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"How to XC Ski": My YouTube videos!

February 09, 2009

OK, I went and made my own 2-video series on "how to cross country ski" and put em up on YouTube.


Well, the 2nd one isn't done yet, but the first part is now up.

It's a bit rough but hopefully it's helpful at teaching the basics.

I now notice that don't ever show how to put it all together, but we'll see if people find that to be a problem.

I have to say that right after I did my taping, I met up with a bike racer pal who was struggling with his skiing and I showed him my favorite tips and, darn, he learned how to ski! It was amazing to see him go from bad to good in just a few minutes. Great fun!

Here's a link to a video from Alaska that is said to be good. Let's see how it compares to mine! : ) Hey, no sense being a how-to hog. I didn't find too many good vid's out there, but this one is supposed to be good...


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