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"Tales of Beatnik Glory": Blast from the 60's plus Heritage

2014-04-07 "Tales of Beatnik Glory" is a super book for anyone who missed the 60's or wants to relive them, with an emphasis on the East Village of NYC. Click on the pic and order a cheap Kindle edition…

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Trying to Read "The Dharma Bums" Again...

2013-09-26 I'm reading "The Dharma Bums" these days. I've started it a few times over the years. We'll how it goes this time. The story kicks off with a nice train-hop up the CA coast and then a big reading/party where Ginsberg first reads Howl and where the Beat scene actually started…

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An Outdoor Heritage Reading List

2013-07-01 Ron Watters is an outdoor educator of longtime and high standing. He's also closely involved with the National Outdoor Book Awards and the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education. He teaches a course in Idaho (at ISU) on outdoor literature (lucky!)…

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Top 10 Lifechanging Books?

2012-09-08 What's your shortlist of must-read life-changing books? Probably some of these would have an outdoor aspect to them. I'd say let's feel free to give it that slant, if you like. But color outside the lines freely…

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Books Tips for the Great White North

2012-08-17 Much North American heritage relates to Canada and its backwoods history. The voyageurs hugely influenced the development of the Continent. Well, their influence has spread onward all the way to today, in rather a direct fashion…

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2011-09-18 Fashion plates. Caravan lovers. Automotive enthusiasts. Hearty cudgelists. Strolling tea-drinkers. Messers about in boats.

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RIP: Len Fulton -- small press savior

2011-07-27 This just in: Len Fulton, the force behind Dustbooks and Small Press Review and a key player in the small-press world since the Sixties, died of lung cancer. Len was 77. He published the first directory of little mags and small presses…

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Fine Poem: "The House by the Side of the Road"

2011-01-31 by Sam Walter Foss (of the late 1800's) [Gary recited this poem a couple times while we were skiing the 36-mile Waterloo-Pinckney Trail. Martha made two paintings with its theme as their title…

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Wallet Poem? Pocket Poetry?

2010-03-02 So, do you carry any poetry in your wallet? ...Or any important -- to you -- writing in your pocket or purse (or in your car or on your bike). I do! It's easy. It's inspirational…

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Robert Frost reading "Birches"

2010-02-23 Here's a great poem for the winter or icy time of year. And here's a link to the master himself reading his poem. There are several versions out there, some by other readers, one where Frost might be older and sloppier, but this one is the best:

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