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How to Save the Canoe? (Why?)
May 22, 2014 - How to save the Canoe? ...Maybe 3-seaters about 16-ft long with a rudder could do the trick. Can be paddled solo and gives both solo and tandem setups easy control. To my mind kayaks are best for wind and waves, otherwise a canoe is best: the view, the ergonomics, weight-for-size, cargo/people capacity, haulability, seem better w...
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Mississippi Record Race! --Students Try Brains Over Brawn
May 15, 2014 - I've been following and posting on my FB Page about a big adventure going on right now. But I better get it up over here, too. The MSU Outing Club has recently started doing more locally relevant action which has been very pleasing to me, and to Michigan, I daresay. ...A couple years ago they started the Campus to Coast Challenge...
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26 Miles for Lucy! ...Hugh Heward Canoe Challenge 2014
April 27, 2014 - Lucy and I paddled the Hugh Heward Canoe Challenge yesterday with our pal John C. We did the Half Hugh -- 25 miles. The farthest-ever paddle for Lucy! 6 hours of paddling. It was John's longest paddle, too. Lucy and I paddled our 25-yr-old Mad River Malecite. (The cane seats are finally rotting thru. Gotta replace em with law...
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Periscope for Sea Kayaking?
April 07, 2014 - Here's a thought... Would a periscope be useful for seakayakers? ...Or, doing something to get that function. I don't see any device being sold to give this function. Or plans for making such a thing. What is the horizon view distance from eye-level in a cockpit? ...What is the view distance up at the end of an uplifted pad...
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Messing About in Boats: Joy of Rowing Explained & More (Dec. '13)
November 09, 2013 - Dec. 2013 issue of "Messing About in Boats" arrived with brilliant article explaining rowing and oar shape, all keying off the goal of joy of motion. A simple presentation of a complex topic. Includes some cool science. Issue also includes coverage of a couple Midwest tallship festivals -- with differing experiences for the r...
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Fixing a Hogged Canoe
September 25, 2013 - I have an old woodstrip pro-boat canoe that has acquired an inch of hogging due to hanging from ropes at each end, upside down, for decades. It's an old race boat, 18.5 feet long, 3 feet wide, built to code. Fast and tippy. But nice. Well, nice in its own way. It floats, at least. (And leaks some.) Hogging happens when t...
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The Demise of the Canoe -- Victory for Kayaks
July 12, 2013 - I've long wondered about the Demise of the Canoe in comparison to the Triumph of the Kayak. I note that with today's dominance of the kayak format in all types of paddling that we don't actually seem to have more people out on the water. That's because kayaks aren't good for some of the more popular kinds of waterway. Doh! Yet t...
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Canoe S24O at Rose Lake
May 06, 2013 - The other day we were busy right up to darkness but the evening was so nice I decided I was going to go camping, by jove, anyway. My saying is "Events conspire." They conspire to stop me from doing a lotta things. Try to do something and watch other things rise up and stop it. So sometimes ya just gotta do it anyway even if it's a li...
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Canoe Adventure Rig Set-up: Next Item ... "Dashboard"
April 28, 2013 - I've been long inculcated with the racing side of paddling fever. I love a stripped-down maximally lightweight fast boat. Well, I've come to see that there's more to a canoe than that. Like, if you go out for over an hour, it's nice to have a snack or a bev. It's also fun to decorate a boat a bit, why not. I did an adventur...
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Hugh Heward 2013: Sunny Perfection!
April 28, 2013 - The 14th Annual Hugh Heward Canoe Challenge, hosted by the Verlen Kruger Memorial, went off with eclat and aplomb on a gorgeous day yesterday. The usual pattern seemed to hold true: most boats chose the ultimate 50 mile distance, a "Full Hugh." Fewer did the Half and fewest did the Quarter. Probably 70 or so paddlers in all wer...
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An Outing with a Canoe Gang
April 21, 2013 - I went on a canoe outing yesterday with a group of guys who've been paddling together for 30 years, since before some of them were born. It's a multi-generation group that grows from 10 to 20 depending on the outing. They have an original outing in mid-Feb up north on the Pine River for a few days. Snow, straw bales, tents and cano...
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Knocking on Death's Door
March 22, 2013 - Knocking on Death's Door Robert Mosher's log of a Door Peninsula Cruise, August 27-29, 2010 (More Pictures Will be Added Soon) ... 'I am not afraid of danger, I have knocked on danger's door and run away'. the Goon Show as I remember it. Seagoon - The Internal Mountain: "My name is Lord Hairy Seagoon, doctor of Philos...
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Small Boat Dreaming...
March 20, 2013 - I've tended to think of canoes and kayaks as separate from small boats. Small boats go on trailers and are super-versatile but heavy. Canoes and kayaks are more specific and focused in function. I'm considering changing this view. I suppose that means I need a semi-decked Kruger Seawind type of boat. Mostly I'm pondering ...
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A Boat for Boatocross...
March 20, 2013 - I'm thinking 12 feet long, fast lines but with some rocker, kevlar. 15 lbs? Perfect for standup in twisty, narrow, clogged waters where you're in and out a lot.
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Video: Flatwater Canoe Poling, Scootering, Boatocross (SUP, SUC)
November 15, 2012 - Here's an absurdly long video of Flatwater Canoe Poling, Scootering and Boatocross that Tom and I did last summer. 18 minutes! I'll try to chop it down to 2 min's when I can. I already spent an hour editing it down from an hour. I suppose I just got mesmerized. I suppose just forward around the thing. ...There's a Grand F...
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New Canoe Technique! --"Scootering!"
August 23, 2012 - New canoe technique invented! -- "Scootering." When you hit some shallows, put a foot out, kick off the bottom and GLIDE! It's fun and works great. If kids tried it awhile I bet they could do it without holding onto the gunnels -- I'm almost to that point. Keep other foot in center of hull. And let kicking foot fling back out ...
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Packrafting: Finally!
July 15, 2012 - Whenever I've gone on a bike tour I always end up fantasizing about boating. In particular I dream about combining biking and boating. Say if the day is windy, if I'm riding downwind along a coast I think that I could be just sailing along. ...What if I had my 25-lb kevlar C1 canoe and used it as a trailer to pull behind a 25-lb fol...
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Canoe Speeds: Food for Thought
May 29, 2012 - Canoes just aren't fast. I suppose I should just accept it. Still, it might help us appreciate the situation if we take a look at the speeds of various types of canoes. It's worse than I thought. Here's a canoe pal's estimate: Racing canoe: 4.5mph Fast sport canoe: 4 Cruiser: 3.5 Tourer: 3 This is when these are paddled ...
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How to Paddle
May 15, 2012 - Supreme canoe paddling tip: Reach forward with both upper hand and lower hand. Arms straightish. Rotate to reach. Hit it hardest at the catch. Drop upper hand inward to lift blade out to the side at hip. Don't bend arms much. --This method saves energy and makes a boat go much easier/faster for a given effort. You can also tilt forwa...
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First Singletrack Canoe Race a Success!
May 14, 2012 - We had a blast canoe racing a couple days ago as the finale of our neighborhood Adventure Race. It was a several-mile leg that really challenged our skills. We had four teams and all boats and paddlers had differing skillsets -- it was neat to see it all play out. The river was VERY challenging -- very twisty with 3 portages ...
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Prediction: SUPs sprout side-niche board shaped like canoe
May 09, 2012 - I have a hunch that many SUPers are going to start to want a board that will keep their stuff dry and maybe let them easily bring another person along and will go faster. It won't matter so much if it gets blown around so much because it'll be used on inland rivers. I think SUPs will always stick around but that a side-niche will...
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Light or Heavy: Best Canoe for Long Day Trip?
May 02, 2012 - I'm wondering about what's a good canoe for a long day paddle. Say you want to paddle 30-50 miles in a day. With a pretty long lightweight canoe you'd be tempted to paddle with a faster stroke-rate and a bit more 'pop'. Such a boat would be fast. And it would glide an "x" amount per stroke. Now consider a bit longer of a boa...
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Hugh Heward 2012: 50 Miles in a Race Boat
May 01, 2012 - OK, Tim Feldkamp and I paddled the full 50-mile Hugh Heward Canoe Challenge last Saturday. I was still tired on Sunday and creaky on Monday. Whew! We had a dandy time. It took us 10 hours. The river was pretty slow and clear. But nice'n'clear in many places. Our onboard GPS said we were going 5.5-7mph most of the day. I really...
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Hugh Heward and Bushwackers coming! (New Bush SOUTH!)
April 24, 2012 - This Saturday is the annual "big canoe day" for Michigan paddle-tourers -- a rare chance to do a 50-miler with friends. About 100 people do it. I've done it and posted several times about it here. I plan on being there again this year! I'm going to partner for the first time with Tim Feldkamp in his superduper carbon Hassel rac...
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Singletrack Paddling! --Another New Sport!
March 24, 2012 - Dang, here's another new sport for us to enjoy and develop! Man, these things are everywhere if you just open your eyes. Here we have a culture where outdoor activity seems to be bizarrely shrinking in some ways and booming in others. Yet there's so much room every which way for more fun, creativity and growth. The rule ...
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WaterTribe Races -- Under Way!
March 05, 2012 - Two big small boat races are currently under way in Florida: the 300-mile Everglades Challenge and the 1200-mile Ultimate Florida. I missed the start notice. WaterTribe is a series of challenges for 6 classes of canoes/kayaks (with and without sails), sailboats and multihulls. There's a new class for electric-assist. Ther...
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Water Tribe Small Boat Everglades Challenge, March 3
February 03, 2012 - Mark it on your calendar to go to the site and follow the news and action online via the Spots and report-in's. 300 miles self-supported around the Florida peninsula by canoe, kayak, small sailboat. It seems to take the winners and hard-chargers a few days to a week. But then there was the year with the strong beam-r...
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Standup Canoeing and Poling: a New Kind of SUP
January 09, 2012 - Here's the various SUC and Poling concepts wrapped into one. It's the text from a story of mine that "Silent Sports" ran... It's a nice summary of the "Everyman" variations on SUP that I'm promoting...

New Ways to SUP!

Try Standup Canoeing and Poling -- for Better Sightseeing & Exercise

Standup paddling...
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Great Lakes Waves *Rocked* Last Weekend!
October 18, 2011 - Didja see the big news about the Great Lakes waves last weekend? Oct. 15-16, 2011. They were HUGE. Check out the "wolf map" for the weekend. (I love the map of Lake Superior. It looks like a wicked wolf, don't it? Mischievous.) Notice the 25+ foot waves in the SE corner? Whoa! I would LOVE to see some freighter pics or vids f...
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Hugh Heward: A Rewarding Day
April 30, 2011 - Henry and I did our first big canoe day today. It weren't too big, though -- just right for him. We did the 13-mile Quarter Hugh of the Hugh Heward Canoe Challenge -- an annual paddle on a wild'n'scenic portion of the Grand River near Lansing, commemorating the day in 1790 when HH outran hostile locals as the first white guy to...
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Coming Up: Big Canoe Days -- Hugh Heward & Bushwacker
March 21, 2011 - April 30: the Hugh Heward Canoe Challenge on the Grand River thru Lansing, MI. 50, 25, 13 mile options. Commemorate the 1790 "big day" when Hugh and his pals escaped from the Indians, paddling 50 miles on this same stretch of river. They were the first Anglos to paddle across the peninsula. About 100 paddlers will be out. The 2nd h...
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Skijak: They're still doing it!
January 09, 2011 - I remember seeing pics of Skijaks way back when, under the category of "goofy water sport." Well, it's been brought to my attention that they're still at it. And I suppose I'd have to give it a try before I laughed too hard. Mostly, it looks like a good way to hurt your knee/joints. But who knows, maybe it's a bit like SUP or ...
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A Simple Cruising Sail Video from the Pardeys
November 18, 2010 - In slight contrast to my earlier punk-sailing link, here's one to a vid from the gurus of simple, classic, smallboat living: Lin & Larry Pardey. They've lived for decades on the seas around the world, in a wood boat (or two...always designed by Lyle Hess), without an engine. Their first book, "Cruising in Serrafyn" was an inspir...
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"Hold Fast": Online flick of DIY Punks of the High Seas
November 11, 2010 - Here's my new favorite adventure movie... Moxie Marlinspike and his 3 pals find an abandoned, trashed sailboat, fix it up, name it the "Pestilence," of all things, and sail the high seas through the Caribbean and such. What a story! What filmmaking! I'm in awe. These kids ROCK TOTALLY. They peg the meter. Man, when I fir...
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Finally, a Video! ...of Flatwater Canoe Poling
October 19, 2010 - Last weekend Henry and his pal went out with me and took some pics and video of me doing canoe poling and stand-up canoeing on the Red Cedar river down the street. The autumn foliage was spectacular. The kids did a decent job of media-work, too. Although their amateur touches are easy to see and their patience quickly ran thin...
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Stand-Up Canoeing in the Fall ... Video & Pics
October 19, 2010 - I make myself laugh. What should this new sport of Stand-Up Canoeing be called? Lessee, there's SUP, Stand-Up Paddle surfing. Which actually doesn't make much sense. It should be SUPS, shouldn't it? Anyway, it looks like we're left with "SUC." Too bad we aren't also in punk bands. Hey, you can do it in a wide kayak with a big coc...
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A Trip Down a Historic River: a Dream Getaway
October 07, 2010 - ...That's what I'd like to do. Because my extended family and friends live out west that's mostly where we've gone when our family hits the road in a bigger way. But we have the sense that the country SE of Michigan has a whole lot to offer. A few years ago a friend put us onto the idea of exploring the Cahokia Indian mo...
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Canoe Poling: Where it's at for Shallow Water!
October 01, 2010 - Where's My Story? Here's a new report on the fun sport of flatwater fast canoe poling. I had written it up years ago when I first discovered it but the link got lost on my webiste, due to malfunction. I just found it in my Backlist of old boating articles and reposted it, bumping it up to yesterday, for your amusement. ...
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Canoe Poling: Not for Downeasters Anymore
September 30, 2010 - [BUMP FROM 2005. It was in my Backlist of Boating articles. But It had a bad link! UGH! I thought I'd purged all those. Rats!] CANOE POLING: Not for downeasters anymore. For jetting the shallows, great views and an allbody workout! by Jeff Potter [originally published in "Messing About in Boats" magazi...
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Trip Report: Little Wayfarer Boats Cruise the Chesapeake
September 20, 2010 - A local guy who bikes with the TCBA also is an avid small boat sailor. That's the OYB way! In fact, I know a few other bikers who are also small-boat sailors. And at least two of them are Wayfarer buffs. And they've both sailed the little boats on the big Chesapeake Bay! So, here's a report by mid-Michigander Robert Mosher o...
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Picking a Beach-camper sailboat?
September 16, 2010 - Situation/Goal: I've long been a smallboat fan. I mostly do paddling these days. We're family of 4, with kids 10 and 12. I'd like to get us going sailing on occasion, for picnic outings and even an overnight. We live in Mid-Michigan but are starting to spend summers in Leelenau and I have inlaws near Kalamazoo (near Gun Lake, a...
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Nice Row-Sail Rig on the Road
August 11, 2010 - We passed this rig yesterday along the road (M37) while driving south from TC. I don't know what it is, except versatile. It's like the Cape Dory 14 I've seen around here, but bigger. And what's more, it has side-seating. The Dory just has a small side-seat at the back then 2 thwart-boards further up, mostly for rowing. ...
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Saw a Nordica 16 in a Gale
August 08, 2010 - It was blowing hard on Sutton's Bay recently and my pal and I decided not to go out in his O'Day 16 open boat. Other boats had reduced sail or were heading back in. One little daysailor with cuddy caught my eye. It was small but they were sailing with a reef in the main. I'm no boat pro but little boats that reef aren't an eve...
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Wouldn't it be neat to see Working Sail?
August 07, 2010 - I'd like to see the return of Working Sail. ...Boats being used for something other than recreation. Whenever I get out on the water I wish I could be doing something rather than just going back'n'forth. Any ideas?
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King Sunfish
August 04, 2010 - While sailing in light zephyrs with a pal in a small O'Day, a Sunfish caught up to us bearing a middle-aged couple, the trim lady posed on the foredeck, as if she were on a yacht. It was cute and I said something funny. They knew my captain and we chatted. They soon tacked past our stern and were off elsewhere. My pal said "That's...
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RIP Phil Bolger: coolest small boat designer
August 02, 2010 - This is old news for small boat people (last year even), but we no longer have the best small boat designer with us anymore. Phil Bolger was a tough old bird and he did things his way all the way to the end, and including the end. He designed 650+ boats and changed the way we look at small boats. His most recent effort is...
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Biggest Canoe Race: Game On for the AuSable!
July 25, 2010 - I've been remiss in not letting you know about the AuSable Canoe Marathon. It's happening RIGHT NOW! It's easy to watch it online, so you have until about 1pm to enjoy the action. ...Or, just pretend that it didn't start yesterday and scroll through the results-updates whenever you like and watch the race unfold. What I ...
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AuSable Marathon YouTube Videos (and other races, too)
July 25, 2010 - I'm lamely behind the ball on this sports reporting stuff this year for the Marathon. It's already over! But here are a few nifty YouTube videos to check out for some reverse inspiration... *This one offers a bow-cam point of view of the start. Pure mayhem! Feel the fever... Watch the wipeouts... Read Article

Canoe SUP *finally* coming on!
July 23, 2010 - SUP is all the rage these days. There are at least two magazines on it out there, on everyday newstands. Stand-up Paddle surfing makes sense here in the Great Lakes area. We have a lot of water, and lots of waves, but no really big waves. SUP lets you surf small water. It's also a dandy workout. We're up north these days, nea...
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"Messing About in Boats": May issue
June 20, 2010 - MAIB doesn't have much of an online presence. That's because it's actually an effiective, efficient, one-man real paper magazine. The best boat magazine in the world. Use the website to buy a sub, that's all. Subs are $32 a year for 12 issues. They're thick, dense 60-pagers. Black'n'white. The editor, Bob Hicks, might've finally hit...
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"Messing About in Boats": June issue
June 20, 2010 - MAIB doesn't have much of an online presence. That's because it's actually an effective, efficient, one-man real PAPER magazine. The best boat magazine in the world. Use the website to buy a sub, that's all. Subs are $32 a year for 12 issues. They're thick, dense 60-pagers. You can't buy it on newstands, either. Bob hates the waste....
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Hugh Heward Canoe Day 2010: lotsa gungho paddlers and exotic boats
May 14, 2010 - The Hugh Heward Canoe Challenge has come and gone so I thought it was high time I posted some pics and info from our day on the water. Local pal Chris McCarus and I paddled the 13-mile option starting at the Charlotte highway bridge. This route featured the Portland State Game Area and finished in downtown Portland like the other ...
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The Bushwacker 150 Canoe challenge: coming May 22
May 14, 2010 - It'll be the 3rd running of this nutty event. You start where the Pine River starts, as a bushy creek in the center of the state. Then you try to follow it down a long ways. There a seven mile portage in there somewhere. Don't worry: there are several distance options if you're not up for the whole thing. The event commemorate...
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My New "Family Friendly" Canoe Stroke: The Windmill
May 14, 2010 - I don't have any pics or vids yet, but I have to spill the beans. You know how I've launched some fun innovations in XC skiing? Well, I've worked out my own nifty canoe-paddling stroke! It's the family-friendly "windmill." When you're canoeing with extra people in a boat (sitting between the paddlers) you don't want to bonk them ...
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Big Canoe Day! Hugh Heward Challenge 4/24
April 23, 2010 - I'm sorry for not putting this up sooner, but the big HH is tomorrow! This is the major canoe event for mid-Michigan -- maybe 50-100 boats of all skill levels show up. The event offers distances from Adventurous to Extreme. It's not a "lilly dipper" outing for anyone, but something to give you a Big Day. Big Chris McCarus and...
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Liberate the Kayaks!
March 05, 2010 - The kayaks went into the back yard last fall when my brother built a new garage for us (using lumber from a tree that had fallen next to our house a month before). The day he finished and hauled away his tools -- about Thanksgiving -- it snowed and froze and everything in the yard has been bound up ever since. Well, we did tarp ...
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SUP: Now HUGE but still no canoes...
January 30, 2010 - That's Jennifer Aniston doing "Stand Up Paddling." So you know it's big. SUP has a buncha websites, companies, races...and its own magazine. Lots people do it on flatwater for exercise. They use windsurfer boards. (There's a guy who does it on our local lake.) But I've yet to see any mention of people doing it in a CANOE...
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Messing About in Boats (1/10): great winter issue
January 20, 2010 - The wonderful winter issue of MAIB arrived. Great as always! Get yours at It's the best magazine for casual reading about casual small boats. It has the human-scale down pat. No uppity anything. It's 60 jam-packed pages every month (well, maybe ...
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Adventures of Greg: Ocean Pedal-Boat Record Attempt
October 24, 2009 - Super-Greg and his ultra-adventure friend Jordan Hanssen are setting out today to set a new human-powered record for circumnavigating Vancouver Island. Greg is a gung-ho entrepreneur who ties his various record-attempts in with larger social issues like childhood fitness advocacy which he promotes on speaking tours, and a fund...
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The Ideal Boat...
October 11, 2009 - I just read that famous aviator Ernest Gann wrote that after much testing, his ideal custom boat would: "Drink six, eat four and sleep two."
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William Nealy: Greatest WW Kayak / Mtbike Cartoonist, Educator
October 04, 2009 - Do you know William Nealy and his cartoons and books? If not, you're in for a real treat. He's the guy whose artwork and humor brought the free-spirited, underground indie foundations of whitewater kayak culture and mtbike culture out into a much-wider audience than it had before. He taught in his art and he was hilarious ...
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"Epoxyworks": Creativity with Glue
September 22, 2009 - The brothers Gougeon run WEST SYSTEM, a gungho glue company in Bay City, Michigan. I suppose they could've pushed the mainstream huge-account side of their chemical biz, but I think it's cool that they've always remembered the little guys. The brothers themselves are involved in small boat fun and innovating. Again, the...
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A Tale of Two Kayaks
September 09, 2009 - I've made mention here before of the two sea kayaks that I'm privileged to paddle, but there aren't many clear pics of them, not of the Woody, at any rate. So here's a few pics showing what's up. A few years ago friend Karl Pearson moved up north and lightened his load by selling a few of his boats. I got the wood-strip knoc...
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Website of an Adventuring Daysailer
September 02, 2009 - Here's a simple webpage set up by a guy who uses his cute little Wayfarer daysailer boat to go on all sorts of adventures over in the UK. It's a boat that's easy to trailer and is famously seaworthy yet quite zippy and rowable. They're also commonly rigged with a boom-tent for sleeping in. Cozy and easy on the pocketbook! --...
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AuSable Canoe Marathon: cool opening video
September 02, 2009 - The AuSable Canoe Marathon has a cool opening video sequence these days at its website. It also features the photography of Mark Bialek, a racer friend who is also a pro photojournalist ( There's a lot more video and dramatic photography at the site nowadays Here's footage of the 2008 start,...
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Straits Kayaking, Ahoy!
August 27, 2009 - I'm planning on kayaking the few miles over to Mackinac Island from St. Ignace tomorrow or Saturday. I'll go if the weather isn't too harsh. There's an old worker's reunion over there this weekend. It'll be nice to see some old pals, I hope. I don't know who'll be there, but probably some good ol' folks. That island meant ...
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One of These Things is Not Like the Other...
August 02, 2009 - This was a real life scene on the Huron River today. But this photo is misleading. It looks like a decked C1 hair boater is blasting past a batch of tube turkeys. No, no, no. There were about 50 drunk floaties in a huge drift and Old Super Dude was PART OF THEIR GROUP! I tried to get a pic showing him churning around in their ...
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Crayzee! -- Bowcam of Start of '09 AuSable Marathon
July 29, 2009 - Here's my quicky report on this year's AuSable Canoe Marathon... 120 miles of fun, all night long. Winners take 14-15 hours. This year had the most teams ever enter, 90 or so. They're also going for the largest purse in pro canoeing, $50k. So here's what I'm talking about... A Youtube video taken with a camera on the bow...
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Small Boat Challenge, Ahoy!
May 11, 2009 - Why follow (only) big fancy sports when there's so much nifty smallworld action out there? Introducing the Florida 120! --It's a more compact neighbor of the Texas 200. As the homepage says it's a raid-type event, "not so much a race as a challenge for small boats." That is, it's a good-time adventure for a wide range of s...
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JP's Hugh Heward Challenge River Report (and Style Analysis)
April 27, 2009 - I paddled the farthest ever in my life yesterday: 50 miles. I'd probably only ever paddled 15 miles before. Sorry this report is so long, but I can't help it! I need an editor...but where to cut? Well, see what you think... (3 pics at the bottom if you want to skip ahead...) So here's both a Day Report and a Canoe Design Anal...
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Hugh Heward coming up! --50 mile Canoe thru Lansing
April 20, 2009 - I can't find a good pic to highlight this event, but for quite a few years now each April there's been a 50-mile big day of canoeing to commemorate the same route in 1790 that Hugh Heward and a small group of 8 in 2 canoes paddled in one day to leave some chasing Indians in the dust. This event also commemorates and raises fund...
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Small Craft Advisor: Mar/Apr '09 issue available!
March 17, 2009 - Here's the cover and the list of topics covered in the Mar/Apr 2009 #56 issue of SCA, the finest full-color boat mag: * 16-foot Pelican to Hawaii * Capsize at Clipper Cove * Matilda 16 * Larry Brown's New Hull * Bartender Boat Rendezvous * Man Overboard * Jibsheet Lead * Build a Cabin Step ...
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Quiet Water Symposium 2009: Pics & Quik Report
March 13, 2009 - The QWS was bigger than ever this year with a record 1500 visitors for the one-day show in the big polebarn south of the MSU campus. (This volunteer-run event shares the space with a rabbit show.) As usual, the anchor attractions---Cliff Jacobson, camping guru, and the McGuffins, ambassadors of Ontario paddling and photography--...
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Bolger, Michalak & "The Simplistic Sailboat Cruise"
February 21, 2009 - I'm charmed by the innovative, practical, high-performance, thrifty boat ideas of Phil Bolger and Jim Michalak. And to me these ideas morph and come to life in the book, "The Simplistic Sailboat: A Family Cruise in a $600 Boat," by Dan Hookham. Dan was inspired by Bolger & The Gang then took their ideas and ran with em to cre...
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"Small Craft Advisor": the (color) magazine of small boats
February 02, 2009 - Man, a full color magazine about small boats. How much better can ya get? Well, there's "Messing About in Boats." But these are two rather different birds. You should be reading both, of course. In the world of small boats, when you're in color, you're mighty swell already. You have a subject that throws itself at you wit...
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"Messing About in Boats": world's best boat mag
February 02, 2009 - It's the best because it's for you and by you, a regular person. It has the ultimate human scale. OK, actually it has an average human scale. You *could* do anything in its pages. You can easily appreciate anything in it. Nothing here is putting you in your place or reminding you of it. MAIB is a mag that has little on...
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Pirates of the Caribbean on Dramamine: the Bum's Life on an Old Wood Boat in L.A. Harbor
December 07, 2008 - Here's a tale of what happened to me and my buddies when I adopted an ocean-going sailboat moored in Lotus-land by Jeff Potter [I published part of this story years ago in an issue of OYB and it was reprinted in MAIB but I thought it deserved better billing than it got in my backlist of textfiles here and th...
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Wayfarer: sweet small boat
November 15, 2008 - I keep thinking I already have a story up here about these boats, but I searched and didn't find anything really. They are featured in the "cool sailboat" youtube video series I put up recently, but otherwise, nada. I've enjoyed studying this breed of daysailor for a few years now. It's a very versatile 16-footer that's b...
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Bolger's "Martha Jane": quirky yet fast beach cruiser
November 15, 2008 - I've read about Bolger boats for years. Phil Bolger is an old fart who designs amazing boats and writes wonderfully about them in "Messing About in Boats" magazine. I can't say enough about this guy, so I won't. : ) I recently had an amazing series of columns in MAIB about the demise of smalltown commercial fishing...and th...
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Great Small Boat Magazine: "Small Craft Advisor"
November 09, 2008 - There are a lot of boats out there that aren't very useful. Most of the boat media is about such boats. Furthermore, most of the boats you see out on the water these days have a lot of downsides to them. At least around here in mid-Michigan, anyway. 90% of boats that I see in my region are: huge, expensive, clunky pontoon...
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