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A Rural Folk Fest for Lower Michigan!

August 16, 2008

It's this weekend!

Frog Holler is a venerable old family hippy farm commune organic hang-out in the lush green hills east of Jackson, MI.

I suppose that not many of the 70's era farms are still around. This one is! And it's been going strong and steady the whole time, as far as I know. I'm always hearing about it in one way or another.

The King family started Frog Holler and still lives there in their generations. They've had some live-on farm helpers over the years, in the various out-buildings.

Last year they hosted their first Holler Fest.

Folk and roots music has been coming on strong in Michigan for the past decade.

We've long had a very strong and growing festival scene, but the indy label scene only caught on recently and did so with indy folk/roots music, as far as I can tell. (Chicago has done more with the country punk side, with its hardcore, high-talent Bloodshot Records.)

A new recording---and website/MySpace---side has seemingly played back into the festival side, in a feedback loop, increasing both markedly of late.

Are record stores and standard distros even needed anymore?

Mostly it seems like UpNorth rural festivals are coming on the strongest.

Down in the southern part of the state it's been city-based folk fests, seemingly in the main. However, folk music of all kinds is HUGE throughout Michigan, it seems.

...This is all only my impression...and I don't get out all that much, but I've noticed these aspects.

So! The Holler Fest looks to be our first southern-area rural farm-based music fest to come along. I'm happy to see it and will do my best to be there!

Here's another thing: I don't know about you, but I prefer small events. So here's a "location" fest that you can still attend while it's small. Come, set up your tent, help out and volunteer in some way that suits your style, and spend a day or 3. I don't even see an entrance fee mentioned at the website.


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