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January 09, 2005

Garth Williams Treasury of Best-Loved Golden Books
This is a $13 art
book that rivals the $50 ones. It's full of great stories and the most
amazing art. Glorious print quality and lovely paper. Basically the image
quality is like art plates. Garth Williams is the premier genius of modern
era children's book art. But when you see this, you'll see that "children"
might be a misnomer. I put no qualifiers on this art, or on these stories.
You won't find them anywhere else either. Not at this quality...or at this
completeness: for some reason several of the books in 1970's editions were
missing chunks of 4 pages! --Of brilliant art! The damn chiseling publisher!
Finally, all wrongs are righted in this complete and glorious volume. Enjoy.

Bud Stewart
--Michigan's Legendary Lure Maker, by Frank Baron and Raymond
L. Carver. A gorgeous photobook of the wildest fishing lures ever. Wonderful
painting and psychedelic renditions of what are still very naturalistic
baits. Love that catfish! Handpainted baits mass-produced well past the
era when factories did it all. Famous Bud insisted that by hand was the
way to do it, or your money back. He fished what he preached. An oldtimer
with big vision, reminds me of Rockwell Kent. Walks the fine line between
over the top and dead on the money---either you or your favorite bass will
want to walk away with any Bud Stewart you're lucky enough to find.

Video Hound's Golden Movie Retriever. I compared all video books and
their features and now use this one only. This has what you need. No others
do. Fancy that!

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