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Get Bad Drivers Off the Road!

July 31, 2012

Driver safety is a relevant issue in the Outdoor Life, so I cover it here. In short: People who cause dangerous car crashes MUST be gotten off the roads! Wrecks are THE PROOF of unsuitability for driving. Testing that requires higher skills would be nice, since it happens before the wrecks and would obviously tend to prevent wrecks, but possibly an equally good thing is simply to remove those who cause wrecks. You gotta have both sides of the equation WORKING HARD FOR SAFE ROADS.

A guy pulled out in front of Martha a couple years ago and caused a big wreck. She could've easily been killed. He probably got a "failure to yield" ticket and that was it. It's NOT just "Oh well, that's the risk of driving." I want to know: has he ever caused an accident before? I hope there's a meter ticking on him. Is there? If he causes another wreck does he lose his license forever? What would it take? What's the number? If he injures or kills, then does he lose it? Or is it just more "failures to yield"? More points. Which expire. Higher insurance. Big whup.

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