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Hitchhiking Lives!

July 14, 2006

It never went away, of course.

It's as safe as ever. That is, it's safe.

Bad routes are still bad, though. ---Complex entries or exits from desired areas are bad. But once you get a straight shot, make yourself a clear, simple, friendly sign. Carry a modest rucksack. Be clean. Carry a cellphone and away ya go! : )

I did it in the 80's---when everyone already said it was dead and dangerous---it was fine. I had a great time. It was usually faster than driving. I did local, statewide and national. All dandy. Met good folks, had good adventures. Out west there were still some places where hitchers would queue up and take their turns. I *hear* that's not as common anymore---but, ya know, I bet I hear wrong. Hitching is a reality-based activity of true community. A lying culture gets it wrong, naturally.

I'm guessing that cells have made it somewhat safer---though I'd say that the actual safety has been steady state. I'd also guess that the safety *mentality* of a cell hasn't quite caught up with the hitching world.

Gas prices will fix all that.

Some good articles of interest:

*an interview with a guy who's always hitched, who wrote a book: www.alternet.org/story/36149/

*tips for girl hitchers: girls.hitchbase.com/doku.php

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