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OYB Action on Facebook! ...and eBay!

August 21, 2012

OYB has a couple other big ways to keep in touch or to shop the indie outdoors.

I have an OYB Facebook Page where I post more timely items and event dates. (More people leave comments there, too -- even though it's cinchy to do so here.) -- www.facebook.com/outyourbackdoor

OYB also has a huge eBay Store which lists 400+ items by topic. Mostly books -- new and used. But also lots of luggage and other goodies. I sell all sorts of "one off's" here, too -- such as versatile XC ski gear and bike stuff. All-in-all, it's the kind of books and gear not promoted anywhere else, or even easily found elsewhere. Of course, I sell a lot here directly, too, via PayPal -- saving 13% on eBay fees -- but some folks like eBay (even though it and PayPal are the same thing). Direct is always best: shop as high on the food chain as you can!

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