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OYB has 1500+ Stories! --HEY!

June 23, 2009

According to my stats, a couple weeks ago OYB sailed past the FIFTEEN HUNDRED stories/links/blurbs mark!

And, hey, I just checked the date of my first article posted to this particular incarnation of my website and it was in 2000. But this count only dates back to the start of my database-based website. OYB has been rockin' as a website since 1994!

I had one of the first/early sites out there. I'd say there are 500 stories from B.D. (before database). They're all still available on this site---ya just gotta dig.

The MAIN thing is that OYB STILL covers a wide range of everyday/affordable/plainfolk general interest HANDS-ON INDIE topics that no one else will touch!

OYB is like "Outside" magazine---only with A THOUSAND stories of a mix of everyday action that they WOULD NEVER TOUCH!

(Like the AuSable Marathon---the world's richest canoe race. Or, like Greg K's two recent garage-based world human-power distance records: the 24-hour Land and Water. No general media is interested in stuff like this but OYB!)

It's funny how OYB is on the cutting edge...yet also behind it. I'm just one guy, too busy. I'm not very techy, really. So I had an html-site for years AFTER all the cools folks moved on. Same with a Frames site. Same with Forums. I was among the first to have 'em. This current site had blog features since WAY before blogs. Now, I need to update it again, with square stacked ads and "contextual" story sorts... Any day now! But, ha, because I'm just one guy trying to fun a wide-ranging scene I've never really optimized any part of it. Especially the promotions---although I'm HIGHLY ranked in Google. Oh well! At least IT'S THERE. NO ONE ELSE CAN SAY THAT! : )

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