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Birthday Week in the Colors!

October 28, 2009

I consider the whole week of my birthday to be my week. Maybe it's because the weather is so unpredictable. Whenever it's nice that week (this week!), I head out for a delightful hour-long romp in the colors.

The ball started rolling with a short-notice small-group toodle (with Vardy, Steve and John) when the weather broke last weekend. We even got in a smooth mile of dirt -- on my handmade sewups!

Then I went canoeing a couple days ago on the Red Cedar, just down the street. I did paddling, poling and SUP. I want to make a video showing SUP in a canoe. So far it's just a surf scene rage, but it's just as fun in a canoe. I made a makeshift outrigger to hold my camera but it bounced too much -- a flop. Literally. I suppose I need to tri-guy it.

Yesterday it was sunny for an hour mid-day so I jumped out again and did some biking on a Meridian Park trail down the road.

I'm going for a trifecta of bike first's this weekend: my first local Critical Mass on Friday (at MSU); my first CX race in Ann Arbor on Sat. (costume required -- crunk party later on); my first Poto ride in decades at the Potto Fest Revival on Sunday (I wonder if my bike will even hold up -- I bet it'll take beater honors!). After the Potto we'll go to a friend's kid's birthday party -- maybe I can kinda call it my party, too! When your birthday is on Halloween weekend, every party is your party! That's how I roll...

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