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Mr. B's Joybox Express: a PIANO band *bikes* across Michigan!

July 02, 2010

From Mr. B's Facebook page:

"You gotta see this! ... On July 2, 2010 four musicians begin a 2 week tour across the State of Michigan on bicycles. They will ride from Saugatuck to Detroit (300 miles), hauling their instruments with them: string bass, a drum set, a guitar, and a 352-pound piano! The Joybox Express Quartet will perform at events along their route, raising money for charitable organizations that enhance the quality of children's lives by providing access to programs in the arts and athletics."


Mark Nobilette, bikebuilder extraordinaire, welded up the special trike that Mr. B uses to pedal his piano around. You can attach two extra bikes to the back to provide more pushing power. It's a mighty rig!

This bike-traveling band attracts attention wherever it rolls. Other bikes, young and old, gravitate to the show and ride along.

...And ya never know when an impromtu performance might spring up! They've happened in the strangest places...

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