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Reminder: The Skier is Made in the Summer

January 24, 2011

...Or in the Fall, at least.

Ya gotta hit snow season READY.

I was kinda ready. So now that we're getting good conditions and I'm skiing a fair bit, I'm tending to get tuckered out or, at any rate, need more sleep. I think I'm catching up OK and soon I'll be able to ski every day without feeling it, but then a snowstorm will hit and I'll have to snowblow, too and that'll probably put me back over the edge.

Anyway, if you do some hilly rollerskiing in the fall then you're twice as ready for ski season. If you do enough rollerskiing so THAT doesn't tucker you out, then you'll be ready for snow.

If you don't have any/many hills, then make sure you do at least some hillbounding somewhere somehow. And some trail running with poles. Canoeing, weights, mtbiking. Keep your summer outdoor fun going into the fall! Don't slack off.

Sadly, biking, canoeing and trail-pole-running probably aren't enough. It's close, though. Gotta throw in some weights, bounding, doublepoling and rollerskiing in hills.

Maybe the key ingredient is getting in a few half-hour sessions of doublepole ab-crunching. And rollerskiing up steep hills, where your legs are working hard up under your chest. Do that in the fall until it doesn't tire you out. THEN YOU'RE READY.

Trail maintenance is always good to do 'til ya drop a few times.

If you cut all your wood in the fall then you're smart. You get some good power built up -- and you don't dilute your ski time. It's hard to do all your snow shoveling ahead of time, though.

The thing is that unless you're ready the PRIME SNOWTIME CAN WEAR YA OUT. It's not very possible to not ski when the snow is good. So be ready for it!

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