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"Easy, Cowboy": The Big Uncle Tim California Adventure
July 27, 2014 - "Easy, Cowboy": The Big Uncle Tim California Adventure Whenever I've done something with Uncle Tim it has been an adventure. Helping to resolve his estate after he died wasn't any less so. What's the big deal with flying out and running a garage sale and cleaning a house, you wonder? Oh, nothing much. I just hadn't done...
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Team OYB: Uncle Tim's & Seneca
November 10, 2013 - [This is Report #4 of 10 from our Family Roadtrip of 2009. I've bumped it because it's mostly about Seneca, which is in the news these days due to my Craigslist ad offering it for sale.] So we blazed away the miles in our little red Cutlass from Elko, Nevada, to Susanville, CA, where my uncle Tim lives in a sort of timelessn...
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Free Camping! --Dispersed Camping in Michigan
September 23, 2013 - Hopefully most other states have Dispersed Camping as well. I'm pretty sure that it's legal on all Federal Forest land. If you're tired of paying RV-like rates to pitch your tent just head to state or federal lands that are more than a mile away from an established campground and camp as you please for free for up to two we...
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OYB Outdoor Center for Backyard Olympics...
June 27, 2013 - I tell you what! I've been thinking that Michigan, especially SE MI, needs a full featured Outdoor Center. Like Nantahala and other famous such places. I see they say that the Mill Lake CCCC Center in Waterloo will take $400k to restore and get back in action. They're trying to line up funding. Why not just convert OYB int...
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Insta-Trail: Hiking does the Trick
May 06, 2013 - I've been getting into trail design in recent years. It's a lotta work. But it occurs to me that hiking doesn't require a clear path. It's easy to *step over* stuff. It's the rolley and slidey stuff that makes me sweat over my chainsaw. Heck, trail-running doesn't require a clear path, either. So I've started adding both of t...
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Quietwater Symposium: Video of 2013
April 10, 2013 - Drew Mason created this nice video showing the diverse flavors of Michigan's only motorless outdoor trade show. (OYB cameo early on! :) )
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New Map of Stinchfield!
January 28, 2013 - The caretaker of Stinchfield has made a great new map! Still no topography, but it's a nice map. The 5 new big hills Rad and I found are south of the Old Car. In case you don't know, Stinch is U of M property on the biggest hill in SSE MI. It has the biggest hills in the region in general. A good 15 miles of trails in an ar...
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Fall Outdoor Action: The Best! (with Better to Come!)
September 05, 2012 - I'm excited about fall training! It's my favorite training time of the year. ...Coz it means getting ready for the biggest fun season of the year! ...SKIING! Here's my plan... Something different for every day, sometimes two-a-day: *rollerski; *trail run; *CATski; *yard weights; *calisthenics; *cyclocross; *dirt road rides;...
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Last Sport Standing? -- Helmets and... XC Skiing?
August 08, 2012 - Do bikers, downhill skiers, inline skaters, rollerskiers or whitewater kayakers have anything they can teach XC skiers? It seems like there's one last bastion of glide-speed-type outdoor sport that races and has its fun without helmets! Does anyone think we'll see a rule requiring helmets for XC ski racers in sanctioned even...
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Your Favorite Adventure Blogs?
July 19, 2012 - What are yours? I've seen a few that seem pretty cool. Here are a couple: Jill Homer's: -- friendly, cheery reports Dave C's: -- hardcore, gear reviews, intro...
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Support Vehicles, Races and Tours: I have issues...
July 16, 2012 - ...I do. Support vehicles seem far less savory and noble than self-supported anything. Come to think of it, specialists seem less good than all-rounders -- and teammates seem less good than individuals simply cooperating. I'm thinking of the Tour de France with its sprinters, climbers and TT'ers...and coaches. And its team l...
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Hardcore Adventure Blog: Bedrock and Paradox
July 15, 2012 - The name of this guy's blog comes from Ed Abbey's "Desert Solitaire," a fave book. He's a hardcore outdoor adventurer in the diverse category: bikes, boats, skis! He also does philosophy and product reviews. Cool! I found him while googling for packrafting info. It's a prize-winning blog. I like his discussion of blog c...
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Mud Runs -- New Craze Featured in Silent Sports
June 28, 2012 - The new Silent Sports issue has a cover story about the phenom of "Muddy Buddies." I'm thinkin' the concept has an OYB-ish vibe: a diverse, challenging event designed for fun not "results." Apparently finishing times aren't even kept in some. It shows desire to do more than mono-action -- where the usual is to show up, ride (or what...
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A Visit to Watery Waterloo...
June 13, 2012 - Spring goes so fast and/or I get so swamped that it's easy for me to miss visiting Waterloo each spring. I always like to go spend a day around there just rumpushing around. It's such a rich, lush, diverse place. --It's a park that really helps me stay sane around here! (Ingham County is the driest in the state, so I get pretty parc...
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Neighborhood Adventure Race: What Fun!
May 14, 2012 - A neighborhood Adventure Race -- that's what I'm talking about! 8 of us had a casual blast today thru 4 challenging stages within a mile of home. It was the 2nd annual one for our little gang of fellow-employees, etc. A wide variety of action rewarded a range of skillsets. Comebacks and upsets! We didn't know until the party after...
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"Silent Sports" magazine: an Up North "must-read"
April 11, 2012 - "Silent Sports" is the best local-style outdoor sports magazine out there. Well, maybe the ONLY one, too. Their website is stepping up its game, with lots of content nowadays, but their paper issue is far more flavorful. $20/year. I highly recommend a subscription, but I'd even suggest pestering them -- and adding some extra cas...
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QWS Time! -- Quiet Water Symposium this Saturday!
March 01, 2012 - [BUMP FROM EXACTLY A YEAR AGO.] Whups, I'm late in putting up a notice for the QWS. (Except I did mention it on my Facebook page, yo.) It's this Saturday, 3/3 [not 3/5 this time] -- a full day of fun indoors, if you can stand it. ...If it's sunny outside and there's still snow on the ground I will have a HARD time staying insid...
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Yankee Springs Resort: Cheap!
January 29, 2012 - The Long Lake Outdoor Center is a traditional CCC-built rustic resort located in the Yankee Springs Rec Area in Western Michigan. It rents on a scalable basis for about $6/head from 4 to 200 campers, summer and winter. Seems like a great secret getaway location, to me!
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Vintage Survival Skills Video, Courtesy of the Military
January 28, 2012 - "Tastes like chicken!" Here's a link to a YT video that seems kind of cute from this distance. I wonder how many times these skills were used in the war. I'd think only a few. I suppose parts of the training came in handy. It seems that reality would likely be a bit less tidy. Read Article | Go to Website

Get Cold to Stay Warm
January 20, 2012 - How to stay warm this time of year? It can be tough. But there seems to be a knack to it. The main feature of the knack, as far as I've learned it, is that the first 15 minutes can be real cold and painful ... and that's OK. The key being: don't give up! Don't think "I'm not cut out for this," or that you're dressed wrong. If...
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The Michigan Bush Rats: Many Annual Winter Trips to the Bush
December 11, 2011 - Have you heard of them before? I hadn't. I'm glad Bob Yankus mentioned them to me in an email. They're the Michigan Bush Rats and they run MiBSAR trips into the wintery woods north of the Soo about 15-20 times a winter, I hear. This is the real rough stuff. They're getting ready and staying ready to go out and help find s...
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Adventure Prize Candidate Promotes "Microadventures"
November 19, 2011 - National Geographic has an annual "adventurer of the year" people's choice award. This year includes a guy who is, I gather, a bigtime adventurer, only he recently stopped spending all that money jetsetting around the globe to scare himself and instead explored around his home town -- and had a great time doing it. So he then st...
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Great Lakes Surfer magazine
October 18, 2011 - Wind and waves = surf. Third coast.
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Hard chargin' vacation report, just in...
September 30, 2011 - How many do you know who on their day off would: jump up, drive 4 hrs, bike 4 hrs technical trail along river, bike shuttle dirt road back to canoe, canoe 4 hrs down river, go fetch bike, drive 4 hrs home. I guess I only know two who would, coz 2 just did! As for me, I'd be a bit tuckered after such a bout of 16 hrs of nonstop ...
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Goal: Free Time on a Working Vacation
August 15, 2011 - Upon reflection, an interesting angle of our up north working vacation is: only two times were we able to have a quiet hour with the kids. We all did a drawing once and then we all sat down and showed the kids how to play Euchre. So where does the time go with a month up north at the beaches? Is it moving the trailer 5 tim...
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Open Water Swimming: Great with SNORKEL
August 01, 2011 - I just love swimming open water with mask and snorkel. I go twice as fast, it seems, with a snorkel! I can go nice'n'far -- really travel. I sometimes get a bit disoriented doing side-breathing and always seem to lose glide. I've never tried fins really -- got instantly blistered when I did -- and I didn't seem to go any f...
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Team OYB: Traverse City
July 31, 2011 - We've now been camped in the huge Traverse City State Park for a few days. It's quite a village. Not a mini one, either. Seems like several hundred sites and maybe 1000 vehicles. Yet no noise or obnoxiousness. No one running any loud generators. Praise be! There's a long beach in front of the park. And a bikeway behind it leadin...
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Team OYB: Nordhouse Dunes, Frankfort
July 28, 2011 - To kick off our summer survey of the northwoods we first spent a week up at Petoskey State Park, where Martha did the Nub's Nob art fair with her fabric art booth. We met up with our 16 immediate Potter family for a few days at the campground. Then we went home for ...
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Early Summer Big Race News!
June 21, 2011 - I'm behind on all my usual reports for the Big Early Summer Races. Tour de France is coming up in a couple weeks, but it's been kinda spoiled. Mostly, I'd say, by all the infrastructure and support-jive. Drugs, money and cars: c'mon, folks, you can do better! (If you want to follow the Tour and the culture around it, there's ...
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DIY Adventure Race
June 19, 2011 - A month ago, Layne, a local pal, put out the word that he was hosting an Adventure Race for 5 of his nuttier friends -- Kent, Greg, Carmen, my brother Tim and me. Of course, we were all in! Here's what we ended up doing: We rode mt-bikes from the MSU campus out about 10 miles to the Rose Lake State Game Area, riding a mile or ...
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Kick Off to Summer!
June 06, 2011 - How are you kicking off your summer? Some pals and I pegged the fun-meter for more than a few hours yesterday. It was a savory combo of extreme and subtle that I think you'd appreciate. The weather was perfect -- skies clear and warm but not too. So RadNord, Dave, Gary, Mark and I all made the time. First, we biked aro...
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OYB on the cover of Backwoodsman!
April 25, 2011 - The synergy rolls on! The OYB message of all-one-world-outdoor-sport has recently appeared in: Messing About in Boats, Silent Sports and Canoe History. Now it has been two issues in a row of Backwoodsman! (Last month had 2 OYB stories, in fact: the crayfish report and a big letter about outdoor-themed wall displays.) Coming ...
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Backwoodsman: Guess Who is on the Cover Next Issue?
March 04, 2011 - Les Stroud is on the cover this month. But *I* get to hog the cover on the next issue! : ) Yee-haw! They're running my canoe poling and SUP paddling piece with pics inside. Our neighbor boy Ben took the cover pic (at my direction) and our lad Henry was paddling stern to control the camera canoe -- so they'll both get the...
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A Good Outing Club Motto?
January 22, 2011 - I like the Outing Club concept. Dartmouth had the first one and it's still the biggest. They seem to be college/university based. But I'd think they'd be suitable for all ages. So what is the concept, anyway? Could there be a general OC motto or purpose? I think so! Let's see what we can come up with. Firs...
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Forget the Kids: Here come the Oldsters!
January 17, 2011 - How about this: it's not just about the kids. If any generation, even old farts, starts heading out into a more creative situation more often, it'll pay off. Life is life. Old life is as good as young. I'd be happy to see more graybeards partying in the woods! Quite a few old farts talk about going thru the cycle: a love...
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What Limits the Popularity of Racing?
January 17, 2011 - This time of year I'm thinking mostly of ski racing. But we can apply this across the range of sports, I bet. Anyway, I'm guessing wildly that it's: *expense of entry fees, equipment and supplies *few events -- lots of travel / driving *boring courses *complexity, mystery and uncertainty of prep *endless hours in the wax r...
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Mulling Over the Champion
November 22, 2010 - The Champion has at least two faces. One is just an image, created by the media for sales purposes. This same image is also used by people to reinforce or create their own picture of themselves. The second face is reality. A champion is a person who comes from somewhere and has a whole life. Achievement, glory, victory, s...
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Kite Wing: the "Do It All" Wing Thang
November 18, 2010 - A Michigan friend of a friend is the USA importer for this new toy that I recently learned about. OK, ya got yer windsurfer and your kite-board and your skis and snowboard and your skateboard. Is there any way to tie 'em all together? Sure! A Kite Wing is like a windsurfer sail without the mast. Thus you can use it on a...
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The Light in the Forest
November 07, 2010 - I didn't think I could fall in love with any other season after this year's autumn. It was so gorgeous. I was even unrequited, as I didn't get out nearly enough. But then along comes November and my heart breaks again. It's the light in the forest. The leaves are down. It's chilly and the sun was out. I was m...
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It's Trail-building Time!
November 04, 2010 - Man, it's so much fun. Henry and I and a neighbor boy made a quarter mile of informal singletrack trail today. It brings back good memory-feelings of when I laid out similar expert-loops in the same areas 15 years ago. It has since all gone back to the blowdowns, as I've been using other trails more. Now that the kids are...
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Team OYB: Home Again, Home Again!
August 11, 2010 - We've been gone over a month but now we're all home. The grass is long. I don't know much more than that yet. *** Martha has always wanted to live in a fieldstone house. She just found this:
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Unsupported Events: The Future?
August 10, 2010 - Support crews for extended, complex events help create a party atmosphere, I know. The Tour de France teams each have a large retinue of helpers taking care of their riders and equipment and everything else. Then there are the event officials, media and security -- vehicles buzz everywhere. In another favorite event of m...
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Potential Up North Cottage?
August 08, 2010 - I keep wondering if this old trailer could be revived... It's dry inside. All it needs is a little cleaning. Too bad there's no shade... We could erect a canvas post tent over it, fore'n'aft. It has a swanky 70's style inside. Solar cell, batteries... A propane pig... It has blue enamel appliances... It's on our friend...
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How to Boost Your Swimming Fun
August 08, 2010 - I did triathlons back in the mid-80's -- before I really learned how to swim. Doh! I've written about how to swim before. There's an essay up here at OYB somewhere. It's gotten quite a few hits over the years. But every summer I re-learn the special secret inside tips on how to swim really good. Maybe I can pass them on t...
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Favorite Time at the Beach...
August 07, 2010 - My favorite time at the beach so far was when I went out into the waves the other day to wash up. Of course, I used my biodegradable camp soap. It was at the rocky Northport state park campground. I waded out into the pounding, huge waves with my water-booties on. It was in the evening. I was the only person out there. It's sh...
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Team OYB: Coincidences Galore on the Road
August 02, 2010 - We've had a good dozen coincidences so far during our month abroad, up north living in our trailer. We've also moved about 6 times now. (A lovely wooden daysailor just drove past me as I type at a sidewalk cafe -- the Silvertree Deli, home of free wifi -- in Sutton's Bay.) Yesterday I biked twice, swam twice, went sailin...
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Team OYB: Our 4th Summer Home!
July 23, 2010 - We recently moved the Team OYB Vintage Travel Trailer over to near Lake Leelenau at our friends Sue and Gary's house. It's our fourth stop on the Summer Art Fair Tour. 3 more to go! They have a buncha acres and down near the end of their long dirt driveway is an old abandoned trailer home. I explored it the other day. It's dry in...
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Team OYB Up North! ...Week 1
July 13, 2010 - Well, we've been up north how long now? I can't remember! I guess it's been a week. We've done two art fairs. Martha is having a great time selling her LazyGal fabric art goodies. Our trailer life has been perfect so far. We arrived on Day One late at night in a crowded, quiet Petoskey State Park...and I backed the trailer in...
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"Silent Sports," July highlights: Chicago Biking
June 24, 2010 - [$4 mailed sample. SOLD!] "Silent Sports" is a dandy magazine of outdoor enthusiams -- mostly of the fitness, aerobic, human-powered kind. I sell samples to let a wider audience know about this fine magazine. It's not available on many newstands outside its main WI/MN markets. This issue offers Part 3 of a "How to R...

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QWS 2010 Pics and Report
May 24, 2010 - The Quietwater Symposium at MSU is Michigan's neatest -- and onliest -- general "quiet-type" outdoor sports event. It's also in March and is a fun cabin-fever prevention day. The next weekend always sees Madison, WI, host its mammoth biz-oriented Canoecopia. The MSU event is also unique in that it's the only university-hosted outdoor...
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Alternative Pack Ideas
May 16, 2010 - So how do you carry your stuff when you're out and about? I use a shoulderbag most days for casual erranding. For a modest step up in outings I use a med.-lg. fannypack with drink-holders. For all day I use yer standard backpack/bookbag-ish thing. Nothing fancy. For better on-trail access to stuff I'll strap my fannypack on under ...
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Brave New a Fort
April 05, 2010 - We're visiting cousins in St. Louis over the holiday. The 3 older boys are inside playing screenies on the couch, lightly moving their thumbs, staring. (I'm putting the kybosh on it in a moment.) Last night after it got dark the 2 girls sprang into action with inflatable mattress, lamps, lanterns, a fan, bedding and headed ...
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Heroes of Primitive Skills, Michigan-Style
March 29, 2010 - I'm sure there are plenty of great primitive skills instructors everywhere, but my hunch is that we're lucky here in Michigan to have the people we do. I've just been impressed whenever I encounter them. Their calling is a noble one. Kids and people's lives are surely changed. Helpful contact with the Wild and with the Her...
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Big Ski Getaway... turns into Bikes'n'Boats
March 23, 2010 - All winter long some pals and I planned on going up north to ski the challenging Jordan River Pathway come springtime conditions. It's usually an ideal time, with a big snow base yet a sunny corn topping, to make the technical hills enjoyable on the long Big Day trail. Then the snow all melted. And rain was forecast for our ...
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Quietwater Symposium: Michigan's Indoor Outdoor Fest! 3/6
March 05, 2010 - It's tomorrow! The 15th annual QWS will be a great way to spend the day learning new things, making new friends. Bust up that cabin fever! (Spending the day XC skiing in a prime locale up north would have to come second to this, I'm afraid. Well, it might be a tie.) The QWS sounds like it might be just boating, but it's no...
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Nordic Skate Marathon Video in Slo-Mo with Music
February 23, 2010 - Here's a simple video, shot from the side in slow motion of the Vikingarannet Ice Skating Marathon. It has an atmospheric guitar soundtrack. It's all about the skaters. So many kinds and styles! Young and old, fast and slow. Solo and pack. With poles, or rucksacks, or tidy and aero. To me it shows a diverse culture. ...
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Nordic Heritage Sport Club: onto something?
February 23, 2010 - Here's a place that seems onto something. They're not just a specialized ski club. It starts out first as a family-friendly place encouraging fresh air activities. Skiing is included. This seems based on the nordic ideas of friluftliv and idraet, though they don't spell it out. They do say that something new needs to be do...
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Nordic Skating on Huge Glassy Lake in
February 23, 2010 - Here's a YouTube showing a family Nordic tour-skating on the biggest lake in Sweden, which had great ice in February. It's ethereal. Nice soundtrack. There's a park of huge power-windmills in the center of the lake. That's how they roll over there. Read Article | Go to Website

Safety on Ice!
February 03, 2010 - The rule of thumb is do not walk on ice if it's 3" or less. 4" of good, fresh ice is safe for one person. When you go skating on wild ice, bring an ice spud or ax to test thickness before skating. Now, according to Internet info, no ice is considered totally safe. It can vary a lot. That's why we always have a Safe...
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Cold, But Low Snow? ...Go for Wild Ice!
February 02, 2010 - OK, we're in the midst of our January Thaw right now. It's dragging out. We lost our sweet skiing snow. But now it's cold all over again. Yet we can't ski. Ugh. What to do? GO WILD ICE SKATING! The lake ice had gotten bad, what with the mixed weather of the last month, but after the big melt the lakes got all smooth. Now i...
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OYB as an Outdoor Rec Program?
February 01, 2010 - The MMBA Show was interesting. I like throwing a booth a few times a year -- gets me outta the house. I got an Inspiration at this show. I'm starting to think that books aren't where it's at. Books were helpful to me as a kid, and have been hugely helpful to me throughout my whole life, but in general the peoples don't seem into...
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No snow? Do uphill running! It's the rage in Norway!
January 28, 2010 - Sure, people have always run up hills for training. And even compared times. But in Norway they're turning it into a sport. And the trip back down is the social part. Cool! Why not? According to this webstory: "Ski season is finally underway in the mountains, but while skiers at lower elevations wait for snow they've been usin...
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Jack-of-All Contests: Total Outdoorsman, Quadrathlon & Co.
October 28, 2009 - I like the Jack of All Trades concept. And specialized sports seems to work against this. There are a few competitions out there that seem designed to measure the Versatility Quotient better than others do. These kinds of contests have been around for 100+ years. They were held at the old Mountain Man Rendezvous. The earlie...
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Scouting & Outing Clubs for Everyone
October 26, 2009 - Here are a bunch of data-points. Where do they lead? *Scouting teaches boys lots of neat life/outdoor skills and teamwork, in a win-win way. *Outing Clubs get the young people outdoors on quite a few campuses. *4H is "head, heart, hands, health" for rural kids. *Outward Bound and NOLS are for well-supported twenty...
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"Silent Sports" Sample, 10/09: Rollerski Selection, Ultra running how-to, and More
October 06, 2009 - [$3 postpaid in the US. SOLD OUT.] "Silent Sports" is the only magazine of "low-key" human-powered outdoor sport. It has a Midwest focus but its topics cover the seasonal range. It has a strong "thrifty activities for everyone" orientation, built around the Midwest's many great regional resources, events, parks and trai...

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OYB Bag used on TV Survival Show!
October 01, 2009 - Hey, a customer let me know that Ed Wardle in his National Geographic TV series "Alone in the Wild" uses an OYB Bag! Check it out in the pic below! Now, there's a macho "manpurse"! : ) He's carrying not one but TWO guns...and an OYB Bag! It's also shown near the start of the "Packing Up Camp" video (link below) and in use...
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3 "Silent Sports" Mag Samples: Chequamegon, Fixies & Ultras
September 22, 2009 - [$5 each, postpaid. One each of July, Aug., Sept. issues. Or, $10 for all 3! --Click button in main listing.] "Silent Sports" is one of the only "outdoor sports for everyone" mags out there. It's a lot like an "Outside" magazine for plain folk. It so happens to have a Midwest bent, with an emphasis on Wisconsin and Minnesota...

More Info

A Serendipitous Paddle to Mackinac
September 09, 2009 - Well, I had quite a weekend. [Scroll down if you only want to see the pics!] Reunion or Bust My discovery of Facebook last summer brought me into a flashback sort of contact with a bunch of folks I used to know from Mackinac Island, Michigan -- a historic place several miles in size that is mobbed every...
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All Team OYB Reports Have New Stuff!
July 11, 2009 - [10 of 10.] FYI, in case you didn't notice, I went thru all nine of the Team OYB Cali Trip reports and added pics and video embeds. Now they're finally finished. The first go-round was panic stricken slap dash and didn't include half the good stuff. So I'll call this one Number 10! : )
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Team OYB: Road Trip Lessons Learned
July 09, 2009 - [9 of 10.] All of our trip Entries were updated after we got home, with relevant new tips and pics added. So, here's an easy first for the Lessons category... Lesson #1: We only ate good food on this trip. No junk food, no MickyDee's, no pop or candy. We knew that 6000 miles of driving would require solid health and ne...
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Team OYB: Visits a Real, Wild, Folk Art Castle
July 09, 2009 - [8 of 10.] On our drive home we stopped by a folk art attraction that Martha had scoped out online before the trip, Bishop's Castle. Her last name is Bishop and it's supposed to be a doozy so we went. It's located in the middle of the nowhere mountains maybe 30 miles SW of Pueblo, CO. Sure enough, it was really something. Jim ...
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Team OYB: Homeward Bound... Cali > Mich
July 08, 2009 - [7 of 10.] So we loaded up the car with 500 pounds of guns and ammo and left L.A. that evening, after having lunch with Leslie Ann Warren... We timed it this way so we could cross Death Valley and the Mojave Desert at night, when it was cool. We pulled into Vegas after midnight. Whoa, it's grown since we were there last. We g...
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Team OYB: Rocks L.A.!
July 07, 2009 - [6 of 10.] MARIN Where were we... oh, yeah... we left the Bay Area and visited a family friend who lives an hour north in ridgetop Inverness. To get there we took the Marin Headlands route. It's a twisty, narrow road that climbs and drops all over the place. It's one of two ways to get over the Hill to the Marin co...
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Team San Fran!
June 16, 2009 - [5 of 10.] Swooping into the Bay Area, we find our Island and Chocolate friends and the kids start playing hard with their long lost buddies. I found and bought a few of my beloved fresh figs at the daily farmer's market at the Ferry Building by the water downtown. Oooh, now there's a "bread of life" type of food-fruit. It feels...
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Team OYB: Boulder & Beyond
June 12, 2009 - [3 of 10.] Just a few quick pics... I'm being rushed outta the motel room by starving people... [UPDATE: I got a chance on 7/7 to add some pics and details.] We got hit by big hail in east Colorado then got a motel room in Limon. Beautiful car hood dented by hail. Zoomed into Boulder. (Beware the toll road leading from ...
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Team OYB: 1st Week...IL, MO, KS
June 10, 2009 - [2 of 10.] Hi all... We've been on the road a few days now. The sweet old car is workin' fine. The backroads of Illinois and Missouri were nuttin' to write home about, but Kansas has been rockin'. Lots of folk art things in Kansas. Cute burgers in Salina at the Cozy Inn. We've been tenting, sometimes in rain, but last night was a mo...
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Team OYB Road Trip: Cali or Bust!
June 02, 2009 - Adventure is our middle name. [This the first Article in a 10-post series.] Our family is driving to California on June 6 on a road trip! (We hope to return by the 26th.) We'll visit my uncles in Hollywood and Reno plus friends in the Bay Area. And we'll see the sights along the way. We're not driving on freeways. (E...
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"Silent Sports" Mag: Traverse City & Keweenaw, June 2009
June 01, 2009 - [$5. SOLDOUT!] I just received the new issue of "Silent Sports" magazine. I also have ONE COPY to resell as a sample. First come, first served! You can get an easy taste of the mag this way. Then subscribe if ya like it! "Silent Sports" is the only magazine dedicated to a downhome approach to human powered sports ou...

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Mondo Enduro: Wacky Brits on Small Motos
May 27, 2009 - What a find! Here's a bunch of UK pals who explored the world on small enduro motorcycles. They also wandered over to the USA and hitched around the whole of the land during one summer vacation, filming each ride that picked them up (124 of them) on their mini Hi-8 cam. These trips are unique in several ways, a couple bei...
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NCT Trail Hike in Baldwin Springtime
May 21, 2009 - We went up north to Baldwin, to visit the trailer and take in the Blessing of the Bikes and do a hike, bike and canoe outing. As is our wont each spring. Last year I discovered a great local chunk of the North Country Trail. It's the portion that goes near Highland Lake which is near the major destination of Big Star Lake, a coupl...
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