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Best Bike Headlight / Headlamp Combo: 1200 Lumens!

April 07, 2014

Yeah, it's bad that China makes stuff for us, but sometimes it's a good thing. I'm just not in the $200 bike light demographic. Thankfully, you can get the same quality with this $18 "big power" cheapy, courtesy of a misspelled listing.

1200 big lumens.

Sure, people niggle at what you really get, but the result is TONS OF LIGHT. This is great for your Big Power light needs, like when biking fast at night.

Of course, our big caveat here is that you really should treat this cheapy light gently. It's honestly not made that well. But I haven't wrecked mine yet! Chinese lites are infamous for being hit'n'miss. But, heck, at this price you can take a couple swings.

Note: what you really want is a SEOUL SSC-P7 emitter, not a Cree. Yeah, it matters. For biking you want Floody not Throwy. Lite freaks go either way. They get into Cree emitter lights that "throw" a spot a foot wide out at 100 yards. Many of the cheap Chinese lights, and even expensive US lites, are made with Cree's! That's not what we want! Seoul is Floody. Cree is Throwy. You want to light your road ahead and to the sides evenly.

But there's one more thing! Take a look at the Amazon listing: you'll see the place where people buy "this with that": Order the $4.95 wide angle lens "shaper." Your beam is already perfect for skiing and mtbiking. But when on the road with cars it's polite to "square" your beam and cut it off at the top and you don't need to shine your feet. This little extra lens will share your beam.

This light comes with a headlamp strap to wear it off the bike. It's also a great skiing light.

...It's WAY TOO STRONG for a reading light, though. And you really should be MOVING when using it for long coz it gets hot. It's also kinda clunky. (A Petzl is superior as an EDC duty light.)

There are two more big notes to make on the topic of road bike lights: *Light location is very important: if you can put a light down onto your fork then you'll see a lot more important road surface detail. A light up high washes out depth. I'm sure there's an adapter out there to install this light down low, with its strap-on O-rings. *If you'll ride for more than an hour or two at night then you want more batteries OR a generator light. Hub generators these days are GREAT and very high quality. Batteries do pollute.

Click on the pic or use this link. Anything you order at that point will send a healthy percent to the OYB operating fund at no extra cost to you! THANKS!


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