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Commie Travel Literature -- in a Tatra!

June 02, 2015

Robert and I just sold this amazing book, "Africa: the Dream and Reality." He had it for sale for several years in my OYB eBay Store. A most unique travelog. One of a kind, really. The only Commie Travelog! This dynamic duo explored the world in the 50's in a Tatra, an amazing Czech car. They were state-sponsored and reported on the social justice issues of the nations they visited. Even so, like many Commies, they were finally banned by their own people. A very rare viewpoint for world travel, in a very rare and wonderful car. They stayed friends for life. One is still alive and as soon as the Czech dictatorship fell apart in '89 started being active again and has finally complete his world adventure!


Here's Robert's details and text from the listing:

AFRICA: The Dream and The Reality, Vol. II

by Jiri Hanzelka & Miroslav Zikmund

Very Good, Hardcover with Acceptable Dustjacket, 1955 First Edition in English, BW & Color Photographs, and pull-out map, 315 pages, 9 3/4 by 7


Volume II covers their travels by Tatra motorcar through Abbis Abba to the Zambezi. Their story of travel and adventure is mixed with Marxist commentary of colonies which is usually spot on. Lots of fabulous photographs (many plates, with 300 photos). A different look at Africa than most books of the period. A truly great read, and in my opinion their books should have been best-sellers.


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