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A Mission for OYB? Teaching Bikes, Boats, Skis

September 23, 2015

I need to find a place where I can teach people about bikes, boats, skis, outdoor skills. ...Where people are willing to pay to learn these things.

Wouldn't it be neat if one of the several OC's that used to exist in Michigan could be re-opened?

One is still functioning: MUCC's Cedar Lake Outdoor Center. I should look into the programming there.

Mill Lake in the Waterloo rec area is mothballed but there have been occasional peeps about reopening it.

These OC's were built by the CCC in the WPA period of the Depression. Well, maybe reopening them would be a decent response in today's era of the "bottom of the downswing" for Michigan. We've lost a ton of people and are seemingly primed for recovery. Could offering services like OC's offer help attract and keep more people in Michigan?

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