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5/11/2009: Letter to the Editor by Scofflaw

1/26/09: Getting Off On The Left Foot & Meaning to be Mean

by Frank Walsh


12/29/08: How to be a Literary Nerd on Pennies A Day
by Pat Simonelli

7/21/08: The Horror, The Horror-
Getting Published in America?
by G.D. McFetridge

7/7/08: "Independent" Now! For Books! Fly the Indy Flag!
by Jeff Potter

6/23/08: Aquarius Rising! The Full Court Press
by Frank Walsh

6/9/08: UKULA Interview, Part Two
by Jeff Potter & Rosie Aiello

6/2/08: UKULA Interview, Part One
by Steve Kostecke & Rosie Aiello

5/19/08: I Hate Corporados
by Lenny Flank

3/31/08: Free the Book!
by Jeff Potter

2/11/08: An American Poet Censored by the
Academy of American Poets
by G.Tod Slone


11/19/07: Literati Myth 1: The Myth of Craft
by Adam Hardin

9/10/07: Another Question Nobody Asks
by Jack Saunders

8/06/07: The Questions No One Asks
by Tom Hendricks

7/03/07: Underground Literary America Tour
by Wred Fright

6/04/07: DIY? The Miranda July Story
by King Wenclas

5/28/07: Payola on NPR
by Tom Hendricks

4/23/07: A Letter to the ULA - Notes on Harold Humes
& the Paris Review PLUS John Lennon & the CIA
by G.P. Solomos

4/2/07: Enjoy Your Millions
by Tim W. Brown

3/26/07: Publishing Payola
by Tom Hendricks

3/12/07: Fleeced by FC2: Government Funded Vanity
Publishing (Part Two) by Tim W. Brown

3/05/07: Fleeced by FC2: Government Funded Vanity
Publishing (Part One) by Tim W. Brown

2/19/07: Who is Jimmy Grace? The Outing of a Demi-Puppet
Part Two by King Wenclas

2/12/07: Who is Jimmy Grace? The Outing of a Demi-Puppet
Part One by Jeff Potter

2/5/07: An Open Letter To NPR
by Tom Hendricks

1/29/07: Fortresses of the Status Quo: Excursion to NYC
by King Wenclas


12/11/06: Looking Back, Looking Forward
by Pat King, ULA Director

11/20/06: SlushPile 5: The Protest Issue!
by Steve Kostecke

11/6/06: Abandoned by Auntie: The BBC,
The British, & the Creative Underground, PART TWO
by Bruce Hodder

10/30/06: Abandoned by Auntie: The BBC,
The British, & the Creative Underground, PART ONE
by Bruce Hodder

10/23/06: Origins of the Guerilla Poetics Project
by the Guerilla Poetics Project

10/16/06: Delusions: The Man Behind the Curtain
by Tim "Nasdijj" Barrus

10/9/06: Profiles in Fraud: JFK & the Pulitzer Prize
by Adam Hardin

10/2/06: Takeover! Big Money Moves Into
the Small Press World, Part 2, by King Wenclas

9/18/06: Jazzbo Chandler: A Small Press
Walking Conundrum by Marissa Ranello

9/10/06: Takeover! Big Money Moves Into
the Small Press World, Part 1, by King Wenclas

8/21/06: I Hope You've Got A Good Lawyer
by Leopold McGinnis

8/14/06: The Mollusc Nacre of the Hollywood Hill's Sign
by James Nowlan

7/31/06: Literary Arson, Literary Revolution
by Karen Welsh-Puckett

7/24/06: ZineWiki: The Great Database
by Alan Lastufka

7/3/06: The Oscar for best product placement
by Steve Kostecke

6/26/06: Bitter Not Humble
by Tim W. Brown

6/19/06: The South Shall Rise Again
by R.L. Hall

6/12/06: Zine World: A New Issue
by Jerianne

6/5/06: Incidents of ego-tourism in a temporary world: How
we are not writers. by Adam Hardin

5/30/06: An Interview with Rebekah Presson Mosby
by Steve Kostecke

5/22/06: Save the Internet!
ULA Action Alert

5/15/06: The Protoplasmic Ivy League Literary Vagina
& Its Sociopathic Offspring by James Nowlan

5/8/06: How to Keep 'em Down
by Steve Kostecke

5/01/06: What Happened Inside Miller Theatre, Part 2
by King Wenclas

4/24/06: What Happened Inside Miller Theatre, Part 1
by King Wenclas

4/03/06: Allen Ginsberg Kent State Interview
by Wred Fright

3/27/06: Barred from Barnes & Noble
by Lawrence Richette

3/20/06: HOWLellujah!
by Gary Peterson

3/13/06: The People vs Litquake
by Gerald Nicosia

3/06/06: Columbia, Free The Beats!
by Pat King

2/27/06: Write A Political Novel
by Tony Christini

2/20/06: Nazis, Rupert Murdoch, Porno & Modern Lit
by Victor Schwartzman

2/13/06: 2006 State of the ULA Address
by Patrick Simonelli

2/6/06: In Your Face, JT Leroy
by Christopher Robin

1/30/06: NYRB's Mendacious Mistruth...
by Leopold McGinnis

1/23/06: The Black Flag of the ULA!
by Steve Kostecke

1/16/06: Leroy, Frey, and the Affinity Con
by Michael Jackman

1/09/06: The Bigg Fixx
by G.D. McFetridge

1/02/06: Zombie Nation or Sleeping Giant?
by Tom Hendricks


12/17/05: Google Books, Part Two
by Leopold McGinnis

12/10/05: Google Books, Part One
by Leopold McGinnis

12/05/05: Online Literary Agents: Friends or Fiends?
by Victor Schwartzman

11/21/05: Stephen Fry Batters Modern Poetic Style
by Andy Best

11/7/05: Gimme A Writer A Snob Can Love
by Victor Schwartzman

10/31/05: Protest and Parrhesiastes
by G. Tod Slone

10/24/05: Show Us, Mr. Faulkner
by G.D. McFetridge

10/17/05: Cheer up hacks, there's always next year!
by Wred Fright

10/10/05: Letter from a Chained Man
by Wild Bill Blackolive

9/26/05: Pass the Mic: Diatribe Media
by Emerson Dameron & company

9/19/05: Hurricane Katrina's Impact on the
New Orleans Arts Community
by Kyle Bravo

9/06/05: Daniel Handler Gets Snickety w/ King Wenclas
by Patrick "Limey" Simonelli

8/29/05: Murder in the Genre
by Cantara Christopher

8/22/05: Rolling Stone Magazine Gets Rolled
by Tom Hendricks

8/15/05: A Writer is Not A Camel
by Cry Bloxsome

8/8/05: Still Crazy: Notes from the ULA Asian Conclave
by Steve Kostecke & Leopold McGinnis

7/25/05: Special Report on the Medusa Show & Weekend
edited by Patrick Simonelli

7/11/05: The Demi-Puppet Hunter Goes North!
by Leopold McGinnis

7/4/05: Bin Ramke: The Fall of a Demi-Puppet
by Adam Hardin

6/27/05: How to Write Fiction for the Daily Newspaper:
The Mitch Albom Case
by Joe Sheltraw

5/30/05: The Fiction of the State, The Paris Review
and the Invisible World of American Letters, Part Two
by Richard Cummings

5/23/05: The Fiction of the State: The Paris Review
and the Invisible World of American Letters, Part One
by Richard Cummings

5/16/05: Extremely Cheesy and Incredibly Shallow:
A Movie Review on Foer's New Book
by Noah Cicero

5/09/05: You Shall Know Our Persecution Complex!
by Tim Hall

5/02/05: How Not To Become Famous
by Tim Hall

4/25/05:  An Angry Australian Writer Asks: Why Does
Australian Lit Make Me Want to Hurt Myself? [Part Two]
by Cry Bloxsome

4/18/05:  An Angry Australian Writer Asks: Why Does
Australian Lit Make Me Want to Hurt Myself? [Part One]
by Cry Bloxsome

4/11/05:  Beware the Desert Moon: A Letter to
Independent Publishers and Zine Creators of America
by Bob Sheairs

4/04/05: Simon & Schuster: Keeping it in the Family?
by Patrick Simonelli

3/28/05: The New Yorker Reviews Charles Bukowski
by Adam Hardin

3/21/05: The Underground vs. The Professionals:
A Literary Experiment by Bernice Mullins & Noah Cicero

3/14/05: Was Evil Journalista Hunter S. Thompson?
by Noah Cicero with help from Bernice Mullins

HISTORY" by King Wenclas.

2/28/05: "Even the Left Ain’t Got It Right"
by Steve Kostecke.

2/21/05: "Politics and Art: The Personal is the Public and
Private" by Tony Christini.

2/14/05: "I Will Not Become a 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit
Corporation" by Jack Saunders.

2/7/05: "Mail Fraud and Academic Awards"
by Adam Hardin.

1/31/05: "All the Queen’s Robber Barons, Part Two"
by Leopold McGinnis.

1/24/05: "Great White Serfdom: a Brief Overview of the
Undead Éliterati’s Death Grip on Canadian Literature,
Part One" by Leopold McGinnis.

1/17/05: "A Few Notes on the Literary Establishment and
“the urgent conjunction of art and politics”
by Tony Christini.

1/10/05: "Are We Alone, Arundhati Roy?"
by Andre Vltchek.


12/20/04: "How We Are Hurting…a review of the Dave’s
latest" by Noah Cicero.

12/13/04: "Small Press, Big Business"
by Tim Hall.

12/6/04: "Paris Review: Still Yanking Us?"
by Steve Kostecke.

11/29/04: "The More Times Change…"
by Michael Jackman.

by King Wenclas.

OF THE RICH?" by King Wenclas.

11/9/04: "No Nobel For You, Yankee Doodler!"
by Wred Fright.

11/1/04: "About The Professor Crap Network"
by Noah Cicero.

10/18/04: "The Ghost Of Jack Kerouac: The Perpetual
Motion Roadshow Takes Writers On The Road Again And
Again And Again . . ." by Wred Fright

10/11/04: "ULA Lit-Site Gets Raved by NYTimes Book
Review" by Steve Kostecke

10/4/04: "Reading at Risk? Give Us Something Worthy!"
by Steve Kostecke

9/27/04: "An Open Letter to the New Yorker"
by King Wenclas

9/20/04: "Look at the Book I've Written"
by George Balgobin

9/13/04: "Searching for an Alternative"
by Marissa Ranello

9/6/04: "Literary Vision: It's Alive!"
by Patrick Simonelli

8/23/04: " Sticks It to the Anony-Mice"
by Steve Kostecke

8/9/04: "Urban Hermitt Writes a Zeen Masterpiece"
by King Wenclas

8/2/04: "The Missing Core: No Writers in America!"
by Jeff Potter

7/26/04: "Rhymes with Puke"
by J.D. Finch

7/19/04: "A Cry in the Silence"
by James "the Hyena" Nowlan

7/12/04: "You’re All Gonna Die"
by Marissa Ranello

7/5/04: "Over the Transom--You Don’t Know the Half of It"
by Garry Erwin

6/28/04: "PEN Award Winner Lashes Out!"
by Yinishye Nasdijj

6/21/04: "Zines: Not Literature as Usual"
by Tom Hendricks

6/14/04: "SNOBS REVISITED: Part II"
by King Wenclas

6/7/04: "SNOBS REVISITED: Part I of a Review of
BOOKFORUM" by King Wenclas

5/31/04: "On Becoming A Cult Literatus"
by Andrew Stevens

by Steve Kostecke

by Steve Kostecke

by Adam Hardin

by Richard Kostelanetz

by Wred Fright

by Emerson Dameron

4/12/04: "Rip Van Revolutionary"
by Tom Hendricks

3/29/04: "The Underground (Literary) Philadelphia"
by King Wenclas

3/22/04: Monday Report: "The ULA Answers a Few
Questions" by Steve Kostecke

3/14/04: "The Elasticity of Demand: Xlibris and Its
Malcontents" by Emerson Dameron

3/1/04: "Edward Said Remembered: The Style of Intellectual
Celecrity" by Richard Kostelanetz

2/23/04: "Eggers Scrambles to Cover His Tracks"
by Steve Kostecke

2/2/04: "Reviews"
by Tom Hendricks

1/26/04: "What Does the Paris Review Take Us For?"
by Steve Kostecke

1/19/04: "Copyrighting Censorship"
by Grant Schreiber

1/12/04: "Dale Peck, Inside-Out"
by Michael Jackman

1/5/04: "A Stuffy Panel in New York"
by King Wenclas


12/29/03: "Another Perspective on Literary Buffoonery"
by Pat King

12/22/03: "Publishing LOVES a factory!"
by Jeff Potter

12/15/03: "Wake up!"
by Tom Hendricks

12/8/03: "Borders against bookclerks!"
by Michael Jackman