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Outdoor vs. Ski Culture -- What's Growing and Why?

December 15, 2012

Worth noting...

*XC skiing so far has caught NONE of the recent huge explosion party-vibe of cyclocross and gravel-grinder biking (though it's a totally natural fit).

*Canoeing has caught NONE of the huge boom in SUP (though canoes make great SUPers on rivers and quiet lakes). I still have hopes that both bad situations could change, though they're WAY behind the curve and I, at least, have been doing a fair bit to spark things.


Man, it's so easy for the bike world to sell riders the whole range of bikes. How easy is it for the ski scene to get skiers to ski with diverse joy on the whole range of snow in their town? Ha! Like pulling teeth! Wider skis are for beginners, according to half the "real" skiers! What craziness! It's like a whole scene that's sleepwalking! I'd bet that way more than half of our "serious" Nordic skiers here in MI only do one mode of skiing: groomed, on skinnies. ...Missing out on ALL THE REST OF THE SNOW. Missing out on 75% of the snow! Hardly anywhere gets groomed! There's 5X as many trails calling for you to hit 'em on allrounders!


Not that I'm bitter, but I often hear that bikers don't have the extra $ to pick up a new sport, such as Nordic Skiing. Then Fatbikes come along, and wham! --They're selling in the thousands at 5X as expensive, along with hundreds of new events. 32-lb behemoths. ...Compared to 4 lbs for a whole ski kit. 2 lbs for skis. With only 4 moving parts. Your WHOLE body in on the action. The ultimate glide ...
thrill possible on Earth. Skiing LOVES snow. Fatbiking works "even" in snow. See the diff? I'm all in favor of Fat, but, man, cover your bases. Get a season! Respect the weather! Snow luvs ya! Most seasons I ski about 50 outings: worthy! ...And this in a place where people whine about winter. Don't forget the skis! Fatbikes can't save ya. They don't deliver the PEAK. Sure, get yer fatty, AFTER you get your skis.
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