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Fix stuff when your zipper breaks, don't toss it!

February 05, 2011

I haven't tried this gadget yet, but I hear it's good.

I busted the zipper on my XC boots. It's not easy fixing these things. I suppose a boot shop can do it. I did once fix a zipper with a clip-on replacement. It was a bit bigger and kinda clunky. It might've been one of these ZlideOn's.

Martha bought me a zip slider at the fabric shop, but I can't see how to install it. These things are made for uninstalled zippers.

I see there is ONE product made to fix these things. It looks pretty good:


Now, you'll see they suggest measuring your zipper with a digital micrometer. Uh, I don't have that. I suppose they're cheapish now and I should get one. I recall $12-20 at the Despot. (Hopefully your local hardware is in that range, too.)

I googled a bit more and here's a place that shows how to size em WITHOUT the mic. Presto! I've now ordered my zip. I'll update this once I give it a try...


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