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ULA PRESS Zinebooks!

2012-09-15 New Era -> New Reading -> New Writing! The ULA was (is?) the "Underground Literary Alliance," the world's only literary activist group and literary "folk writing" promoter…

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Fresh Noise at the Top: Rejecting Slander Against the ULA

2012-09-14 The NYT recently published some slander about our venerable old ULA. That we were 'unpublishable.' ...Despite being published and popular in the underground. Such a slur at the world's main newspaper might hurt our chances at a breakthru, doncha think? Not very fair, considering none of our books have been reviewed in the mainstream (great reviews underground)…

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ULA in the NYT Once Again!

2012-09-13 The ULA will have a Letter in this Sunday's NYTRB! Who knows how they'll edit it, but it's a challenge (yet again!) to the Academic Lit scene that is killing US literature to and open the gates…

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The ULA's Website LIVES AGAIN!

2012-09-13 Back from the Dead! LiteraryRevolution.com has been in hiatus the past few years due to the Recession. Just in time for the Letter in the NYTRB it's been brought back to life! Check it out: it's evidence that the Lit Scene in the USA was once vibrant and full of life…

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Link to the ULA Website: the Original "Occupy" Protest!

2011-11-02 The ULA never camped out in front of a city hall...because we were too poor to do so. We had jobs. But we DID doggedly protest elitist 1%-ers in in the literary world -- who were actively preventing relevant art for the 99%…

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Happy 40-Year Run, Jack!

2011-08-31 It's Jack Saunders' birthday today. He's 70-something. He's been writing books for 40 years, pitching them to NYC agents and presses high and low the whole time. Entering them for grants and contests…

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The Texas Gang: an outsider classic!

2011-07-04 [$5, postpaid in the US. HUGE SALE! Reg. list $15.] Here's a $5 ZINEBOOK! Zines are cheap...so are ZINEBOOKS! Check it out! Pulp is back! The new pulp is here! ...Yet another title in the ULA PRESS zinebook series! Wild Bill's writing has been called "really great" by the likes of William Burroughs and other Americana writing reviewers…

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RIP Brave, Young ULAer: Steve Kostecke

2011-04-24 I just got word from his sister that Steve Kostecke, the editor of the Underground Literary Alliance, which I was a member of for most of its years, died recently, on his birthday, from ALS. He'd lived most of the past 10 years or so in the Far East…

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ULA writer Bill Blackolive on Web-radio

2011-03-13 Wild Bill Blackolive is going to be chatting live on the Web this Thursday at 6:45pm on the "New American Dream" online radio show. After that you can find the show in the archives. He wrote the exciting ULA books "Tales from the Texas Gang" and "The Emeryville War," which are available right here! (At

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It's a Wrap for "Cracker Jack": Jack Saunders Documentary Finished

2011-03-12 A documentary film about my literary hero Jack Saunders has finally been made. I look forward to seeing it. There's a starter-page up at IMDB: www…

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