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Guerilla Gardening: make the vacant spaces grow

June 03, 2008

Here's a popular link. Is this link old news to everyone? I figure not, so here it is...

It's a story about urban gardeners who are going into vacant places and planting veggies, flowers and the like. Sometimes for food, sometimes just to beautify. No one is doing anything with the land.

Now, in the past 10 years I've seen a few stories about major community urban gardens that pop up in vacant lots---then run into trouble with then landowner finally wants to develop.

This isn't that.

This is small stuff---micro gardening---driveby farmers.

They make *seed bombs*. ---They roll seeds into balls of mud then carry them along in a shoulderbag on a bike ride. Stiletto heels are a good way to make a quick hole just off the side of the road---drop the "seed bomb" in and squirt with a water bottle and away you go. ...Food and/or flowers magically appear.

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