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Home > Catalog > Mag Issues/Sub > OYB Back Issues: New to You!

OYB Back Issues: New to You!
July 10, 2005

Back issues are available here on this page cheap! --- $2 to $5 ea (postpaid), depending on weight. Scroll down to see quicky-indexes below. Paper issues have tons of stories not at this website. (And verse vicea.) I must say, these are amazing zines. I had wonderful layout and editorial help over the years. To show what I mean, I scanned the covers (below) and some sample spreads.

To order an issue, click on the PayPal button just below its description! (*Non-US orders see info at bottom.)

*Issue #10: SOLD OUT. 82 pages. Dang.

*Issue #9: A massive critter. Here's the complete Table of Contents to whet your whistle. This tasty item is packed with art and photos. At 72 pages, it's a general interest magazine with nonfiction magazine articles about a wide range of culture (well, with lots of outdoor action) and I wrote the whole dang thing. So it's also what's called a Perzine. It's the only general interest perzine with a wide range of indy biz ads that I've ever heard of. It's like an issue of Esquire... written by one person...only it's good. : )

If you want #9 right now, it's very scarce and $5 and here's the button...

And here's what went down...

#9 Table of Contents

The News from Lake OYBgone 3
World's Best Dog: Skeeter 4
Up North Trip, 2000 5
The Big Fresh World of Homebrew Wine and Beer.... 10

JP's Real-World Ranking of Martial Arts Belts 11
Fun Fixing up the Opera House 11
The Duct Tape World Points Series 12
Big Bike Parade 13
Small Street Parade 13
The Secret to a Long Life 14
Return on Effort in Sport 14
Exploring Reality-based Martial Arts 15

My New Superbike! 16
HPV Race Report 17
Recumbent Laps Field at USCF Bike Race 18
Biking goes better with HPV! 19
The Day We Learned to Ride the 'Real Roads' 20
Bikes are so cool... 21

My First Experience of the AuSable Canoe Marathon 22
Anikin XC Clinic Rules! 26
Super Norwegian Videos! 26
Canoe Poling for Flatwater Dyno Action! 27
Is Cross Country the Greatest Way to Ski? 28

Animal Rights and Animal Use FAQ-Pro and Con 30
Pro/Con Gun Control FAQ 31
Kids & Guns... 31
Anti-Hunter Letter'n'Reply 32
The World of CMP and Target Shooting 33
Amazing Gundog Book! 34
Daisy Dog Update 34
The Secret to Fishing Success 35

In Praise of Forrest 36
Boswell's Life of Johnson 38
Simone Weil: Rights or Obligation-which first? 39
ZineFest TripleHeader: 40
Cultural Breakthroughs Thanks to Zining 41
Bookstore Troubles 42
Can DIY Publishing Save Bookstores? 43
The Trouble with Bookstores... 43
Are there really so many books? 44
What is the Small Press? 44

What is OYB Press? 45
The Recumbent Bicycle 46
A Dirt Road Rider's Trek Epic 48
DreamBoats: 50
The Cross Country Ski Look, Cook & Pleasure Book 52
The Captain Nemo Cookbook Papers 53
The Destruction of a Small Town 54
Rebuilding That Small Town 54
Heart and Soul in Lansing 56
"No Trespassing"-the New State Flag? 58
The Novels of Jack Saunders 61
Fifth Way Press 67

You can skip the rest of the back issues and just get the "OYB Anthology: Issues 1-8"---a good-looking compilation book; approx. 200 pages; $15.

*BACK ISSUES 1 - 8: You won't believe the art, graphics, layout and typography of these zeens. Here are the issues, topically listed by a very few of their highlights:

#1 [$2] Early voyages, LA cheapy hotspots, lollygagging, USSR rock band in our house

#2 [$3] Bike messengering, the canoe-bike-drive Solo Nexus, speed skating, world reports

#3 [$3] Girl sailing across Pacific, a drink with Jim Harrison, Venice Beach boat life

#4 [$3] LA harbor life, epic bike poetry, frank youth essay, road trip, how to ski

#5 [$3] The made-from-scratch movement, rail cycle!, hoboing, lots of bikes

#6 [$4] Off-road sedans, funky cameras, HPV's, messengering (repro of a rare "designer" issue which was printed on cool brown paper...I might have a couple around still, but can't find them...I have a few repro's though)

#7 [$4] Yurt, sledding, longbow, bike light, bike jacket, lo-rent cineaste, cheesy vinyl, wildlife aquariums

#8 [$4] Marginal life, tiny boat cruising, SuperBike, hitching, swamping, versatile dogs, family panhandling

#9 (pictured at the top of this article) [$5; rare]

#10 ...$5... Huge! 82 pages! BUT IT'S SOLD OUT! Rats! OK, I'll get some more printed up. I like having them around. It has a color cover! It's half catalog, half zeen, with stories on: backdoor marathons, unsung bike heroes, literary activism, cosmic questing and cheap house building! Plus much more!

#11... Is a full-color 8-page catazeen with a short story kicking off each OYB topic category and a dozen nifty, hard-to-find books, mags and other products for each category as well. I pack it in for free with order boxes or charge $1 to mail you one.

#12... Someday! Hopefully soon! I think it'll be 7" x 8.5" -- legal sheets folded in half. Full color. And, like, 28 pages. More and longer stories. More products with bigger pics. ...Getting closer to Patagonia, eh? It'll be free with orders or...$3 mailed!

Or... Buy back-issues 1-8 in one volume!
The OYB Anthology: Issues 1-8 is a massive 8.5x11" book, 200 pages, paperback: $20.

Euro/Oz Postage Special Notice

UK/Euro/Oz/other customers should click the first button then click the one below to add an extra $4 to your Cart to offset excess postage beyond my usual shipping subsidy. (Canadian orders get free shipping for OYB10 as it's about the same as US.)

Send all mailable payments to: Out Your Backdoor, 4686 Meridian Rd., Williamston MI 48895.

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