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Messing About in Boats: Joy of Rowing Explained & More (Dec. '13)

November 09, 2013

Dec. 2013 issue of "Messing About in Boats" arrived with brilliant article explaining rowing and oar shape, all keying off the goal of joy of motion. A simple presentation of a complex topic. Includes some cool science.

Issue also includes coverage of a couple Midwest tallship festivals -- with differing experiences for the reporter who attended.

And there's a summary report from a lady, one person, who is building ship for the Navy, and the state and a couple other budgetary parties. It's an amazing inside view of such a project and how it can get messed up by politics. Her mission was to execute an efficient and thrifty new way to build workships for the Navy. She -- a non-builder -- started out with a world famous boat designer husband, Phil Bolger, who developed the theory to save a lot of tax money and a lot of fossil fuels (due to a first-ever high-efficiency Navy ship both in design and in construction) and who got the contract and who then died. She volunteered to continue the project and got the go-ahead. She's not a builder but she had a crew and a budget, which then got cut, but she pressed on by herself, desiring to finish and deliver anyway. The powerful are obliviously attempting to squash her. Amazing...

These are just a few of the main articles in this issue.

Best boat magazine ever. Not available on newstands. Editor is a rockstar at 85+ yrs old. Spread the word on this rare resource.


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