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Goal: Free Time on a Working Vacation

August 15, 2011

Upon reflection, an interesting angle of our up north working vacation is: only two times were we able to have a quiet hour with the kids.

We all did a drawing once and then we all sat down and showed the kids how to play Euchre.

So where does the time go with a month up north at the beaches? Is it moving the trailer 5 times? All the art-booth set-up/tear-downs?

Maybe it's the "you either have money or time" angle -- but when you're on an extra-low budget it's neither...?

Gotta figure this one out! Crack the nut! Solve the riddle!

OK, I suppose a lot of it is the driving around doing stuff and visiting people angle. Maybe we should find a better base and just sit tight and do stuff right around the trailer, invite folks over to our place...

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