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OYB: a Liability? This is My Waiver!
February 02, 2015 - OK, I run the OYB website where I publish wide-ranging innovative outdoor sports content. I also sell and innovate outdoor gear. I resell secondhand gear, too. None of these efforts add up to much, moneywise, but it seems worth doing. I've been informed that if someone reads that canoe poling is a good idea and the...
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Best, Cheapest Way to Ship Bikes and Skis
January 31, 2015 - I think that most people don't know how to do this, or they get burned when letting others do it for them. The best, cheapest way to ship BIKES is FedEx Ground 3-Day. You can ship a bike box with bike plus maybe 30 lbs of luggage, etc., for about *$45* across the USA. As for SKIS, there's only one way to go: USPS Priority....
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OYB Hanging Out the Shingle!
May 13, 2013 - Do you have any projects that the OYB skillset can help you with? Bikes, boats, skis, skills ... and media/web/biz/social/event/handwork relating to same. That's the resume'! : ) 20 years of it! Want to do something together? Lemme know! ...Or if you know of anyone, please pass the word along. Thanks.
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RIP: Joel Brockmyre -- Strappin Dude, Fighter
May 06, 2013 - Here's a memoriam for Joel Brockmyre, a longtime pal who has gone to Valhalla ahead of us. He had a rough last while but got to leave in his prime. No fading for him, or years of walkers. Now, before I tell a bit about the fun times we had, I'd like to lay a couple practical things on you. Joel died of cancer. However, he beat it...
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Not Bragging If Ya Did It: 3 Diverse, Innovative Articles in Nat'l Media
May 04, 2013 - Last year I pulled off a stunt that I think is cool and that I don't think anyone else has done. (I'd love to see some info to the contrary to help me flesh things out.) I wrote articles for national magazines about 3 totally different areas of sport and each of them was first-ever's for the media, that is, they weren't just repor...
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What is OYB? --An HQ for Indie Outdoor Education
August 22, 2012 - OYB fans the indie outdoor flame. How? ... 2000+ articles on bikes, boats, skis & much more -- showing from diverse angles how the active indie world interconnects. Also, OYB is a catalog of hard-to-find media & gear -- keeping a bunch of good old books alive across a wide range of indie cultures. Your purchases keep us working on the mission. Indie businesses can easily afford t...
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OYB Action on Facebook! ...and eBay!
August 21, 2012 - OYB has a couple other big ways to keep in touch or to shop the indie outdoors. I have an OYB Facebook Page where I post more timely items and event dates. (More people leave comments there, too -- even though it's cinchy to do so here.) --
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Robert Mosher: New OYB Staffer!
March 09, 2012 - I am pleased to mention that for the past while OYB has had the privilege of the assistance of an enthusiastic and talented outdoorsman, a fellow bike and boat buff (and old climber besides): Robert Mosher. He is a local kindred spirit who wanted to pitch in. He's been making it possible for OYB to get twice as much done as befo...
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We Get Mail...
February 27, 2012 - Here's the OYB Brag Sheet. I get Fan Mail from time to time. And no one seems able to use my built-in Comment system so I have to manually post it here. I just started this page a couple weeks ago, since a few interesting items have come in lately. So the past is past, I guess. When I get Hate Mail, I'll post it, too. Critici...
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OYB in the News!
March 16, 2011 - Hey! The "State News" paper/website of MSU is running a nifty little multimedia report with pics/audio about the OYB indie outdoor media empire... : )
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OYB has an eBay Store!
March 07, 2011 - I've launched an eBay store for OYB. I've had the Outyourbackdoor username there for a few years, which I've used to sell luggage, books, magazines and other goodies. Heck, Martha and I have been eBaying since it started and we together have 1000+ sales with a 100% rating since, like, 1994. But I've ramped things up there, wi...
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Donate! Help the OYB cause...
March 06, 2011 - I've had several people recently ask how they can support the OYB cause. I've been relying on my offerings of great books'n'goodies that you can't hardly get anywhere else as being the best way. "Money for stuff" is the only way I can understand making a living. But I can accept that OYB *stuff* isn't right for everyone. Also,...
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Let's See Your Comments!
December 01, 2010 - Each of our OYB articles is now followed by a brand new, easy to use "Reader Comments" section, hosted by the 3rd party provider, Disqus. If you have a reaction to the story or had a similar experience or a tip to pass on, please do! (No more tricky registering via my Forum.) The OYB Forum is probably disabled right now, but ...
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OYB Wall Calendars?
November 30, 2010 - What if each year I started offering Wall Calendars in the various main OYB themes? That is, diverse, candid, indie presentations of... *outdoor activities (w/ XC ski come winter!) *DIY fun in Michigan *bike culture *traditional seasonal outdoor subsistence sport (hunt, fish, trap, bow, gun, dog, snare, atlatl, flint, o...
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OYB 10---Print Window to Modern Folkways
September 02, 2010 - [$6 postpaid.] This biggest-ever issue of OYB is a great way to get a full-figured view of the OYB scene! (I thought I was out of stock, but I just found a couple dozen. What fun! First come, first served...) The OYB "catazeen" has to be the only magazine of authentic, informal, do-it-yourself, indy adventure and outdoor cul...

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Team OYB Up North for July/Aug!
June 30, 2010 - Yeah! So I won't be shipping til we get home. We're test-riding the Up North lifestyle. Peripatetic. (Is that how it's spelled? I'm not getting a red line under it, so...) Actually, who needs to move up north when you can just *move around.* A cottage here, a trailer there...
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Should OYB & Company go Non-Profit?
April 23, 2010 - That's what I'm wondering. This is an educational cause, after all. Sure, I sell some things, but that's to support the Indie Outdoor culture and heritage outreach. I've always thought to just keep the whole thing simple, but maybe going Non-Profit would make the OYB mission clearer to the public. ? I've always thought that folks k...
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Hey! It's OYB's *20th ANNIVERSARY!*
February 10, 2010 - An OYB reader just emailed me today and said he was just reading the paperback compilation of Issues 1-8 and was amazed that I'd been publishing OYB since 1990. Well...I am, too! I hadn't even thought of it! I kinda had 1991 in my brain for some reason, but I suppose Issue #1 says 1990 on it somewhere. So I guess I've been o...
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What if OYB went Pro?
February 01, 2010 - I just read a WSJ story about smallshop guys who offer knifesharpening services. The story spent most of its attention on evaluating the various levels of ordering/shipping service. I wonder how much good it would do OYB if I could do same-day shipping and had a totally pro buying/shipping interface. I wonder how many of m...
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OYB Now Caught Up on Hot New Tips!
January 29, 2010 - The OYB Homepage has, like, 60 recent posts! I'd been backlogged on cool links, tips and ideas since before Xmas. Now they're all in! Actually, I still have some sweet fresh mags to profile, but, whew... So, feel free to take a scroll down thru the diversity of indie roots outdoor culture that is OYB!
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90's Flashback: OYB Ezines (Issues 7, 8, 9)
June 26, 2009 - Here's a link to the old Homepage for the OYB Ezine. It contains the stories that ran the print issues #7 & #8, circa 1996. Many of these are presented here and there on this new website but I think quite a few are missing as well.
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OYB has 1500+ Stories! --HEY!
June 23, 2009 - According to my stats, a couple weeks ago OYB sailed past the FIFTEEN HUNDRED stories/links/blurbs mark! And, hey, I just checked the date of my first article posted to this particular incarnation of my website and it was in 2000. But this count only dates back to the start of my database-based website. OYB has been rockin' as a...
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Hanging out the How-to Shingle!
December 03, 2008 - If anyone relatively near Williamston would like to learn how to have more fun---no matter what their current level---with XC skis, bikes, canoes, kayaks (rolling!), inline skates or the shooting sports, lemme know! I bet I could help give some uplift. In short order. For cheap. $20/hour, say. Kids, too. I'm hanging up my shi...
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Season's Greetings!
October 21, 2008 - [BUMP from 10/13/07, which was bumped from 10/5/04] It's the prettiest time of year around Michigan. Our boy just had his birthday. During 'his' week the sassafras trees in the front yard light up like, well, birthday candles---roman candles, more like. Every year. They were lit up when he came home from the hospital. Light 'em! ...
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OYB Forums: Share the DIY Worldview
... in one place!
October 16, 2007 - [UPDATE! The Forums are updated and new! They had been using old software and spambots were getting in. They're all sparkly now.] Like most people, I use various Forums. There are some great ones out there. The problem is that they're all scattered and they all involve different people---even th...
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OYB Pics on Flickr!
December 30, 2006 - I started a webpage at awhile ago to share OYBish photos. If you only read OYB for the pictures anyway, check 'em out! : ) Or just go there to see a bunch of my pics in one place...
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The OYB Gift Shop!
December 29, 2006 - Chock full of goodies in fresh demographic styles. Check it out! My favorite is the khaki hat with the "skate style" green'n'blue logo. Next would be the shoulderbag. These are great items! All items priced at cost. How...
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Check out my "RSS" feed!
December 28, 2006 - See the new button up at the top-left by the Search button? If you use an RSS feed and want to get notices whenever I put up something new here (which is a couple times a week lo these past 10 years), just add OYB to your line-up. Cool!
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Non-USA Excess Postage!
December 17, 2006 - I offer a wide range of products here at OYB. And I don't always remember to list the various PayPal buttons for non-USA excess postage. One of these days I'll get an official shopping cart with global postage! Anyway, for items that don't have excess postage buttons, or just for convenience: here's some buttons that will basica...
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Power to the People! Easy 10% OYB Affiliate Action!
December 10, 2006 - There's been a huge affiliates scene online for years. Amazon is famous for it. They give their "Associates", like, 5% of what people spend who come there from an affiliate site. Well, I'm doubling their ante to 10% and giving the power to the people! Anyone can free'n'easy become an OYB affiliate. You just click on the l...
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24-hour Priority Postage for the Holidays!
December 01, 2006 - If you want your item shipped fast during this holiday time, just use the button below in addition to the regular ordering button. It'll add another $5 to your bill. I'll then ship via Priority and get your item out within 24 hours. (I'll be doing my best for fast turnaround anyway.)
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Needed: Your Views, Links & Stories!
September 06, 2006 - Did you know that there are 20,000 of you who hit this site monthly? That's about the size of it, in case you wondered. Now, I don't have a regular "Letters" section because every article has one. But in general what's your take on OYB? You can let the world know right here. I'm not just looking for a pat on the back, but ad...
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More OYB sites! ...AllBike! ...UpNorth! ...Hook'n'Bullet!
March 17, 2006 - [bumped up] I launched 3 new websites! OYB now has satellites. The world is set up into niches these days. I can work with that. I took the biggest 3 niches in OYB and created indy-culture websites for them that both stand-alone and hook back into OYB. I manage them all from one browser window and can easily send a story o...
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OYB, Inc., in the black another year!
March 11, 2006 - 2006 Annual Report: We just prepped our taxes and I'm happy to say that the OYB Empire has survived another year. We're not financial experts here but to us it looks good that we paid all our bills, made a little profit, didn't go into debt. Now, we didn't do much more than that, but that's pretty good, I'd say. The missus n...
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Early Spring Michigan Scenes
March 20, 2005 - I'm freakin' out over the scenes and trees near our house. No leaves. Lots of browns and grays. But with early flowers. And sprays of red in the trees as the buds come on. Frogs are just starting in. Salamanders squirmin'. Snakes in the sun. Skunk cabbage popping up in the swamps. Mud Season is beautiful if you have eyes to see it....
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Love the One You're With
March 11, 2005 - I hate weather wackos. These are people who complain about the cold when they live in the northwoods. Or who complain about heat when they live in the tropics. Such people suck! And they're surely part of the ruination of the planet. They are the people who make it so that when our family goes to a movie in the winter...
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Martha launches LazyGal!
March 06, 2005 - Martha's gift item studio is now a full-service website full of pillows, blankets, scarves, dresses, with dealers and shows coming up and creativity bursting out every which way. She had a huge Chicago art fest success this summer and is having a blast. She even hosted a quilt retreat up north fo...
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So long, Uncle Jim: piece-a-work fisherman, storyteller
March 02, 2005 - I got word that my uncle Jim died in his sleep. Age 67. The wild boys have to watch their hearts. My one regret: I didn't go fishing with him. I meant to. Rats. This wouldn't be just any ol' fishing. Uncle Jim was the best, wildest, wackiest fisherman out there. Famed on the west side of the state. For the past many decades...
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OYB: A General Interest Magazine for the Grassroots
February 11, 2005 - What is all this OYB stuff anyway? It looks like a mishmash of books, tiny stories about a guy's life and a buncha weirdo links. So what's up? OYB is my 10-year project to create a general interest magazine that celebrates the everyday life of regular folk. (A brand-new issue #10 is now available.) The category of "...
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Coincidence or Serendipity?
January 10, 2005 - When I went biking in Europe for the first time, after getting out of college in the early 80's, family funds didn't materialize as planned and I ended up leaving with $300 instead of $600, to ride around as long as I could. I had to sleep in the airport with a hundred other desperate souls to get a chance at a People's Express s...
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Jeff's Best Days of Sports
January 02, 2005 - I thought I'd brag up my sporting days, so I don't forget them. Over 20 wins, 50 top finishes, 50 top-expert performances and quality achievements in: XC skiing (classic and skate), road cycling, mt-biking, velodrome, telemarking, snowboarding, triathlon, quadrathalon, adventure races, canoe, kayak, speed skating, inline sk...
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Thanksgiving Snowstorm
November 25, 2004 - We got dumped on the day before thanksgiving. So on T-day, before we ate, I had the pleasure of shaking many bent-over saplings to free them from snow stress, shoveling my whole drive, clearing two cars, loading them with cement bags (rear wheel), splitting wood and starting a nice fire in the fireplace, clearing ski trails o...
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RIP...Verlen Kruger, Gardner Martin, Gene Jensen, Bill Murphy...
November 10, 2004 - This was quite a year for outdoor innovators passing away. *Verlen Kruger. I met Verlen when I was in college. A local plumber, at age 65 he decided to follow his dream. He and his partner paddled all the major waterways of N.A., upstream. He had a physique like a puma-bear. He recently paddled the whole Yukon, at age...
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We saw the Northern Lights!
November 07, 2004 - Driving back from a birthday party in heavy traffic with friends on Sun. night (11/07/04), I notice LOTS of freaky fluoro lights swirling in the sky beyond the minimall kleig-lights. Northern lights! I yell. Skepticism ensues. Then cloud cover. Could it have been? Later on in the evening we get a call saying Get out in the yard ...
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Little Miss Lucy!
November 06, 2004 - Henry isn't the only pintsized artist around here. Lucy (4) is into DIY song and dance (with a foghorn voice and fiery temper). She's also sprung a few graphics surprises on us. She signs her name several cool ways. We find scary smiley faces a...
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Local Biz Rules!
November 04, 2004 - My friends really ARE your friends. That's what's so cool about Local Biz. You don't have to live there. If you work with these folks---in person or online---you WILL get good personal service and it WILL feel like your old neighborhood... because it IS! Here are just a few hardcore shopkeeps I go back a long way with. Tell 'em ...
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Jeff's Dreams
October 08, 2004 - Probably most folks think that other people's dreams is dumb. But ya never know. In case there are dream buffs here, here are some of my typical dreams. I recently had a doozy. It was too beautiful. Here goes: I'd found several areas in the total wasteland of a suburb that I now live in where people lived as actual humans. The...
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May 20, 2004 - The iris haven't bloomed... But, darn, they're still pretty, all wrapped up in their buds. These wild ones are growing along the trail thru our trashed yard. They sure freaked out the Nikon digicam. [5/28: They've bloomed.] Here's a bigger image for you of these purty things... Read Article

A spring weekend day, OYB-style...
May 05, 2004 - Our family had a full day yesterday: a guru, a new kind of health spa, a glamorous photographer, beautiful fish, later on: firetrucks. Here's the full story, with pics...
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Frog Fest 2003
February 06, 2004 - We had Martha's dad's birthday campout last weekend and a great time it was. He has some woodsy acres near their house that are situated with a little pond on one side and a millpond on the other. You get there by a gorgeous road and there are gorgeous, twisty roads leading away from it as well. Great biking country! The millpon...
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OYB Hits the Big League
February 05, 2004 - Over the next year or so, I'm gonna make zining into my new *anti*dayjob!!!! I have a very rare chance to give it a shot. I've sold off most of my worldly assets and greatly simplified life's undertakings, plus I've basically sold my job. It's my first big work change in 15 years! If you know of anyone else who is pullin...
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