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Salamander Migration!
March 13, 2012 - [BUMP -- Last night, 3/12/12, was the year's first warm night rain, about 60F. Yeah, as everyone knows, it's been a low-snow season (but we made the best of it! right?). So I got Henry and neighbor Ben revved up on the possibility and we went out to see what we could see at 9:30pm. Chief OYB Assistant Robert met us at the nearby Va...
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Internet Adoption: a New Dog for Us!
January 08, 2011 - So, well before Xmas Martha and I decided it was the time of life that the kids would really appreciate having a new dog. So I started prospecting. What breed? How to get one? Pup or dog? We need portability so we decided on a terrier of some kind. Then I found a...
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What's the Deal with Dog Food?
December 21, 2010 - I went to the pet store today. I'm not going to spill the beans about the reason why just yet. I saw there were 100 kinds of dog food. I didn't notice so many the last time we had a dog, which was, heck, just a few months ago. Has there been a boom in this marketing sector? I suppose I just bought the Standard Thing at the g...
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Frog-Stylin' Swimmin'
August 09, 2010 - I wish I had a photo for this one, but I don't. I could, since we now have a waterproof cam, but anyway... After our final and biggest art fair yesterday, Henry and I walked the few feet from the empty booth space to the beach for a swim, masks on head. A couple other artists were heading into the water as well. We waded out, t...
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Team OYB Road Trip 3: the Herpetarium at the St. Louis Zoo!
May 27, 2010 - On our St. Louis road trip this spring we stopped to visit the world famous STL Zoo, a free admission zoo located in the huge and lovely Forest Park. Man, STL has some dandy neighborhoods! Seems like a great southern-style town to live in, one which still has cold spells and 4-sason color and gives easy access to northern climes. ...
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Daisy was a Good Dog
May 03, 2010 - It was a sad day for us, but something interesting happened, so I'll tell you about it. Daisy, our German Wirehaired Pointer, was 15 and ailing, yet still stalwart and affable, as ever. Today was her last day. Time has its downside, but Daisy had a good long run. We had a cheery goodbye party for her. But, first, here's a stor...
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Jim McGrath: Super Local Nature Guy!
March 28, 2010 - [Bump up from 4/06] Jim McGrath and his family of super naturalists live near here. They travel around the state daily, teaching kids about snakes and frogs. OK, it seems like his whole family is part of the show but it's probably mostly him. And they teach people of all ages about creatures of all kinds. They take them outside and...
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Gulf Specimen Lab Needs Help!
February 25, 2010 - Marine labs and aquariums are usually big places, funded by universities and vast enterprises. The Gulf Specimen Lab is the only independent lab on the Gulf Coast. It's run by Jack Rudloe, the guy who started the conservation movement down there---the only reason why that whole stretch isn't Disney already. Just one little guy i...
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Bike Joring: Mtbikes and dogs on the trail!
January 28, 2010 - I've posted about Skijoring here a couple times before (our friend David Spieser ROCKETS on skis with his *two* GSP's up north). And I've also posted about a bike joring rig for sale at a website. But I'm not sure I've linked to this nifty video yet, so here ya go. (It's from New Zealand. ...The narrator sounds like Murray of...
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Daisy says Merry Xmas!
December 14, 2009 - She's 15 years old and on her last legs but she still has spark. About a month ago she finally recovered from (fairly simple) surgery to remove a large growth that was impeding her ability to walk. We figure that her eager ability to enjoy life is a good reason for her to be here. She still wags her tail, fetches, obeys...
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Dog "Pushing": the easy way to dog-scooter?
October 22, 2009 - Mark Schuette makes a new rig for dog-propelled fun. Instead of having the dog PULL you somehow, his rig has the dog PUSH you, from the rear-side area. It doesn't seem suitable for snow, but wheeled dog fun is becoming popular these days and that's what his rig is designed for. You can run up to 4 dogs on various types of...
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Surprise Inside a Watering Can... !!!
July 13, 2009 - OK, we have a little old plastic elephant watering can. Martha went to water the flowers today with it. ...And the water wouldn't come out. She looked in the end of the spout. And this is what she saw...
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Good "Net-Mail"...the Lion Video
July 13, 2008 - "Two men, a lion and a year in between." I suppose this video link is "going around," but it's a true one and a good one, so I'll put it up here, too. It shows a surprising side of animal life. Of course, it also indicates that wealthy Brits can be more than a little wacky. Link: Read Article | Go to Website

In Our Yards: 2 of the 3 Great Silk Moths...
June 25, 2008 - This spring we played host to a big brown pellet. It was 1"x 3" and a friend noticed it on a tree branch in our yard. It was a cocoon! At the same time our friend Mike Woodruff had a big pellet of his own in his yard in Ann Arbor. We both wondered what would become of them. Well, within a few days of each other in early Ju...
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Moth Names are Crazy!
June 15, 2008 - We have a book of eastern caterpillars and the butterflies and moths they love. (OK, "who they turn into.") For some reason in the second half of the moth section the common names turn pure loco. Here are perhaps half of the loopier names (I got on a roll and couldn't quit adding more): Question Mark The Little Wife ...
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Save bigtime on vet bills: DIY vaccines, 7-in-1...and nail-clipping!
May 10, 2008 - Maybe this is common knowledge by now, but in case it's not you can save hundreds of dollars in vet bills by doing your own vaccinating. Our local pet shop sells a 7-in-1 vaccine (I think that's what it is) from a frig behind the counter. It's about $7 instead of $100 at the vet. Well, a visit to the vet always costs us a bit more th...
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Old Dog Learns New Trick
December 19, 2006 - Our GWP, Daisy, who is 13 years old, learned a new trick in the past month or so and we didn't even know it. Awhile ago Martha started giving her a little doggy treat whenever she comes back to the house promptly after going out for a brief necessity. We just figured it out that Daisy has been wanting to go outside a lot l...
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Saw my first local coyote out with kids tonite...
May 17, 2006 - Martha went out for the evening with a friend, so I promptly took off for fun with the kids! We were in the garage where I was showing them how to repair a flat tire on a bike when we heard dirtbike sounds in the distance. I said, "Let's go watch em race!" The kids got excited. I knew they were riding on a local backwoods race-co...
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The 1st OYB Cause: "Don't Eat Big Sea Fish"
March 25, 2006 - OYB doesn't usually do causes. But this is a biggie. OK, the world seems to be fairly on top of the concept of conservation for land and land animals. We don't do very well with erosion and do really badly at sprawl. Land animals aren't doing so badly. 90% of the large fish have been caught from the oceans of the world in the...
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I just saw the coolest thing...
September 10, 2005 - You can't take a photo of this, or get it on video, and a sketch wouldn't work. Our yard is full of and bordered by a wide range of trees and bushes of different heights, shapes and shades of green, all crowded together. It makes quite a surface, so to speak. Just now a flock of geese flew over, out of sight, not honking....
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Moth Action Coming on Strong!
July 10, 2005 - This has been a great season for moths for us so far. A month ago Martha saw her first ever Luna moth---a big, pale green beauty. She found it in an unbeautiful place: on the window of a minimall. But it hung around all day as she brought various friends over to see it. Too bad she didn't get a photo of it. Then we saw a few ...
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Frogs for Kids
May 26, 2005 - Kids love frogs, snakes, toads, turtles, lizards, salamanders and newts. That's why there are Herp Clubs. Last Saturday, Henry and I went on a field trip with the Michigan Herpatological Society. A few others showed up. A nice diverse group. Couldn't get more diverse, agewise, anyway. Randy is the club guy, a middle-aged h...
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A couple plants & animals stories...
May 19, 2005 - [Sorry about the messy formatting here! I'll tidy asap...] *Big Day... Our family had Read Article

Versatile Dog Breeds
November 06, 2004 - They get their name because they're bred for:, guard, utility (pulling), water, feather, fur, fetch, point, track, flush... Can you say smart? Only buy one from a Eurostyle (open book) breeder. The kinds of breeds include: GWP, GSP, Griffon, Weimy, Vizsla, Pudelpointer, Brittany Spaniel, Drathaar, Czesky Fou...
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