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It's Time for Apple Pie and Strong Beer!

October 14, 2008

All I have to say is that this time of year is perfect, according to my druthers, for a big slice of apple pie and a glass of rich, strong beer. Somehow they really go good together this year.

We've been buying local unprocessed cider. And there are a couple apple trees along our nearby dirt road that are full of red feral apples that we've been picking. Tart! Roadkill apples!

Our colors are rockin'! Fully lit up. I gotta be outside every day as much as possible! Blue skies, too. Oh, man!

The DSL at home is down so I'm typing this at a local popular mini-mall cafe. The parking lot is lined with locusts and/or walnuts. Tons of bright yellow leaves are being walked into the cafe. It's like a yellow snow-storm sweeping in the door up to the counter. Perfect!

I've overheard a few of the luxury crossover house-babes complain but I think it looks great.

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