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Cyclovia! ---"Life to the Streets"

September 26, 2008

Cyclovia is a global happening that's been happening for 30 years now.

A city decides to close off a few popular, well-suited streets for everyone just to go out onto them and do their own non-motorized thing.

People ride bikes, push prams and roller-skate.

Very popular! --It's set up by volunteers in cooperation with a city. Cars are routed by volunteer marshalls around the area involved.

It's part of making a city more liveable. It's like a quick, mini, casual party in the streets. People just get to personally and socially enjoy the nice pavement that they've bought. A big, wide, smooth, paved area is good for more things than just cars---everyone knows this!

OK, everyone also knows that I'm now going to say "Compare this to Critical Mass." Well, it's worth a thought!

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