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Martha Launches "LazyGal" Etsy Shop!
September 21, 2012 - Martha has gone global. Her art used to be only available at a dozen seasonal fairs, at a few shops and by custom request at her website. Now she's launched and loaded at her new "LazyGal" Etsy Shop. Anyone anywhere can order dozens of specific items pictured there. Check it out! Read Article

Dave Kober: Michigan's Master Carver
May 20, 2012 - I finally was able to stop by Dave Kober's shop last summer with the whole family. Only Lucy and I had seen it before. So I took some more pics. Martha was impressed. He's located a few miles south of Cadillac on the south side of M-115. Worth a visit! Very friendly. We've bought some small things. I think he's the only Master...
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Favorite Puzzle Ever: Folk Dance
December 23, 2011 - I just had a big holiday puzzle-making thrill. ...My favorite puzzle ever! What made this puzzle special? Well, it's based on a wonderful painting of a rural folk dance scene, in the Thomas Hart Benton style, I'd call it. A lot of action, people and color. I really like how the people are actually doing a real dance of ...
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Team LazyGal does the Art Fair Tour
July 22, 2011 - It's summertime and Team OYB turns into Team LazyGal. If you're up north and in the area, stop by and say Hi. Martha will be at the following shows. (And the rest of us will be there to help set-up and take-down, plus other visits.) She's done several shows already, but here's the rest of the line-up: •CSA Frankfort, July 27 •...
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Vacation Fun: Daily Sketching!
April 10, 2011 - Vacation fun? ...A daily sketching session. For our Spring Break we went to Ann Arbor. Every day we went to the University of Michigan Natural History Museum for an hour of creative action. All it takes is paper, pencil, pastels, pens and such. And willingness. Who knows where it'll go!
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"Group of Seven" White Pines...
September 12, 2010 - It was neat putting two and two together this summer about the Group of Seven trees. The Group of Seven was a group of Expressionist painters in Canada, who helped give a vibrant sense of identity to their national culture, for the first time. They did much work in northern Ontario, around Algonquin Provincial Park, a place...
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August 09, 2010 - Our friends the Perkinses, who hosted a buncha artists over the Sutton's Bay Art Fair weekend (and Bill helps run the fair, too), have this house in town made out of recycled ingredients. Their driveway has two stark retaining walls. Their ceramic artist pals decided this year to take things into their own hands and spruce up the ...
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Martha's Show Booth
August 08, 2010 - Have I shown you a pic yet of M's art fair booth? Here's what we've set up 7 times this summer...
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Dave Kober: Master Woodcarver of Michigan
August 04, 2010 - On the drive south of Cadillac on M-115 we stopped by a road garage-shop that caught my eye. The kids groaned and stayed in the minivan awhile but I soon talked them into checking out the colorful folk artist whose work was inside the building. (Some kids are so conservative, eh? They stay within their comfort zones. It's not l...
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Visit to Gwen Frostic Prints
August 03, 2010 - It's been a few years since I visited Gwen Frostic's print shop in Benzonia. She has since died and her shop has gone thru many hands and many tough times but it's back open again and in action just like the last time I saw it. No changes that I can see. Good. Martha has visited more regularly. We love her stuff. Read Article

Nizzbone's Railroad Spikes and Broken Bones Artwork
January 27, 2010 - Martha ran into the artwork of a nice guy named Nizzbone at this season's underground Shadow Art Fair in Ypsilanti, MI. He does a cosmic play off of the things of the hobo world: roadkill, scrap metal, homemade tattoos... He has an Etsy shop here:
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The Shadow Art Fair: Ypsi's Alternative to the Hype
January 27, 2010 - Ann Arbor has a huge monster sized Art Fair every summer. It's more like several art fairs in one. I remember a protest one year: "It's not art and it's not fair." Ypsilanti is a town next door that is still like AA used to be. Funky and affordable. Nowadays in early December they hold a counter-art fair in a local brewpub...
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Laura Zindel: Dishware featuring the Back Yard
October 06, 2009 - I happily discovered the dishware art of Laura Zindel on our family roadtrip this summer. So I thought I'd pass the tip along to you. She makes plates, bowls, cups and things with a mix of artwork applied to them that you don't usually see. Sure, she has birds. But she also includes snakes and spiders! I like the idea of...
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Etsy: "your place to buy & sell all things handmade"
October 06, 2009 - In case you don't already know, offers everything crafty and DIY-artsy on earth. It's a gathering place for small-shop artists and craft people. It lets them easily list their wares so that you can easily find them. Search by topic and craft-material. Everything indie under th...
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Photographers in My Life...
August 04, 2008 - Does everyone know photographers? Maybe it's because I've been a camera buff myself, but I've been blessed by having visual artists around me, well, all my life. There's snapshot photography...and commercial action...and pure art...then there's the Indy DIY scene. It's as big in photography as any other art. I started this...
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LazyGal: If you want to wow yer gal, go LazyGal!
June 06, 2008 - Martha has been making fabric art the past few years. The ladies have been buying it all as fast as she makes it. Thousands of goodies sold so far, all handmade right here in our kitchen. She nearly sells out at art shows. She's really coming on strong! ...And of course unless you've been around Michigan and seen her booth she's new...
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Henry's Latest Cartoons
December 05, 2007 - Our boy Henry, age 10, still makes lots of clay things, but he's been drawing awhile now, too. Here is a link to my Flickr page where I uploaded a couple dozen little cartoons that he drew in the past month. They're pretty cool, I think! Some are even SUPERCOOL! They'd make great stickers. Or something!
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"A Love Supreme" ...Brought a Town to Life
March 08, 2007 - 30 years ago Robert Busby moved to the abandoned half of Lansing to open a gallery and to get away from people. People followed him anyway and that whole side of the city came back to life, to life bigger than it ever was. He died last week, but just see what an indy spirit can do... Robert wasn't even a pusher for progr...
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"The Art of Camo" --cool blog link
February 11, 2007 - I've always thought that there's a lot going down with camo. It's what people wear up north. It makes me wonder but recently it's kind of won me over. There's so many cool varients. I just saw some camo gloves that have lime colors veining thru it in some pop way. I've personally developed what I've written about here as ...
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Henry the Sculptor
November 05, 2006 - 6/08: I thought about taking down this webpage because, well, what does it have to do with DIY lifestyle tips? But in looking it over again, dang, this is fun stuff! So I'm leaving it up... : ) 12/18/06: Henry recently stopped sculpting to obey his mindmelting Gameboy addiction, but then he started back up with ...
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Smith River Reality Reflection
October 16, 2006 - My artist cousin Scott M. Potter recently took this photo of the Smith River in Northern California. Check it out...
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An OYB Movie Idea
March 03, 2006 - Here's my movie idea. What I know best is my own life, so that will be my movie. To make this movie all I need is a digivid and a friend who wants to do some of the camerawork. Talk about low overhead. That's DIY for ya! Now, after reading the movie script, maybe you don't even need to see the movie. But maybe it would m...
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The "Group of Seven" and OYB Art Finds
November 10, 2005 - [Original 8/9. Update 11/11] We made a couple dandy art finds lately. They're both well within OYB thrift standards, too. Sue Bullock is a family friend who lives in the Leelenaw Peninsula and paints what she sees around her beautiful neighborhood. Unbeknownst to us, she recently turned to oils and when we saw her work a ...
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OYB photos on Flickr!
November 08, 2005 - I started a webpage at awhile to share OYBish photos. If you only read it for the pictures anyway, check 'em out! : ) (Or just to see a bunch of them in one place...)
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Best Katrina story: about the Walter Anderson Museum
October 03, 2005 - I thought the NPR interview with the daughter of Walter Anderson was the best report I'd heard about Hurricane Katrina and what it did to the property, art and museum dedicated to her father. It was amazing to me because Anderson was a hurricane-worshipper who did cosmic art about the Gulf region and once rode out a hurricane...
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Art Glass that's gorgeous...and affordable!
July 20, 2005 - A couple years ago we bought a couple vases from Jeff Wright, a mid-Michigan glass artist. We'd seen art glass, new and old, over the years and I found that I really like it. Murano and Czech retro stuff gets me going, as does the new Chihuly. Jeff works a bit in that general vein. But he's affordable! At the local art fair we see h...
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Spring Break Fever!
March 09, 2005 - Jack Saunders lives near old Panama City in the Florida Panhandle---where all the kids are these weeks. But they're missing all the real fun. Poor things. So blind. So exploited. Jack is one of the world's best writers. He also took up the palette awhile back. So he's a folk writer and a folk artist. This is his crab art. Ch...
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Tom's Bowls
February 07, 2005 - Tom Cannon is a longtime pal. He's also a top-notch canoe-racer and carpenter. In the winter he makes wood bowls on a lathe using interesting wood that would be firewood otherwise. He finishes his bowls perfectly smooth and oils them, then signs them. He is selling them as fast as he can make them in a variety of outlets, includ...
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What Happened to Valentines?
February 03, 2005 - When I was a kid I got really cute valentines. 60's ones still had some art and style to them. My wife's keepsakes from the 70's are looking a little disco/TV, but she says some of them are nice. What about valentines today? For our kids? THEY'RE CHEAP GENERIC CORPORATE IMAGE PUNCHOUTS!!! They don't even make good ones...
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Bud Stewart: King of the Michigan Lure-Makers
January 17, 2005 - I'm not a fishing lure collector. There's only one I like. As art. The Bud Stewart. The antique lure booth collecting-club guys look at me funny: don't I want to join and attend? No, I just want a Stewart, thanks. Michigan's Legend. [I now have one. Oh yeah!] These lures are visionary---check out the pics below. Bud just wanted t...
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Howard Finster, Stranger from Another World
December 17, 2004 - Art should be for people, and about life---in my view. It's not something snotty and set above us somehow. Howard Finster was a wonderful, lively artist, but his autobiography seems to me to be at least as good as his art. His art is world famous, b...
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Hundertwasser: Everyman's Artist
December 16, 2004 - Here's an art book that's larger than life. Sure, Hundertwasser's art is cool. But I like his architecture more. And, really, the things he did and his wild ideas even more yet. He's a guy who grew up poor and who wanted to be an artist, so he m...
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Martha's Art Show: A Hit!
December 09, 2004 - We're back from Princeton, NJ, where Martha had her first big art show at our friend's cafe/gallery. The show is still hanging, but she also had a big art SALE---and nearly sold out of the 100+ goodies she brought in one day. (Now we'll make it thru Xmas.) What a trip! We hung out with old friends and got an eyeful of east coast...
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