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Love the One You're With

March 11, 2005

I hate weather wackos.

These are people who complain about the cold when they live in the northwoods.

Or who complain about heat when they live in the tropics.

Such people suck! And they're surely part of the ruination of the planet.

They are the people who make it so that when our family goes to a movie in the winter we have to wear short-sleeves---since it's friggin' roasting in public places in the winter.

And if we dare enter a mall in the summer, why we have to wear our winter coats because the morons have to have it 'frosty' when it's hot out.

Don't they know that all you have to do is dress for the conditions (light if it's hot, heavy if cold) then just go outside and enjoy yourself? A walk is all it takes.

Here's some science: in the winter the air is much cleaner and fresher in most places and in foresty places you can see much farther because the leaves are down. These are distinct and special differences between winter and summer around Michigan, anyway, and they are objective bonuses for anyone who steps outside. Clean air! Great views! C'mon, people!

(Oh, some of you only have views of pavement and minimalls? Well, stop building them, ya dingdongs! Shun em like the plague they are!)

We saw OUTDOOR AIR CONDITIONING when we visited Phoenix, AZ awhile back. Sure, it was Mars-like hot there. Couldn't touch our car in the parking lot. That was weird. If you don't like it: move. Don't try to refrigerate the desert!

I liked their outdoor 'misters' as well---blowing spray into the desert air to humidify and cool it. Smart!

--About as smart as green golf courses in the desert!

Love where you live or get lost! That's what I say. You can't change the weather! (Oh well. I guess if you burn enough fuel you can.)

I've been hearing radio people and even live humans lately whining about our cold March, our recent snow. Good Lord, it's sunny out! Time for spring skiing! I have a tan right now just from being outside skiing around the yard.

If you USE your body it's perfectly dandy outdoors whether it's hot or cold. Didn't anyone tell these weirdos this?

In the summer, if you're hot: go for a bike ride! The breeze will COOL you! Then go jump in any nearby body of water. Fresh! Stay in the shade if you like. Breathe deeply when the humid sweat rolls in on you. Soak it up. Press your face against the screen. It's where you are.

But no wingeing!

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