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New York Times Sunday Book Review, 9/16/12
Not Unpublishable
By King Wenclas

New York Times Sunday Book Review, 5/4/12
Dawn of Creation
by Garth Risk Hallberg

Philadelphia City Paper, 3/4/09
Lit Brothers In Arms
by A.D. Amorosi

Philadelphia Weekly Editor's Pick item (7/11-17/07)
Underground Literary Tour Takes on Philly
by St. John Barned-Smith

"Radio Times" show, WHYY-FM, 7/12/07
King Wenclas radio appearance
hosted by Marty Moss-Coane

Feature article in Star newspapers, 7/12/07
Germ to Host Underground Writer's Tour
by Brian Rademaekers

Article in Philadelphia City Paper, 4/17/07
Fight This Generation
by Elisa Ludwig

Guardian books blog UK PRESS, 2/12/07
Surfing the New Literary Wave
by Sam Jordison

Associated Press ASAP syndicated podcast, 4/25/06
Has Howl Lost Its Growl?
by Hillary Rhodes and Jaime Holguin

WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show, 4/14/06
NY Public Radio interview with ULA poet Frank Walsh
interview by Errol Cockfield  

Time Out New York, 4/13/06
Beat Nix: Revolutionary Writers' Group Plans Howl Protest
article by Billie Cohen

Hudson Current, 7/6/05
Writers Beware! Underground Literary Alliance takes on literary stars
Feature article by Diana Schwaeble

New York Times Book Review, 10/3/04
ULA Website listed as one of the hottest places to find digital lit
Article by David Orr

Boston Globe, 2/22/04
Notes from Underground: ULA takes on the Paris Review
Article by Joshua Glenn

New York Times, 2/14/04
Amazon Glitch Unmasks War of Reviewers: front-page article exposes
anonymous attacks against the ULA by Dave Eggers and others
Article by Amy Harmon
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