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Nice Row-Sail Rig on the Road

August 11, 2010

We passed this rig yesterday along the road (M37) while driving south from TC.

I don't know what it is, except versatile.

It's like the Cape Dory 14 I've seen around here, but bigger. And what's more, it has side-seating. The Dory just has a small side-seat at the back then 2 thwart-boards further up, mostly for rowing.

I like a boat that can be rowed or sailed. If the wind died down, I'd hate to just bob around out there. A boat that had nice glide when pulled would be a dandy replacement for sailing (I rowed a bit back in the olde letter-sweater days). Of course, a quiet motor isn't bad neither, but they weigh more...and cost more (duh).

It kinda looks like this honey has a roller-furled jib, which spells doubloons to me, but whatever.

A beachboat for 4 is what I'm after... On a trailer. For $500.


In the meantime, I don't mind seein' them in parking lots.

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