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Key to a Boom in XC Skiing? ...Marketing!

2017-09-10 "Adapt or die." ...XC skiing is fading most everywhere, and this is a disaster in its own right. But it's especially hurting in areas where snowfall is becoming sketchy. Why? What can be done? Even in sketchy places there always is SOME snowfall, even QUITE A BIT, and such places in snowcountry are generally within an HOUR'S drive from better snow…

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Why is Snowsport Fun? -> *Glide *Rhythm *Payoff

2017-02-02 ((BUMP FROM APRIL 13, 2016.)) This is my mantra. And I'm not kidding. I think it deserves traction. I'm a missionary of snow fun! So why is skiing fun? Why do we play in the snow? I say that IT'S ALL THE SAME! All skiing is one! I'm the Dr…

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The Ski Industry's View of Itself

2016-12-14 Some food for thought that relates to downstate Michigan trail skiing... The Nordic ski biz has apparently never considered itself as having parallels to biking, much less the different kinds of biking…

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New MI XC Ski Blog!

2016-11-06 I just started a new blog dedicated to Michigan XC Skiing. We'll see if folks like using it! mixcski.blogspot.com It's a place where people can showcase everything related to Just Plain Skiing in the Snow! It'll also be mostly about Michigan, downstate MI at that, but, really, anywhere there's snow will find a friendly voice…

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Fun in the Snow Sun! --Stinchfield Loppet 2016

2016-02-29 We were nervous before the Stinch Loppet this year. We had a 10" base but a couple days of 40 deg's leading into the event, with 50+ forecast for the day-of... Whew! What's THAT going to be like? Well, weren't we surprised! We had a blast! Our skis worked great! The sun was out…

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Backyard Biathlon Ski Party! ...has it all!

2016-02-20 We've had a low-snow winter. Last week the forecast was for coming days of 55degF that would nuke what little snow we had. Suddenly we got a dusting of fresh snow. The yard had a solid inch of semi-firm base…

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Gotta Do Better: the Picnic Revolution

2016-02-15 I'm not doing so well at my Ski Party Revolution. My goal is to step up the social diversity and viability of XC skiing. Right now there's a divide between real life social modes and the Ski Mode…

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The Beauty of Low Snow

2016-02-12 Yeah so we've had low snow this season so far but even so sometimes it's good. The infrequency just makes it more special when it appears. So now it's actually getting cold again. So our low snow is getting nice and squeaky underfoot…

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How to XC Ski -- Cross Country Skiing for Regular People!

2016-02-01 Here's how to ski for regular people. Really, it's just skiing, but you can call it nordic, XC or cross country if you like. All skiing is one: just do what fits your local terrain. I've been studying XC skiing in all its forms for decades -- studying, enjoying, reveling-in, playing-with…

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How to Skate Ski -- "What you learn will shock you!"

2016-01-28 I've been studying XC skiing in all its forms for decades. This here is my teaching method for SKATE SKIING. (I have a similar article here for CLASSIC stride skiing.) My goal is for learners to have fun every step of the way -- no wasted motion or time, no awkward static drills…

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