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Review: Woody's Dutch Oven -- light, compact
November 21, 2014 - Dutch ovens are huge, heavy, cumbersome cooking tools that people love and have in their families for generations. How do they fit in with canoeing and backpacking? ...Not very well. They weigh 15 pounds! They're round and take up a lot of space. Well, outdoor guide pal Michael Gray and a friend revived a nifty old Dutch ...
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Moderation is Key! --Hardcore Enduro Fitness Buffs Unhealthy!
April 06, 2014 - We always knew this, right? Too much of a good thing. I recently saw this link in Silent Sports Magazine: Gungho lifelong skiers are running into heart trouble. The docs theorize: Is it due to the 4-limb max effort? Or to the self-selected Type-A stress? Skiing has become very detailed-oriented AND highly competitive PLUS ma...
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Sourdough Fever: Making Bread and Pancakes!
March 15, 2014 - I'm starting to go crazy with sourdough baking. (But the 2 pics I'm showing aren't of my bread or cakes -- I just grabbed them from the webs as sample pics of sourdough action.) I'm thinking that it's super-easy. Like homebrew beer-making. "Relax, don't worry, have a homebrew" -- that's the motto of the classic homebrew beer...
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Balancing Sport and Life...
October 28, 2013 - Like many, perhaps, I have issues with balancing Life and Sport. It's not that "balance" is so much what is needed -- that can be an essentially skewed concept. I need more importantly to remember just how to do sports right for decent living. (The concept of balance can easily allow one to try to offset one skewed approach -...
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Sour Beer: the New IPA!
October 17, 2013 - The buzz is building for sour beers. I didn't understand it when I first heard some of the fuss a couple years ago, but now I'm catching on. IPA's are cool because they offer a big new element for beer taste: bold hops. The grassy bitterness offsets the malted sweetness and slows you down, boosting both the 'dry' and the astri...
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Raspberry Trifle with Sabayon
September 30, 2013 - Whoa, I'm trying to find the recipe(s) I've been using the past few years to make this jawdropping worldclass seasonal dessert and I can't find them! I thought I'd just used one recipe but I might've blended two. You want to find a recipe for Raspberry Trifle with homemade ladyfingers. It'll also have a homemade custard...
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Raspberry Time! ...Autumn is the Season for Everbearing Berries
September 30, 2013 - You know I love my berries. Everbearing red raspberries are great for mid-Michigan. They're hardy, with few pests. I'm hard on plants. In fact, the berries are the last plant standing in one of our garden areas! They've taken over the whole thing. Need no planting. So rugged! They're kinda fun to be rough with. I treat em a...
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All Hail the Picnic!
August 27, 2013 - I'm a Big Fan of the picnic. You know how with restaurants someone else owns the place and makes the rules? There's waiting and service... And for some of us there's price. Well, going to the Farmer's Market or the store directly for picnic goodies is a great way to go. Is there an outdoor patio at a cool restaurant in town that y...
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Autumn Mushrooms: a bold new season
August 18, 2013 - Like many Michiganders I've long been a fan of Morel mushrooms. They're the most confident and easily ID'ed mushroom -- and one of the tastiest -- so that's what most locals pick. Spring is for mushrooms. Well, autumn is a huge mushroom season as well, only the choice species of this time are less well known. Still, I've been s...
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There is No Offseason: Lift Year-round
January 17, 2013 - Here's a scary thought/tip: Keep lifting weights year-round. Yeah, even during your seasons to keep the "umph" and "pop" you want, you can't rely on the sport itself. Human-power sport reps are too low-effort, too high-cadence by'n'large. Gotta keep hittin' the weights year-round. I used to think I could get by lifting we...
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Aging Actives: Big Market Boost for Adaptive Sports
September 06, 2012 - As we get old, we're going to lose it. Yes, before we die and before we give up enjoying activity outdoors we're going to lose various faculties and abilities, or at least they'll fade significantly due to age and accident alike. Time catches up, statistically. Activity itself catches up to quite a few of us and something...
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Great XC Ski & Paddle Trainer: Theraband Tubing
August 17, 2012 - For the past 20 years I've been using Theraband products to train for XC skiing and canoe/kayak paddling. It's great stuff. I'm not superfit but I stay in the game to a sizable extent thanks to this stuff. I started way back with inner tubes that I'd tie to a tree trunk and pull on. Or I'd have them hooked to bolts up in some b...

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FYI: Michigan doesn't have a hope until Health breaks thru
July 19, 2012 - I suppose it's obvious but there's not going to be a recovery for Michigan until we get enough common sense to realize that we as the people of the state must recover our own health all by ourselves. No amount of money can fix a buncha fat slobs. It's a broke thing. A no hoper. No way that it works. For anyone. Thankfully with ju...
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Walkin' vs Runnin': a Case of Smooth vs Harsh
June 28, 2012 - One of many interesting ideas from Ray Jardine: it's fairly reasonable, even pleasant, to walk 25-40 miles a day for as long as you like, weeks on end. But running anything like that for more than a day just shatters you. The (trained) bod evolved for walkin' -- if it's distance you want. After a marathon+ run you usually need days/...
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Chef Salad: A Good Thing
June 27, 2012 - We've been trying to avoid "white foods" here lately. A dish that satisfies the Paleo notions is a Chef Salad. --Veggies, cheeses, meats, eggs, dressing. An explosion of flavor! I've basically been enjoying bits'pieces'n'scraps cuisine lately. Charcuterie qualifies. And the Persian Breakfast -- and other Arab food. Indian, too, ...
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It's the BERRY best time of year!
June 22, 2012 - [Bumped up from '08, '07, '06] The wild "blackcaps" (or blackberries or black raspberries) are presently hanging all over the edges of our whole yard in all their glorious lusciousness. It's that time of year again! I'm bumping this old post up just for grins and as a reminder in case you like 'em, too, and have somehow f...
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Persian Breakfast: a Memory of Favorite Food
June 21, 2012 - An Arabic restaurant opened near here recently. I've been a couple times. At the second visit I had to confess that it was my favorite food. Right now, though, I can't think why. So much for memory. I would think that I just had falafel, yogurt, pita, kabob, cucumber, hummus, babganoush, tabbouleh. Now, all that is a great combo, su...
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Backyard Workout for the Elderly
June 19, 2012 - Given how busy the seasons are with fun outdoor activity, it's easy to neglect our core fitness. But a summer of biking, for instance, can leave many aspects of health and fitness lacking. As Grant Petersen mentions again in his recent bike book, just biking gives us big lungs but "bones of foam." In short, it's important that we co...
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Spring Mushrooms: Need Help ID'ing this One...
May 09, 2012 - OK, I know what kind the one mushroom is, but not the other. Does anyone know what the other one is? : ) And if you do, don't just write "Yes" and be even sillier than me, tell us what it is and if it's tasty. Thanks!
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Running Technique: Which Coach?
March 24, 2012 - It seems like public running is finally catching onto what trained runners have known all along: that coaching is important. It amazing how most of our outdoor sports have long been done by "typical people" all by themselves, without any help. Yet these people often do these activities at great intensity and for decades. ...And...
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"Hey, I'd Eat This At Home!" -- BEST Camping (and quick at home!) Cooking
March 22, 2012 - [$18 postpaid in USA. (Equals $15 book plus about $3 postage.)] Michael Gray is an outdoor guide who specializes in sea-kayak trips. But I have a suspicion the paddling is just an excuse. What he loves to do is cook. And please people. In tricky situations. The result is great eating and entertainment – both with a “Wow” factor...

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George Herter's Child-rearing Theory
January 31, 2012 - George Herter is a 50's-era hero of mine. He ran a sporting goods empire and wrote dozens of books on dozens of diverse topics that he sold through his sporting goods catalog. He was an opinionated bon vivant. Some say he knew what he was talking about, but his Bull Cook cookbooks are something else. How does he know all this foo...
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Best Way to Regain Lost Legs?
December 26, 2011 - OK, it's been a couple months since I did much riding. And for the past year I've ridden half of what I did the previous year. And the previous year was a fairly low point itself for mileage and effort because just a couple years earlier I had ridden a couple times a week with both kids in a trailer, in addition to weekly club r...
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Secret Wild Food Feasts in San Fran... Do it here?
November 23, 2011 - Here's an LA Times story about a WILD FOOD DINNER that you don't find out about until the day of when you're emailed the address. They serve foraged food and wild-game, too. Something sounds cool about this. Maybe it's a way to avoid the overhead of a restaurant...and inspectors? But how to avoid a snitch... Is it possible t...
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Wild Food...
September 22, 2011 - I have a hard time passing up things like... A local old guy who was a major vintner died. Now I see his old overgrown, weedy vines along the road -- chock full of ripe grapes now. Makes me wanna pick 'em SO BAD. They go to waste each year now, I'm pretty sure. I'm the same about roadside apple trees: all those apples, I wa...
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It's Gonna Hurt
July 04, 2011 - The obvious just occurred to me, as it likes to do. If you do stuff, or like to push it a bit, it's gonna hurt. Pain isn't an accident or a mistake. If you try to avoid pain, soreness, injury -- if you try to take it easy, or do what you're already used to, jellyfish-like decline is on your all-too-immediate horizon. Pret...
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Ramps Season!
April 30, 2011 - I think the deal is that before morel and wild asparagus season, it's ramps and fiddleheads season. Anyway, it's ramps season here in mid-Michigan right NOW. Henry and I went canoeing the other day to train for our canoeing today. Today I found my first arrowhead. When we went out the other day, I picked some of my first ramps ...
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Thoughts About Culture & Nature
April 17, 2011 - We in the USA and other western countries might sometimes find it strange or foreign to read about things like herbal remedies. We reflexively consider them to be quackery and uninteresting to us personally except in a remote way -- it tends to be what eccentric folks might get involved with -- hippies or maybe specialists of some ...
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"A Really Big Lunch" by Jim Harrison
April 07, 2011 - [Here's a reprint of a great story by one of Michigan's finest. I copied it out of a blog. But it actually comes from the New Yorker. I sure hope that Jim is the real owner -- selling only one time rights to the NY, etc. -- and that he's OK with this reprint. We go way back, after all. Anyway, here's a link to it in the NY archives...
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Shed Holiday Blubber with Pre-Breakfast Exercise!
January 05, 2011 - Here are a few links to studies on fatty foods and health. The first one seems to mesh with the Caveman Diet and other lipolysis approaches. The second one kinda contradicts it, saying that fat food quickly hurts both memory and exercise-ability. Hmmm... The third is the Caveman/Primal Diet dude's pitch. This is a...
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“Hey, I’d Eat This at Home!” – a New Cookbook for THE BEST Wilderness Cooking
December 07, 2010 - Michael Gray is an outdoor guide who specializes in sea-kayak trips. But I have a suspicion the paddling is just an excuse. What he loves to do is cook. And please people. In tricky situations. The result is great eating and entertainment – both with a “Wow” factor. I’ve been acquainted with Michael and his outdoor enthusias...
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Orwell's Classic on Restaurant Life
December 04, 2010 - I've mentioned here before my appreciation of one of George Orwell's lesser-known works, "Down and Out in Paris and London." It's the story of his time in his 20's living low and working menial jobs. It's a wonderful description of a rowdy Paris neighborhood and bistro. It also contains the best-ever description of work-life beh...
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FYI, Turkey is Done at 160F
November 25, 2010 - Old info has it as 170, up to even 190. No! USDA says 165, but hipsters know that 160 is where it's at. (Both wild and tame.) What's the worst thing for all meat? Overcooking! (In the USA, anyway.)
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Apple Cider from Wild & Urban Trees
November 10, 2010 - A friend was just remarking about how they spent $100 on apples for their annual family cider-making fest. Their own trees are gone but they have the old family press and enjoy the get-together. I notice quite a few wild, untamed, volunteer, apple trees here'n'there in my wanderings in various places. Some are on state land ...
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Makin' Bacon: DIY Charcuterie -- oh yeah!
October 27, 2010 - This has to be a great thing. My favorite food of all is cured meat. I'm talkin' bacon. And its kin. But ya know that homemade has to be best. First, it's fresh and you get to pick the quality of the cut of meat. Second, you can skip the deadly nitrates. I hear they're only there to give pink coloring to cook p...
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Cider Time of Year!
October 07, 2010 - So now we're full on into the Cider & Donuts time of year! Sadly, my local wild apple trees are on their off-year. I guess when apples go wild they only bear every other year. But just down the road a retired guy is going nuts with raising apples and selling them -- and freshmade cider -- along the road in front of his hous...
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Venison Sashimi! ...And the Smell of Meat
September 24, 2010 - A friend was prepping venison for the grill last night and I said working with such rich red meat has been reminding me lately of tuna sushi. And that the smell of raw meat has been getting more and more appealing, too. So he sliced off a few pieces and dosed em with a bit of S&P and olive oil and we popped em on down. Darn...
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Sportsman, Get Fit Thyself!
September 20, 2010 - OK, it's a lame variation on "Physician, heal thyself!" But I recently realized something. I've been doing active outdoor sports most days for years. But for the past couple years I haven't been supplementing them very much with core-work or calisthenics. I just go out and do my gungho biking, paddling and xc skiing. I ca...
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Summer Garden Food Rules!
August 25, 2010 - I've been remiss in not reporting much about the best part of summer: the fresh garden food! 8/23: We've been rockin' it hard -- peaches, tomatoes, basil, sweet corn and beets. ...Let's hear it for the BLT! Now our raspberries are hittin' it hard and heavy. The plants are taller than I am, by far, yet they're arching way...
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Internet Dinner
August 24, 2010 - The rest of the family ran away for the evening so I had this humorous scenario going for dinner while doing backup and working on a few YouTube Hollerfest videos... fresh salsa fresh garden ratatouile ...and such
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Maintenance! -- For Your Outdoor Body, That is
August 14, 2010 - If you do outdoor sports, you probably have well-developed big/core muscles. But unless you do maintenance exercises, I think it's likely that you have weak support and stability muscles. Heck, I do a fair bit of ski-skating and ice-skating and I even have weakish hip stabilizers, which you'd think would get worked a lot in ...
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Who's the Fittest? -- A Silly Old Thing
August 14, 2010 - There's an old competition among young people that goes: "What's the toughest sport?" "Who's the fittest athlete?" It's all just silly. Bike racers suffer the most and the longest. XC ski racers have the highest VO2 Max. Lifters are the strongest. Fighters take the most abuse. All sports people get hurt mo...
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Green Cuisine courtesy of Food for Thought
August 08, 2010 - The local food farm folks at "Food for Thought" hosted a big local food fest a few weeks ago. About a dozen local vendors gave out samples of their wares -- meaning: wine, beer, pork, veggies, apps -- the works! The event was at their farm. Hundreds showed up for the fun. This whole summer up north we've seen local food and far...
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Legs Inn: Always Rocks Hard
August 08, 2010 - Whenever you're up north near Cross Village you have to stop in at Legs Inn, right? Right! It's an oldtime Polish place, that hires Polish summer workers and serves up tons of made from scratch Polish food. It also rocks hard at night. Years ago our various friends had bands that played at Legs. It was always worth the pilg...
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Neat Fitness Idea... The Turkish Getup
April 16, 2010 - Since the boom of the web, all kinds of amazing fitness ideas have been easy to stumble across online. I recently went from the Primal Blueprint (low-carb, caveman fitness) blog -- which is radical enough, five-toe shoes and all -- to a link to the CrossFit blog -- which has all these online fitness challenges mostly using body...
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Caveman Living: Primal Guru confirms OYB Way
April 12, 2010 - UPDATE: Martha and I are going to try the Primal approach. Well, I *am* going to be a bit serious about it and Martha *says* she will. We'll see how it plays out! In short, we're going to eat fewer carb's and sugars and more meat, fat and non-starchy veggies. We're not going nuts about it, but we'll drop pasta, rice and beans m...
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Chew Glee! ...Make Your Own Gum Kit
July 13, 2009 - Economy got you glum? Chew Glee gum! Here's a link to an easy DIY gum kit! ...Made from natural chicle. These folks also have the line They're selling mushrooms of all kinds as green foodstuffs. Gotta love it! What a name! (I want to learn about a couple good AUTUMN mushrooms. Here in Michigan we're orien...
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Sous Vide: Slow, Lukewarm Cooking
July 01, 2009 - I've been hearing about this new kind of cooking lately. Last week we finally had the pleasure of eating an egg cooked this way. Dang! It was the best egg I've ever had. (Courtesy of the miastros at Providence in LA.) The egg was "over easy" and runny ... yet completely cooked. Total flavor. So now I'm trying to suss out a...
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Rare "Direct Access" Wine Tasting
March 27, 2009 - I’m sorry I wasn’t able to let you know ahead of time about the sweetest, swankiest event that went down last night. But at least I can give you a little report about it. A very rare situation happened and I was able to understand a wee bit of the amazingness of it. OK, nine French and Italian Estate Vintners got together in...
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Remember Your Core! Don't Neglect the Power!
February 21, 2009 - I've turned into a weight weenie. The past couple years I've been doing everything I can to shed weight from my ski, bike, boat outings. I think it's because I've let my power/strength side go to seed. Alert! Alert! I'm going to start fixing that pronto. I'll start doing squats and other weights in the yard again soon. Even i...
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The Egg Nog Time of Year
December 14, 2008 - It's the mulled wine and egg nog time of year. OK, hot toddies, too. I have a story here elsewhere about Glug, the superstar of winter wine, but for now let's look at The Nog. Here's a link to a bunch of egg nog recipes. My fave is the Traditional. You haven't had nog until you've had Real Nog. You whip up your...
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Growing Up & Learning to Cook
November 23, 2008 - I never cooked anything until college. Then I got into hosting Renaissance dinners for awhile. A few friends would get together and we'd go find old recipes and make what we considered to be a feast, using what fish and game we had in the freezer. Shooting a goose or catching a big steelhead would tend to spark the whole sho...
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Tasty Vittles---roadkill!
November 17, 2008 - [BUMP from 2/08] [Update 11/08: We didn't do our group deer camp this year. So I was at home for Opening Day. The next day Martha was biking through the fresh (tracking) snow to the grocery store and spied a big 7-point dead in the ditch along the road, still warm. Ah-ha! So I jumped into gear, got the permit, and got my buc...
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It's Time for Apple Pie and Strong Beer!
October 14, 2008 - All I have to say is that this time of year is perfect, according to my druthers, for a big slice of apple pie and a glass of rich, strong beer. Somehow they really go good together this year. We've been buying local unprocessed cider. And there are a couple apple trees along our nearby dirt road that are full of red feral app...
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MBC: *Really* Rocking Now!
September 12, 2008 - Michigan Brewing Company took a huge step up last year. Bobby Mason, the owner, had long been mentioning his plan to buy the huge factory building behind his medium-size polebarn. And last year he finally did it. I've posted about MBC here before. And MBC has been a longtime advertiser with OYB. They're what we're all ab...
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Short's: I heard of 'em for years, finally visited!
September 12, 2008 - If you hang out an hour or so around roots-music buffs in Michigan, or around beer enthusiasts, or up north local-spirit type folks in general, I think the odds are good that the name SHORT'S will come up. That's how it's been for me for a few years now. Short's is a brew pub up north in downtown Bellaire, Michigan. I'...
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Raspberries & Peaches: Oh Yeah!
September 09, 2008 - Our raspberries are coming on strong right now. They're the seedless, red, everbearing kind. They rank among my favorite top ten foods. ...Right up there with them is the Peach! Peaches are interesting and they're like most of my favorite foods: I couldn't eat them all that often. There's a "too much" flavor factor in...
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DIY Restauranting: picnics!
July 27, 2008 - In this day, when gastronomy has sunk into a desuetude, as Jack Saunders said, why go eat slop in a cavern served by sullen teens? Or, are primped-up displays of food actually relevant? Food really isn't fussy. Make it right and enjoy...fuel up. Is that so hard? ---Only when someone is trying to rip off someone else. Then we start o...
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In Between Seasons --- Backyard Olympics!
April 10, 2008 - When you live where there are four seasons, there are usually a couple times of year when things are stuck between, hung up in the middle, not one thing but not yet another. What to do then outdoors? I do the Backyard Olympics. And our kids love it. Even Martha gets in the swing (she's mostly a gung-ho Focusarian). Personally...
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Backpacker’s Food---one man’s version
January 12, 2008 - [by Michael Edelman, OYB Correspondent; Bureaus of Folding Kayaks, Folding Bikes, Airguns...and Folding Food!] If you read the popular outdoors literature, most food for backpacking seems to fall into one of two categories. On one hand you’ve got the ready-made, freeze dried stuff that costs a fortune, and on the other,...
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Chocolate: it's not what I thought it was
January 11, 2008 - I thought that chocolate came from cocoa beans which were a lot like coffee beans. Nope! Here's a wiki link that tells you what cocoa really is. But I'll give you a head-start. Cocoa beans are big things, like coconuts. They have a few pods inside, which are gooey. Seeds are in the pods. To make cocoa you cut the beans dow...
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Shovelglove! --A New Indoor Workout
January 03, 2008 - You know that OYB is about outdoor activity, by and large. Well, sometimes we're stuck indoors. What then for exercise? Here's a guy who's created a way to imitate outdoor activity. Presenting Shovelglove! Our guy wraps a sledgehammer in a sweater and swings it around in various ways for 14 minutes. What a funny thing and a cu...
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Time for Glogg! (Glug, gloegg, whatever)
December 04, 2007 - [BUMP from 12/06, which was bumped from 12/05] Hot spiced wine! It's getting cold up north here. We have our fireplace stoking. I've been shoveling a lot of snow. When you come in out of the cold and sit a bit by the fire the thing to drink that really hits the spot is some hot spiced wine done the traditional Swedish...
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Andy's Olive Oil & "The Day the Strong Men Cried"
November 05, 2007 - This is a good OYB story. Because it's just a big blend of everything, a good half dozen factors, all OYB. [I've also posted it in the Bikes section, but I've re-ordered the story parts. This one is oil > bike. The other is bike > oil.] Do you know Andy Hampsten? He was a bike race hero of mine when I was a young racer in the...
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The Wonders of Roadkill
September 27, 2007 - I'm starting to think that roadkill is really the way to go. It's sad that the drivers are put at risk and their cars mangled but roadkill happens. And maybe it even works to control some species of game in a similar way that hunters do. (We have a ton of deer here in semi-burbia, where there isn't space to hunt---but if no...
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The Founding Fathers Knew How to Party
August 22, 2007 - I don't know how I found this info, but one day I did. The Founding Fathers knew how to party. The City Tavern in Philly was open back then and still is today. There is a famous bar tab that surfaced from those days at that bar. Several websites tell close versions of the same tale. Here's one: "As an example of ...
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The Perfect PBJ! ---the evolution of an ideal outdoor cuisine
May 15, 2007 - by Steve Frederick It comes. I approach perfection--it is so close I can taste it! And, lord, I have come to know the taste of imperfection well enough. The breakthrough came suddenly, as they so often do--I cannot put a finger to the moment or source. I know only that, though the puzzle has completely possessed my mind...
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It's Potluck Season!
May 14, 2007 - The weather is getting nice and yards are being it's potluck time of year! For this month we're hosting a potluck every week at our house (yard). People of all ages have been coming over with a dish to pass. Every week has a different theme. This past week was the Talent Show. We had a wide range of entries. We wrapped ...
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Morels! Wild Asparagus!
May 10, 2007 - That's all I can say right now. My journalistic chops are slipping. But whose wouldn't? I'm too close. But that's where I want to be. That's the challenge. ---To remember the camera when I'm finding morels and wild asparagus. I mean, there's no evidence left. Maybe I'll get another chance. That's all I can usually hope for with this ...
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Great Steak On Your Drive Thru Omaha (if you're local you already know about it)
March 12, 2007 - Well, it's weird that I can't find any online pics of this place since it's both world famous and amazing in appearance. Maybe I can scan a pic of ours soon. I felt obliged to list this link anyway. I've always considered OYB to be a proponent of "local spirit" good eats. But we haven't traveled much lately and I've neglected this ...
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Perch & Froglegs on the Edge of Chicago GONE
March 12, 2007 - [The latest news is that these folks seem to be closed now.] My focus at OYB, especially for restaurants, is to call out highlights out of town. Hinterlands hotspots. Because my idea is that the cities can take care of themselves. People still know how to be civilized downtown. But when folks are on the road the bottom drops...
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A Great Exerciser: The Rubber Band!
September 10, 2006 - I like to do a few backyard exercises to keep myself ready for a wide variety of physical challenges (mowing, raking, shoveling, hoeing). I have a couple ancient sets of dumbbells and weights hiding in the deep grass---I do sets with them a couple times a week. But I have another secret weapon. It keeps me somewhat happ...
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Your Favorite 10 Foods?
August 22, 2006 - Have you ever made this list? I did recently. I hadn't before, that I recall. It was a fun list to make. It ended up being pretty simple, and not what I expected it to be. I enjoy all food. Yet I don't get worked up about it, that I can tell. As long as it's fresh, local, simple, I would never ask for more. And that's how we eat. ...
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Tasty 'Different' Summer Drinks!
August 03, 2006 - [BUMP!] *Great Summer Beer: the Shandy! Lemonade and beer, 50/50. More refreshing than lemonade, more thirstquenching than beer. The best of both worlds, fully dialed in for hot weather needs. (Lemon soda also works great.) In Germany they call it the Radler, their word for 'cyclist,' because hot'n'sweaty bikers like it...
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Want a great breakfast?
August 02, 2006 - [BUMP!] Scramble an egg with crumbled sausage and salsa. Get a tortilla frying to the side. Drop a slice'o'swiss on top of the eggs as they finish up then plop it all onto the tortilla. Ay caramba!
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It's the Time of Year for Persian Breakfast
June 15, 2006 - When I was college age I lived in a housing co-op. I met and hung out with an Iranian guy there named Mahmud one summer after most folks had gone home. The big house meals were over with for the year so a few of us would informally join up. One time after I made him breakfast he said he'd make breakfast the next day, a Persian break...
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The quiet shrimp guru down the street
April 17, 2006 - A couple years ago we heard rumors about a guy who was raising shrimp just down the road from us. Out in the country. Just a guy. Not some MSU researcher. Then a little while later. A sign showed up in Russ Allen's front yard saying "Shrimp For Sale." And we went to his pole barn out back and sure enough there was shrimp. He sa...
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Villegas: Gung-ho Michigan Foods Restaurant GONE
April 17, 2006 - We have a really good restaurant just down the road from us. In a minimall. The owner thinks it's funny, too. But what can ya do in a minimall world? (Heck, I meet with a posse of local philosophers weekly in a rotating series of minimall cafes. Take back the parking lots!) Eric Villegas has a tasty, lively, upscale rest...
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Best Milk Ever!
March 28, 2006 - One time the in-laws drove a new way to come visit. They discovered a fairly new dairy along the way, in Nashville (Michigan, along M-66, maybe 20 mi's S. of I-96, I guess). A young family has built it up to a big operation offering everything in the way of milk on a retail basis. So now my in-laws buy that milk whenever they can, ...
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Backyard Olympics
March 19, 2006 - A couple years ago I started a challenge with a fellow ski racer: he would use high-tech methods of training (a heart-rate monitor, desktop computer, an online coach and travel to clinics) and I'd work out in all kinds of fun ways in the back yard and we'd see who improved more when ski season rolled around. Well, the results were ...
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