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Autumn Escapade

October 22, 2008

Yesterday was so pretty that I had to play hooky from myself and take off for an afternoon mt-bike tour of the local trails. I was the only person I saw out on a bike. I passed one pair of peds on a trail.

From my house I can do about an 8 mile loop where 6 miles are on dirt.

The first chunk of trail is along the river. Then some scenic paved. Then I push-a-bike over a hardwoods ridge---where the trail that I used to maintain is finally grown-over (someday!). Then there's a mile of 2-track thru vacant fields. Then there's a mile of dirt road and a mile of paved to home.

The kids got home not long after the outing and I couldn't resist taking Lucy out for a canoe jaunt. Then Henry and I rode the tandem to go fetch the car at the put-in.

Here are some pics from the bike portion of the outing.

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