek. Beautiful rugged country.


>[ ] and have met a crowd

> of people that share my love for nature in ALL it's forms -- without

> having to resort to _destroying_ it.


Nature can be destroyed by just letting it alone. Such is the case of

overabundance of deer.


>As i enter my early 30's, i've

> found that cutting high-fat, low fiber meat from my diet has also

> allowed me to maintain my muscle mass


Great. Do you eat low fat, high fiber meat? I do. It's called venison.

Don't misconstrue what I said. I'm not saying you should. I'm just

saying I do.


>without getting the "beer belly" that is so common around here.


You're only 30, give it a few more years and a few more cases of "Blue".


> I am confident enough in my beliefs that i don't feel the need to

> respond to the kinds of attacks i see about the "evils of animal

> rights", and i also don't want to waste my time and energy on the

> "Woodies" of the world. Folks, you're never going to get him to see

> beyond the walls he has installed in his brain.


Yes, please don't waste your time with the "Woodys" of the world. You

have enough problems with the good people of Idaho.I can guarantee you

that you will never change this Woody's or any other hunter's mind on

hunting, just as you'll never change your mind on being a vegetarian.

To each his own.


I challenge you to find where I told some vegetarian that they shouldn't

eat vegetables alone. I couldn't care less what you or anyone else eats.

You can be Eul Gibbons wannabee and eat Pine Cones and tree bark for all

I care. It's no skin off my nose.

But, let me tell you one thing, the "Woodys" and the other hunters of

the world aren't going to roll over and play dead when the ARFs of the

world try to take away hunting. Nope, it won't happen. I don't care what

you do, EXCEPT when you try to take away our hunting. The ARFs are the

ones doing the "pushing" on this. All the hunters are doing is defending

hunting. I have yet to see a hunter tell someone that they shouldn't eat

what they want. Your right to swing your fist stops where my nose



> I've found that the

> best way to promote AR and vegetarianism is to provide a positive

> example of what a little self-examination and compassion can do for

> your life - entering into constructive discussions is very effective

> at getting people to start thinking about what they are doing to the

> planet and to their fellow creatures.


Positive examples are always best.


> When i encounter a "God made

> animals so that we could shoot them"-type of person, i typically just

> dismiss them as being beyond help.


> Woody and his kind are an endangered species, and he attacks out of

> fear


No fear here. And again we are not attacking, we are defending.


>and anger that his lifestyle is becoming obsolete. The anti-AR's

> would spend so much time attacking us if they didn't realize that they

> were going the way of the dodo.


When and IF that happens, you nor I will be around to see it. In other

words, when all the habitat is gone. Someday this country will be

blacktop from sea to shining sea. Wise up, it's not the hunters that are

the enemies of wildlfe, its habitat destruction. If it wasn't for

hunters, the only wildlife you would see would be in zoos.


> This is my first message to this group, and will be my last. I'll

> continue to read the group, but i am too busy living to get involved

> in a flame-war - i've done that in the past and found it to be a very

> emotion- and time-consuming.


Well, if you can't take a little ribbing from the red-necks in Idaho,

I'm sure that t.p.a. would certainly be a little too much for you.


> Take Care,

> Andy


Woody Williams

if you're too busy to hunt, you're too busy.