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'Cross Fever: How to Enjoy the Muddy Little World of Barriers & Off-Cambers

2017-08-29 I can't believe I haven't yet posted my two bits about CX skills! I've been going nuts about it for a few years now and have posted a few general items but CX is about skill, so c'mon! There are a couple books in print about the esoteric world of CX…

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Bike Tip: Bend Your Arms for Relaxed Safety!

2017-08-28 Most sport riders today I see are riding with STRAIGHT arms, or nearly so. This is good for checking bike fit, and it's OK as another hand position while riding. But most sport riders are using it as their main position…

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A Roadie Primer: How to be a Rider of Road Bikes

2017-06-05 (bump from 8/16) There is a lot of info out there on road riding. It's kind of a technical side of biking. It relates to being a "roadie." Lately, however, I have to say that this has been a somewhat unappealing aspect of biking for me…

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"Who Was That Guy?" Fun at a Crit! (What happens will shock you!)

2016-07-24 Our local team hosted a city center crit yesterday. I went and volunteered and have to say I was pretty bored. Zero spectators or promotion for this full day of racing around the Capitol. (Organizers short-staffed of course, but also PR is just not a priority…

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Bike Canoe Trailer: It's a Cinch!

2016-07-06 (BUMP FROM May, 31, 2009.) I've long wanted to create a simple trailer for towing a canoe behind a bike. A lot of times when I'm biking and I come across some tasty water I suddenly want to get paddling---especially when the waterway is going my way or when it's a shorter way to go my way…

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Bikes + Cars = Love (it ain't that hard)

2016-05-20 I think we should celebrate a year of no fatalities for bikers around here. Maybe even a year of no bad local cars injuring bikers. Word gets out and I don't recall any. It was also a year of thousands of great interactions with car drivers! Drivers have been great to bikers around here for the past year! Hooray! Thanks, drivers! Bikers love cool drivers! And we had dozens of actual smiles and waves…

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Biking's Abatross: the Safety Fetish

2016-05-19 It's boggling to me how people put bicycling into this weird separate category in life where safety fantasy is a fetish. Yet most folks just for grins do all sorts of things that are tons riskier. Nor do they have such views of safety elsewhere in their life…

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Women's Bikes Could Be So Sweet!

2016-05-15 Women's bikes share a problem with kids bikes. ...They're all overbuilt! In a normal market women's bikes would be half the market, right? I assume that's the case in Europe and Asia. So it's no market to sniff at…

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Social Rides & Bike Helmets

2016-05-01 The helmet thing keeps popping up in the bike party scene. ...In a minor way, but still. Should people wear a helmet on a bike party ride? ...If they want to. Should they comment to others about this? No…

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Crash-proofing: How to Stay Up on Your Bike This Summer!

2016-04-27 People crash way too much on their bikes. Staying up on your bike is a lot easier than you might think even when things are really dicey. In recent years I've seen a LOT of very fit racers on very nice bikes just hit the deck…

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