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Life on the Farm?
August 18, 2011 - How much life is found around maximumly productive farms? (Not the hobby-type, I mean, the "feed the world" kind. The global need for high productivity does seem to put a question-mark on the local-organic approach, despite its advantages. If anyone has feedback to the contrary, lemme know!) In our little organic garden it's am...
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The Ethics of Mushroom Picking
May 15, 2011 - I hadn't appreciated the ethics of mushroom picking until now. I knew vague things about picking with a mesh bag so that spores can drop. But, really, it sounds like we need to leave a few, plus little and old ones, and also leave as much stem as possible. Buffs also do transplanting -- stashing good 'shrooms in likely spots. ...
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Raspberries: hardy, but give 'em space
September 08, 2010 - I enjoy growing everbearing raspberries. They're very hardy and nothing much seems to aggravate them here in Michigan. They're self-propagating and then respond well to transplanting. They yield an awful lot of tasty fruit, which in turn seems to store and freeze nicely. And if you ever want to turn 'em into cash, that's easy, ...
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Berry Time!
October 02, 2009 - It's too bad that I don't have a photo of it -- forgot -- but it's red raspberry season now and for the first time Henry pitched in and helped with the weeding and the picking and he set up a roadside stand and made $20 all told. But he's about done with berries now. 20 minutes a day was a BIT too much. Well, it didn't help t...
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It's the frogs and morels time of year... [again]
May 18, 2009 - [Brought up to the front from 2006 and 2004.] UPDATE 2006: What's the BEST thing about an "upnorth" spring? OK, lots of things, like frog music. But what's WAY up on the list? A wild meal! And what's the best wild meal? It starts like this...a saute of morels, wild asparagus, fiddleheads, and ramps. Find em, clean em, cut e...
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I Love a Beech Tree in Winter
November 24, 2008 - ...Because its copper leaves stay on. I like how it stays yellow so late in's one of the last bright trees. Then it turns copper against the white winter snow and deep blue skies. And of course you gotta love the hardness and toughness of the slow-growing beech. But why do its leaves stay on? Because it's ...
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Shades of Gold
October 21, 2008 - It's rainy today, but here's the view from my desk window. It's glowing in shades of gold. The "featured shot" is the view from our front porch. I get almost the same view from my desk window except that thru the window it's a telephoto-ized view, with layers of gold and depths of yellow as I look thru yellow trees into mo...
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Raspberry Rawkin'!
September 13, 2008 - [BUMP from 9/13. UPDATE: The berries are still rockin'! Over a quart a day from 60 feet of bushes.] Berries grow best for me of anything, so I grow the most of them. I also think they're WAY tasty. So it's win-win. (Toms grow fine, too---lots of stuff does---but berries rock the best.) I like letting nature do the work. [...
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Strawb Season!
June 18, 2008 - It's the first fruits of the season! Strawberries! ...And strawberry shortcake. ...For breakfast! Yeah, we live large up here in the northland. (Ya know, the ones you grow yourself are MUCH MUCH sweeter.)
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Guerilla Gardening: make the vacant spaces grow
June 03, 2008 - Here's a popular link. Is this link old news to everyone? I figure not, so here it is... It's a story about urban gardeners who are going into vacant places and planting veggies, flowers and the like. Sometimes for food, sometimes just to beautify. No one is doing anything with the land. Now, in the past 10 years I've seen a ...
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Springtime Treasures in a Bog
June 01, 2008 - We went on a nature hike this past spring with a local family. Their 4 kids are homeschooled. That's not really how they should be ID'ed---they're just nice folks. But I think their schooling really has helped them learn a lot---especially about nature. It was nice to be around them. We went to the Waterloo Rec Area near Chelsea ...
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Pruning the Wild Berry... How?
April 06, 2008 - I'm digging into the topic of berry management. Here in our Michigan yard we have tons of wild black raspberries, often called "blackcaps." Our neighbors have wild blackberries. Not blackcaps! Very different! The blackcaps leave a little "hat" behind after you pick them and the picked berry is hollow. The purplish canes have...
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The Berry Time of Year!
September 25, 2007 - Just about my favorite food! Yep, when I made my list of 10 favorite foods, berries were right up there. It might seem a little late in the year for berries, but not for this variety! A few years ago I dug up some berry roots at a friend's house because they were aggressively leaving his garden and sprouting up in his...
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It's That Time of Year!
September 06, 2006 - The second crop of our everbearing red raspberries is now coming on strong. What a way to start the day! ---With a bowl of berries in cream. What subtle richness! Their last day on the canes seems to double their sweetness. It's when they turn fr...
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High-tech Yard Tools...a good thing
July 11, 2006 - I've harped about this before and I will again, I suppose. I use yard tools a lot and use them hard. I've had most of mine for a couple decades now. They're worth whatever they cost. Except they're so dang heavy. Well, after you lift a tool a thousand times in an afternoon anything is relatively heavy. And so any yard ...
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CSA Gardens...and Bikes: a Perfect Combo!
June 05, 2006 - Our friends Marty and Michelle are longtime food-gardeners. They've been studying and managing large-scale, diverse, organic food gardening for years. Now they plan to set up their own CSA. (A CSA is a "community supported agriculture" project---usually providing fresh produce to local people on a subscription basis.) To get a b...
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Wildtype: Get yer native plants, folks!
April 17, 2006 - A few years ago a friend of ours, Bill Schneider, got a new neighbor. He started a native plants nursery and landscape design service called WildType. His name? Bill Schneider! Since he and his family moved into their old farm house and acreage we've made friends with them and enjoyed hanging out. "Wild Bill" goes around finding li...
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A Picnic in Two Worlds
September 14, 2005 - I took the kids to the local university organic farm Summerfest, which was also a Masters degree celebration for a friend of ours. I'd never been out to the farm before (we don't get out enough). It's 10 acres out behind other horticulture areas in the farmlands south of campus. Michelle, our friend, was in charge of setting up...
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Backlist of Yard & Garden Stories
May 19, 2005 - [Sorry about the messy formatting here! I'll tidy asap...] Fussing in Yard and Garden...

*My Backyard Trail System. Here are a few pics...

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Do you have a good Yard/Garden story?
November 12, 2004 - Let me know! Email me something! Of course, I'll get up something from here any day now... But maybe you can beat me to it! Or add to it!
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Pruning the Wild Berry... How?
November 30, -0001 - I'm digging into the topic of wild berry management. Here in our Michigan yard we have tons of wild black raspberries. Our neighbors have wild blackberries. Very different critters! In our garden we have everbearing red raspberries---these are also very robust and easy to care for. Both types taste great. The garden variety ...
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