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Seneca: How to Buy Your Ghost-Town & Bar
December 29, 2013 - [UPDATE 2/18/14: Best offer stands at $240k. Wrapping up any day now. Last call!) [UPDATE 7/11/14: Well, we have had a buyer for Seneca for a few months now, who has made a couple payments. We are presently sorting through final paperwork.) So, do you want to buy a bar and a ghost-town on a beautiful river in the mountains...
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Seneca Music Fest!
December 25, 2013 - Here are some scans of long-stashed slides taken during the morning of one of the acoustic music festivals held in Seneca during the mid-1970's. Thousands of sun-backed youth piled into the forest hills around Seneca to attend the festivals. They cooled off in the Feather River next to the bar. Quite a nifty little flashb...
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Seneca Auction: LAUNCHED!
December 25, 2013 - [UPDATE 2/18/14: Best offer stands at $240k. Wrapping up any day now. Last call!) [UPDATE 7/11/14: Well, we have had a buyer for Seneca for a few months now, who has made a couple payments. We are presently sorting through final paperwork.) We launched the auction of Seneca in-house as of yesterday, Christmas Eve. (In the ...
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Seneca -- Buy a Scenic Ghost Town with a Liquor License
December 10, 2013 - [UPDATE 2/18/14: Best offer stands at $240k. Wrapping up any day now. Last call!) [UPDATE 7/11/14: Well, we have had a buyer for Seneca for a few months now, who has made a couple payments. We are presently sorting through final paperwork.) I've posted about Seneca here before. It's a ghost gold mining town that my uncl...
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Rosie's Diner: Extinct Roadside Attraction
July 09, 2013 - We were driving home from picking up Henry from music camp when we ran right into the tail-end of holiday-goers returning home. The freeway was a parking lot 30 miles north of Grand Rapids. So we peeled off and decided to drive surface roads around the whole region. We didn't have a map in the car, of all things, so I went to a ...
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Sleeper to Seattle: Pics from our Empire Builder Trip
April 07, 2013 - Here's a link to 150+ pics of our Seattle train trip. I edited for the best. : ) Hopefully it's a quick scan. Ahem.
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Team OYB: In Seattle (More!)
April 04, 2013 - No time, as usual. But I'll try to dash up a few pics now that we're in Seattle. Actually, we'll be leaving on the train again in a few hours! I'm at a laundromat, hopefully not straining their non-customer patience. The rest are shopping at the Sneakery. I'm uploading a mad dash scramble of pics in no order. I had coffee ...
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Team OYB in Seattle: a Hardworking Maritime Scene
April 02, 2013 - What a great train trip across the continent! We cashed in years of Amtrak credit card points and got a free sleeper car both ways. It's automatically First Class. Linen table cloths. An attendant. I tell ya 1st Cl train travel is the way to go! Our cabin was fine for us four big folk. It helps if the adults don't mind shari...
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Team OYB: Away to Seattle! (OYB Store CLOSED!)
March 26, 2013 - FYI, the OYB Store will be closed for a week or two. If you order something, there will be a delay. Because... ...We're going away on the TRAIN! For the past few years we've had an Amtrak credit card. All purchases gave points toward train tickets. We've cashed in a fair number already. But now we had enough points to get ...
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Team OYB does LA Bike Culture
December 16, 2012 - So last week I visited L.A. to help our aunt and uncle with a buncha chores. They're getting on in years but are making the best of it. Their priorities are going out for a nice lunch a couple times a week then going to hear music at the 11am old-folks show at Disney Hall. When I visit I drive and we step it up to daily lunch ou...
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Summer Visit to Vintage Lake Michigan
September 18, 2012 - This summer I caught a teensy dose of agoraphobia. Ha, maybe it was more like Ameri-phobia. I couldn't take going to the 4th of July fireworks: couldn't take any more pitbulls, wifebeaters, obesity, tats, boomboxes, or gutteral vocalizings. (Exceptions disclaimer here.) Then I got an invitation to visit pal Dave Jessop's fri...
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Team OYB: Ohio Roadtrip Report!
May 03, 2012 - We went to OHIO this year for Spring Break. Michiganders don't usually do such a thing, so we thought it was high time we did. We wanted a roadtrip but not too big of one. We wanted to go where it was warmer and greener. We figured a day's drive south might do the trick. Online it said southern Ohio flowers are out in the 2nd week of...
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Team OYB: Spring Break Roadtrip to S. Ohio!
March 29, 2012 - Our family is driving south and camping and visiting museums (like the Bicycle Museum of America!) and tourist attractions and Serpent Mound in Chilicothe and going on lush, warm, flowery hikes we hope. Caves are in the plans, too... Hopefully including a quiet wild one... We plan on checking out the Arc of the Appalachia. It's...
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What I Learned on My Vacation: JP's Visit to Cali, 2011
November 20, 2011 - "Now, ya listen to a story about a dude named Jeff, got a phone call and left his family there. Then one day he was shootin' at some food..." Oh, forget it. I don't shoot my food, I pick it up off the road. So, my uncle Kent in Hollywood had extra miles on his card and doesn't fly anymore so he invited us to come out to visit...
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Northport Airport -- home sweet home?
August 08, 2010 - Martha wants to live at the Northport Airport.
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Visit to Traverse City Museum & Film Fest
August 07, 2010 - We went to TC for an art fair on the college campus. While mom ran her booth we all went to the museum next door. What a fine one! They have a permanent display of Inuit art and a kid's museum with hands-on fun. The featured exhibit was of the work of Wesley Merritt, a folk artist from Mt. Pleasant, who worked up until the lat...
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Visit to Arcadia
August 03, 2010 - Arcadia is a quaint little resort town just south of Frankfort. It's a town but it's almost like a camp. The cottages all seem related. And there is a big old religious-type camp-lodge on the beach next door. The Lutheran church in town was erected in 1829, I think. Something like that. Its bell rings out the hours. We staye...
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Team OYB Road Trip 2: Cave, Zoo, Arch, Fountain, Road Food
May 27, 2010 - So we got to St. Louis and out to the west side of the county and visited my sister for a few days. Lots of nice parks around there. Hilly with twisty roads that are good for biking -- but challenging. Parks along the big rivers, with trails along their high bluffs -- we took a day hike at one and got hit by a powerful rainshower for...
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Team OYB Road Trip 1: Michigan > St. Louis > Michigan
May 24, 2010 - Over the Easter holiday -- and our school's spring break -- our family piled into the in-law's minivan and drove from Michigan to St. Louis and back by way of a couple detours. Our ancient dog Daisy (GWP, German Wirehaired Pointer, a noble breed) was too decrepit, at age 15, to burden anyone with caring for her yet she was in good...
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Go to the Redford Theater for a Great Show!
May 02, 2010 - We loaded up the car and drove to the Redford Theater in Detroit yesterday and watched a $4 matinee of "Singin 'in the Rain" on the glorious big screen. What a theater! It's designed like a Japanese village with lovely faux-depth and a starry night (with clouds and flickering stars overhead). An organist rose up thru the ...
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A Few Spots to Visit in Chicago
March 25, 2010 - We visited Chicago a few weeks ago and stayed with friends. They showed us a few neat places that were new to us that you might find to be of interest if you ever get over that way and if the description sounds good. *** Highlights: *Billy Goat Tavern -- Local newspaper reporters still go there for lunch. It's hidden benea...
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Arc of Appalachia Preserves in Ohio
January 25, 2010 - Friends of ours told me about an amazing natural area. It's the Arch of Appalachia Preserves in South Central Ohio (near Chillicothe) and it's the most naturally diverse area in the USA, I recall them saying. It's a last remnant of old growth forests in the East and it's been pieced back together into a network of eleven amaz...
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Leaf-Peeping Report Websites
October 19, 2008 - When are the leaves going to change color? Where are they changing? How are the colors doing? Check out the linked-to website to find out. Here's a big site with autumn foliage info on the whole Eastern USA:
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Water Surface Temps for the Great Lakes
September 17, 2008 - Ever wonder how cold some lake is in the Great Lakes area? You might, if you want to go swimming at some beach. Here's a site that gives water surface temps for the whole region. (The home note says a satellite is down---this is 9/08---but the individual lake maps seem to work fine. So click away!)
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Web-lists offer travelers a place to spend the night
May 27, 2008 - What a great idea: sign up to a network where you can offer people a place to spend the night for free and where you can find places yourself when you're on the road. This concept goes all the way up to extended home-exchanges. The last I heard about it was before the Internet---it was a tangential part of the zeen scene, being an...
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Cali 2008 Trip Report
May 20, 2008 - I recently returned from a pilgrimage to Cali. My old high school buddies and I have been doing a biking get-together in the spring as a way to get a jump on the midwest spring. Actually, I join in when I can. They're more the hard-working guys who need a break now and then. Travel vacations aren't a common part of a slow-paced...
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Oakland Interlude...and the Starlight Express
May 12, 2008 - [Still pics down below. Vid clip, too!] After our few days of biking in the hills of Marin the busy guys went back to doing the real work of our cities and I lateraled over to visit friends in the East Bay. I don't get out much so when I do, let's see people! David, my friend who now lives in Oakland, has lived in basically all t...
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Classy Travel Hat: the Roll-up Panama
May 07, 2008 - If you travel, even just for a short car trip, and like to do so with some kind of style, you might want to bring a real hat along. They look good and work good. A Panama is especially nice in the summer sun and heat. But bringing a hat box along to keep a good hat safe can be ridiculous or at least annoying. It takes up a lot of...
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Country Mice in the City
January 11, 2007 - We went to NYC last week with the inlaws, courtesy of the inlaws (retired schoolteachers). What a nice Xmas present! It was over the top. We had a great time. (The pics here are a mix taken by me and Martha plus a few items borrowed from shop websites, ahem.) We took the train from South Bend, after an hour waiting in a tiny r...
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Check out OYB's Michigan site---"UpNorth"!
February 23, 2006 - If you want a resource that's dedicated to the grassroots and indy cultures of Michigan, visit "UpNorth"!
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Backlist of OYB Un-Travel Stories
May 19, 2005 - [Sorry about the messy formatting here! I'll tidy asap...] Low Cost R&R...
  • It's Smart to Shop KMart for that Sexy Look
  • ...
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    Get yourself some Vacation Land cheap!
    February 05, 2004 - Newsflash! We finally bought the little lot I describe below. Now, to start using our little plot in the woods, next to the beaver pond and trout stream. And time to say Hi to the neighbors 20 acres over. A new chapter begins! Note, too, that our pal Dave E also finally put in an offer on 20 acres ten miles north of us near t...
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