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"Just Ride": Fave Tip in New Book by Grant Petersen of Rivendell Bikes

September 05, 2012

"Just Ride" is a dandy new bike book showing that there's are whole other ways of skinning the bike cat. ...Than the Racer-Wannabe cat, specifically. It's about the casual fun biking cat.

One of my fave tips in this tip-packed book is about finding the right seat height. He suggests starting definitely way too high then lowering the seat a tiny bit at a time until you can ride the bike comfortably. He mentions that it's far easier to tell the right height going from too high down to just right than it is to try to go up from too low to just right. Too low can feel pretty good for maybe a whole inch up to just right.

Just right lets you put out max power and a fast spin while also letting you pedal smoothly.

I think he also mentions that Critical Mass is maybe ready to be surpassed by the Bike Party concept. Sounds good to me! That's how the CM's I've done roll anyway. No need for negativity. Yeah, we're traffic. We're also fun and easy to get along with. We might impede you a bit, might take a lane, but we're not mean about it, sheesh. We are going to do it, though. Millions of us. All we ask is that drivers learn to drive and share the road.

Anyway, there's tons of good stuff in this book. Inspiring!

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