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Announcing: Type B Coaching!

February 08, 2016

You're not a Type A personality? Don't worry! Oh, you don't worry, anyway. Good!

You still might benefit from some skills development if you wanna do outdoor sports. They do all involve skills after all! Nobody can do them automatically, except at the total-duffer not-actually-using-the-gear level. But you don't have to buy fancy stuff or suffer or download anything to learn how to do them!

I bring you Type B Coaching!

No part of a skill class should make a learner look or feel awkward or unsexy. From beginner to expert there is no room for drills that make people do something that doesn't feel good. I am fed up with instructing that looks like it puts people in a straitjacket of dumbness. Or that breaks up motion to the point that it might be handy to be a robot. No way! Not in Type B Coaching!

...Do you think outdoor sports are hard? I'll show you they're easy! (And you will get plenty of snack and beverage breaks.)

...Are you a bit intimidated by outdoor recreation? Fuggitaboutit! You're the boss, not the activity or the media or retail surrounding it!

...Is your bike old, your skis heavy, or your boat slow? Who cares! Mid-pack pride is at your fingertips! You're not on the couch, after all! ...Who has more fun than people?

...Do you think skiing, biking, or paddling are expensive and complicated? No way!

...Do you wonder about doping and the value of expensive events? Join us in our creation of, and search for, party races and beer prizes where passing the hat does the trick and bragging rights are the only thing you get, and you give whatever dish you cook best. We don't need no steenking timing chips! (I mean, they're kinda cool and all, but don't let
'em hold up a good time!)

...Are clothes about performance or looking good? Answer: LOOKING GOOD!

...Everyone has the suspicion that a quality food stop really should be part of every race. Otherwise known as a "picnic." So, stop, everybody! Hang out! OK, now go!

...Wondering about a heart rate monitor? Fergit it! ...BOTA BAG!

So go Type B when you wanna kick back!

Of course there's a place for Type A as well. Have at it! I'm just providing an alternative. If just plain fresh air fun is more what you're after. Yet you still want to rock some skilz and catch some flow.

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