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Hollerfest this Weekend! --SE Michigan's FarmFolkFest!

August 18, 2010

If you live in SE Michigan, you gotta get over to Hollerfest this weekend! There's just something about it. Like, maybe, it's great?

We'll be there.

It's at Frog Holler, Michigan's first organic farm (I think).

It's smallish, at like 500 folks (just guessin). No wristbands (thank heavens!). One main stage in a natural ampitheater. And a little acoustic venue stone cabin. Afterhours pickin'.

The food is jim-dandy from vittles off of the farm. The kitchen overlooks the whole place. The cooks get center-stage, off to the side.

(I like the yoga on the hill in the morning. My 2 sessions a year!)

Aug 20-22.

Near Brooklyn, maybe 20 miles east of Jackson, a half hour west of Ann Arbor.

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