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Lollygagging: Fishin' and Floatin'

June 08, 2016

I'm usually not so big on just hanging loose. I'm relaxed when moving. But there's a time for just sittin' there.

Normally I like using a boat, a canoe, and having a boat that's meant to be used. But there's a time for A FLOAT.

So much of water culture is based around floating already that it rankles. Because it's not really water culture: it's just drinking. It should be more like 50-50 paddling and partying, but here in Michigan actual paddling has mostly been ditched and those on the water seem to be 90% college-age types just drifting and drinking. Not a bad thing just shouldn't be the only thing, or close to it.

But, yeah, even partiers enjoy nature. So don't worry, it's OK. Kick back every now'n'then and just don't do much. Try it!

Maybe even have a beer. ...From a cooler that it tethered to one of your inner tubes. That you're laying in. Floating down the river.

Yeah, when you're "doing a float" it doesn't much matter whether you're in a boat, on a raft, or draped over an inner tube. It's all good.

Yeah, it's not really boating. At all. But it can be nice. Especially if you've been kicking butt all week doing something hard or stressful. Or if you just wanna hang for whatever reason.

Then there's fishing. I often like the kind that involves a lot of casting and lure work. But, hey, don't neglect the bobbers and crawlers and shiners. Or the slow retrieve.

Ya know, fishing goes good with baseball on the radio. The pace is similar. No need to be intense. Sure, keep a finger on the line to feel a bite. But c'mon.

A beer isn't a bad idea there, either.

Bobbers, beer, baseball on the radio. A pretty fair combo.

And, yeah, it's the same with hunting. I kinda prefer rabbit and pheasant hunting: a lot of tramping around over hill'n'dale. But don't forget to sit now'n'then in a duck blind and just hang out. Yeah, hunting isn't conducive to radio or beer. And often it's cold and nasty.

Bowhunting in the fall can peg the meter, though, in terms of autumn foliage glory.

Turkey hunting in the warm green glorious springtime is amazing, too.

After your time in the blinds I suppose that's when you can play some cards and have a beer. I guess that's why hunting usually takes more days than just going fishing.

Fishing is easily conducive to packing all the R&R in together.

Biking also works for lollygagging. Trying riding slow instead of fast for a change. Go thru some downtown neighborhoods. Bring a boombox. Ride an old cruiser. Go do something like check out yard sales.

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