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DIY Tele Slope

January 22, 2010

A local friend, Dave Jessop, lives on a hill overlooking a lake near the majestic Waterloo Rec Area in SE Michigan. It's a natural paradise around there, but not one that makes you think "telemark" so much.

Curiously, there is a woodsy slope in a nearby area called Stinchfield Woods that local powder hounds shuffle out to and shed in a good dump. It's a glorious several-mile patch of hilly forest, full of ski trails. I've been surprised a few times to be out striding and come across a dude in heavy plastic and helmet schlumpfing his way back to "Tele Central."

It's likely that Dave has been there.

Well, he got the crazy idea this fall to clear some trees from his hill down to the lake, then to prune out the mountains of brush. After weeks of chainsawing and log-hauling with his pals a *glade* appeared. Then we got our first dump of snow...

It worked!

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