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High-tech Yard Tools...a good thing

July 11, 2006

I've harped about this before and I will again, I suppose.

I use yard tools a lot and use them hard. I've had most of mine for a couple decades now. They're worth whatever they cost.

Except they're so dang heavy.

Well, after you lift a tool a thousand times in an afternoon anything is relatively heavy.

And so any yard tool should be relatively light to make work relatively easier.

With all the new hightech materials being used in really EVERYTHING out there. Why not use them in the most labor-intensive, weight-sensitive things we use? YARD TOOLS!

I want a dirt shovel, snow shovel, hoe, rack, ax, etc., made out of titanium and carbon-fiber.

That's all. That's all it'll take. Man, we're talkin' LIGHT.

Amortize the cost over a couple decades and we're also talkin' CHEAP.

Amortize the weight over a two-hour work session and we're talkin' HEAVEN.

You'll get a lot more done with a lot less effort, I kid you not.

While we're at it: I want a titanium push reel lawnmower. Sure, mowers need weight as a counterweight to cut and give traction (I think), but keep it in the one place it's probably needed and shed it everywhere else. Motor-mowers use big wheels for easier rolling---I'm thinking reel mowers would be helped by big wheels, too.

Thank you for your time. : )

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