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Lansing Bike Party 2014: Stepping Up!

April 28, 2014

This season will see an even more supercharged Lansing Bike Party rockin' the streets.

Ya know, of course, that Party Rides are sweeping the nation and changing and uplifting our cities, right? They are!

Detroit and Grand Rapids are sporting BIG free fun rides. Lansing is next!

So, lots of changes, news and additions...

*We'll be starting a bit later, 6pm from the Broad. With a Lansing Start at 6:30, tba, based at whatever special partnering venue we might have that evening.

*Special venue discounts! We're teaming up with various cool places around town for special Happy Hour deals for LBP rides. (If you know of a cool place, ask em and forward the word.)

*Early-in-the-week rides! It's likely that Tuesdays will often be seeing a ride.

*A new Email List and Google Group if you don't like Facebook: groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/lansing-bike-party.

*Lots more special rides of various types! ...Intro, Ice Cream, Family, Kids, Longer, Weekend, Field-Trips, Dirt Roads, Camp-outs, Tours!!!

...So if that doesn't equal something for everyone, I don't know what would!

And the usual Themed Rides -- like Gatsby, Tweed, Halloween. And all sorts of cool exploratory routes and destinations and historic viewpoints along the way. Visit neighborhoods you haven't seen before!

Remember: Group riding is the safest and friendliest way to ride! (We had ONE honk out of dozens of rides last year.)

And this is a Mellow Scene. Any kind of bike will fit in fine. (If we're going Long or it's a weekend or a dirt roads ride, we'll mention any recommended rigs or pace details of relevance.)

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