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New book! ...Trail Skiing & the Liberation of Winter

January 10, 2018

Trail Skiing!

I'm just finishing a book of radical xc trail skiing. It's about everyday skiing anywhere there's snow. It's about taking back Nordic skiing or cross country or whatever you call it and opening it up to everyone. Free skiing that delivers a wonderful winter for anyone who tries it. Skiing is a much bigger tent that we've been told. The biggest thing is it now offers the mt-bike of skiing!

I've been saying this here at my OYB website for decades. I'm finally publishing a book all about it. It's an explanation of skiing and a how-to of the whole sport -- all from a regular person's point of view.

The Liberation of Winter!

Skiing is about enjoying winter. Life comes first. ...Fitness is a side effect. This book and this new scene offers a lot of spirit but no attitude. I totally shut down the whining we now constantly hear from patently ignorant people against winter and snow fun. Even outdoor people -- even skiers! -- are completely clueless. I'm not kidding!

The Situation

People might not realize how conservative and uber Type-A of a scene is the US ski world. This has kept its impact to a small group. The scene has shrunk 10-fold since 1980 so it has changed from creative to very, very cautious. It's time to change again and come out strong for normal fun.

Winter culture changes have left XC skiing far behind. Fatbiking is now the thing. But skiing is still the best way to have fun in the snow. It's just that this obvious fact has been abandoned for so long that we now have to promote skiing in light of the many other fun, bold, new changes -- like fatbiking -- that have occurred in the outdoor world -- and even in daily life -- since skiing last dared to be bold.

Another huge factor is climate change. It's real but this book shows 5 easy ways that skiing can adapt and thrive. We still have plenty of snow for fun!

The biggest news in skiing is that the mt-bike of skis is here! Groomed skiing for "road bike" type fun has dominated the media and culture of skiing, pushing it into a micro-niche and overlooking this awesome new equipment and the massive world of Trail Skiing the new gear delivers. ...Especially for low snow! This book shows how...

So, firstly, using the ideas in this book you'll have simply an awesome time year-round with your friends. Secondly, we have an instant cure for SAD and weight-gain. Thirdly, here's the table of contents:

1. The Ski Experience
2. The Current Situation
3. The Potential
4. The Gear
5. The Roots
6. The Skills
7. The Parties

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