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It's the BERRY best time of year!

June 22, 2012

[Bumped up from '08, '07, '06]

The wild "blackcaps" (or blackberries or black raspberries) are presently hanging all over the edges of our whole yard in all their glorious lusciousness.

It's that time of year again!

I'm bumping this old post up just for grins and as a reminder in case you like 'em, too, and have somehow forgotten that they're RIPE NOW!



Martha made jam today. We were all out in the yard picking a few quarts this morning and I've been having berries on my cereal every morning for awhile now.

I've been picking them 5 or 6 per handful---yeah, ya know the crop is prime when you reach out and grab a whole handful off the end of each stalk. Five-berry grabs are where it's at, baby! Getting all 5 off the cane without dropping any or squishing them is quite the picking art, I tell ya.

My tame raspberries are coming along as well---I confess this photo is from last year. It's also on the cover of the new issue of the OYB zeen! (Due out next week! I just did the final presscheck today.) The tame reds are actually tastier---no seeds, subtle perfect flavor---and they're everbearing! I have a couple plants of traditional reds that don't taste as good and only bear once a year. My Everbearing berries are robust, tasty and give two crops. Oh yeah!

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