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More OYB sites! ...AllBike! ...UpNorth! ...Hook'n'Bullet!

March 17, 2006

[bumped up]

I launched 3 new websites! OYB now has satellites.

The world is set up into niches these days. I can work with that. I took the biggest 3 niches in OYB and created indy-culture websites for them that both stand-alone and hook back into OYB.

I manage them all from one browser window and can easily send a story or ad anywhere in the network, to one site or all 3.

AllBike! is for people who are mostly bike-buffs.

UpNorth! is all about the outland cultures of Michigan.

Hook'n'Bullet is for the world of hunting and fishing sports done OYB-style.

Please let me know what you think. I suspect these sites will be entre' points for new readers, but some OYBers might enjoy them as well. Also let me know about any glitches you find. I'm sure there are plenty!

These could all turn into print mags, too, at some point.

Enjoy! --JP

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